The relevance of technology bloggers

Technology is a vast subject, it scope and understanding goes a long way, as with the advance of time and with each passing phase , it seemed that there will be more to it in terms of revelation than possible it had. With it everything as we go to day does come with modernity as it will be getting it to modern times with dime and phases.  The advancement of science, technology and its related matter hold significance attached with it, with this we can find the time with supersonic speeds, with earlier time in comparison with, think about some incidents that had been dealing with it. In the earlier time there was the messenger service as and when any person wanted to send and receive messages, he had to cross all the barriers of entry and then reach the desired land and gave the desired scroll that had been given to him by his master, and there was also one peculiar rule that had been there for the longer time, even enemy will not kill the messenger as he had always the safer route and journey through out and for this he had the access to various entries and that
was the way the world was going on at times when there was hardly been the technology. Now, it was the email, which could be sending to very high distance, without any such delay. With the advent of big players in this filed , there were many options for the user and also with the increase of spaces and G mail is offering free space each seconds ,  and also if you have G mail accounts which is older then you should have huge amount of spaces for it.  With servers of G mail all around the world with almost no worry for down time, you could feel it as always active and now with another innovations that is the smart phone and email pushing you could be always on line and when any email reaches you, then it will alert you with the ringtone just like you are receiving any call from the person.  In this way now you are smartly connected with your messenger and also further, there were Facebook chat, Google chat, which can let you connect with your near and dear ones with very much ease.

If you want to have talk with your near and dear ones with Face Book chat or Google chat , then first ensure to be online and log into Facebook or Google and then , you can chat , it is pretty high speed , depending upon your  internet connectivity speed limit. Then, there is the Skype the less cost solution and with it you could talk and watch the person whom you are making the conversion and that was the real benefit for it and it costs less and it is popular. There are various mediums through which talks and even visual talks could be taken into. Now the next most of attraction would be the blogger and especially it is related with technology blogger.

As a technology blogger I had noticed most writers concentrate mostly on the aspects of how the dashboard of Blogger or so as to say WordPress would be altered and this was at some point of time seemed to be not so appropriate options to create the hands on. If you made the Google search at any subject ultimately you would find the same connotations on the subject at many sites and all will be same and at some point of time you will find that some bloggers would say that they had done that, at some other points you will also realize that all these information had been all over the internet then why such exclusive tag. Similarly , when you search for how to customize ad sense according  to your preferences , then you would find a hell lot of websites where , these tips are there and they are almost the same as usual, this is just the astonishing fact that all these has been going on here. There are several search terms when you find all these information and all are same.

Now to the next topic which is also very significant, that was about how to get more visitors to your website, it is all about the legitimate ways to get it and the article should be about how to go to various blogger forums and their you should be active with conversions and also with due course of time you will soon get the look up and then decide upon various aspects of blogging and related to it. In the first part of Google search I found about some pretty good sites and there I was very surprised to see after getting into that site realized that there were only points and most of them are advice like the one, you must write good articles, as it is always been on the right path that, when you are serious blogger then you should be writing articles that was serious in nature so no more new part attached with it. The article should be about any such new websites or forum where you could be actively involved with it and people go to your profile and then can find your website with ease.  Those authors could write about such websites those have been recognized by Google and also they should be write about them so that the blogger should know, instead there are advice and other related forms of writings which can only be summarized as essays only. There are instances of such sites those who have generated huge sums of money by writing these stipulated advice  in turn there can be more research and amalgamation of ideas into their article so that everyone would be successful in using their techniques to the fullest extent and that is why the real meaning and the relevance of technology bloggers has been something puzzling in the world of internet, where there are plenty of information , everywhere , you could find the various facets of it through some amalgamations of ideas and it is always advised to go for not the generalized websites , who prefer to be the only websites that could give you the right knowledge, instead you could go for more research and  found out the sites that could give you the real information that should be the mostly practical way to manage and engage with it.

All these are also from the practical knowledge and the aspect of mastering into a great search engine optimization realization that could led to the smarter way of management of ideas and finding and searching for such websites that could be the real help for you and in this manner you could get more and more relevant information and it is good for you to always bookmark and then open the note and take down with computer as well as with other offline materials.

Then there were confusions how to save the relevant websites so that it would be available to you at various point of time, as in my case I prefer to write it on Windows notepad and rename it inside the my documents and then upload one copy of it weekly to my G mail and that is all what I am doing to save important websites. There are plenty of options to bookmark and some are even do it later statuses and some are even can be kept inside the browser , but the problem with Firefox browser is that if you have more than one hundred bookmarks then only a part of the book mark will be shown and then you will have to scroll it down to reach , and that was not the good part as , while searching if you miss some part then  on the other hand you will have to scroll all over again and this just takes time so till now I have adopted the age old method of writing and putting everything at clear.  As with notepad a clean document, everything will be nice and clearer and also it is very light on system resources and that is why I have chose it to use it with bookmarking of websites. Let me know if you  have better ideas on all of the subjects which I had just mentioned here.


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