“A question that sometimes drives me hazy: am I or are the others crazy?” said by Albert Einstein, a brilliant observation, which at once can be seen in the context of the long distanced hill, which will attract you from a distance, a long dream, a nature’s enigma but ultimately it could ruin your surfaces under the mat, when you goes nearer to it. All these can be the beauty of the nature that is being heralded with haziness to make it more and more beautiful but at the same time it could obviously played the dooms day when you are nearer to it to seem what it had been done or make it or break it to the tune of understanding.

There is the announcement of picnic at the middle of the session, it is to a beautiful water fall that we all be going there and also climate is more similar to here, cooler and that will be the most beautiful and gorgeous to savvy for just like that of an indoor aquarium that is making all parts of life continues into one such segment of appearances that has each of anticipated pleasant. The part of picnic is to enjoy and also I had also planned to see the real animals nearer so that I could write more about blogs and take some screen shots that will make me to send via twitter and get more re-tweets, these seems more and more nearer ambitions now-a d-days to be recognized all over the world, just like a sea which is there every where roaring in and out and making its presence though many a times people try to glance it like that of a real closed window.

The anticipation of fun is making me crazy and the happiness going all over and crossing the boundaries beyond the limit to an untreatable imagination like that of some thing that is coming to dream and making it a real sense that, the situation could not be perceived to be a dream or a reality as it went on so effortlessly and through out the dream all goes in a very seamless and not so fluid manner.

The food and the fun and the singing will be the real class , and from the dawn , we had been in get together mode , and reached and out air conditioned school bus ready with all girls reached on time and teachers have reached , now then there would be the present , and class teacher while calling the names , and receiving made the tick mark with it and then we sat at respective seats , tow girls in one seat and the seats were wide and I sat with my best friend and we both the girls talked about various matters like  education and other related issues. I wore the tee and the skirts, it is skirt that is covering my knees and wore the transparent leggings and my friend had similar dresses as we both loved to wear same dress and famous in the class and the reason behind this that we tend to talk in the night and then decide it was as simple as that.

As with girls skirts were the real helpful as it gives us the free space and also the comfortable as with our  body structures this gave the confident as it was a all girl school ,, we had the freedom to do it , at that time we were standard eight and been enjoying the picnic.  Earlier in the night prior to picnic we did talked about jeans , but elder sisters did advise that prolonged use of jeans not preferable for ladies as it can made some diseases and that can be really painful so she advised us to use skirts or ladies dresses what so ever manner or even if jeans then not for the day long time as this case would be to picnic, she was an eminent gynecologist and as elder sister of mine , me and also my fried always had the respect and also out inspiration to be there where she already reached . We have seen many girls are with jeans and tees but we prefer the traditional dress as it will give full air all throughout and that is needed and that is what we had been created and we are different from boys and all these thoughts coincided with us we smiled back.

The bus started to  reach towards the plain and in the sideways we saw how the river is joining the sea and the entire land is full of water, it could not be described at all , at one point there was bus stop for ten minutes where the teacher came to the middle of the bus and told all of us that it is the point where the biggest river of the country is joining the sea , and you can look at the real catchment areas and how the river is just still like sea , while nearer to sea, the characteristics of sea is being slowly transferred to river and where as she also pointed that , look at the sea , how it is for some time is being looking like the river , a characteristics of the river and these are all some of the real wonderful that nature was taken care of and we tended to enjoy all these facets of nature with completely awe and wonderful feelings sometimes appreciating teacher and awed by how a river was changing the manner of sea strange is not it. From a distance it did gave us a feeling like taking a bath at the catchment areas and washing the face over it from the distance to feel at what was happening from the distance.

A pure thinking and then we both smiled at each other, giggling knowing what we were thinking about the same. The air condition inside the bus seemed to be getting it to now , it was at nice temperature a coolness that would just be the right case when you were at the picnic and also the coolness that  went into the spine giving me the chilled effect just like eating the ice creams of my favorite flavor ,  the climate inside the bus just gave me the perfect feelings of it as it was always good to dream as some poet once said that it was the dream that made us and it was the dream that made everything else to happen at the perfect, the real joy and the life goes on due to us , and it was the mind that had made everything possible.

The bus went on, I woke up from the dream, from my friend and she said do not sleep, we will enjoy each moment and no one knew, whether we would be experiencing these moments again a philosophical taunt approximating with it, I realized it was true, as girl and also as life we would not believe what would happen at you any time lest it may be. It seemed the world was at close, we were not moving at all we were just beneath the universe as a normal far away sited girls with plenty of ambitions to stood with her own foot.

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