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With the advance of computer and reduction of costs, computer is fast becoming from rare to now easier accessible and now it is almost the permanent accessible utilities and can be found at every house holds with ease of use and attentions. Computer is now more towards the essentials as with it we can perform high task with ease and also plenty of works can be done with it. As we know we are entering in the world of paperless communications where even now we can shop online and wait for that to reach home and also we can subscribe any monthly online without much dependence and help.

It is very easy and these processes can be done without any fuss. It is slowly becoming omnipresent. I want to buy Windows OS and want it to get it genuine and which way I should do, first I shall search for those specific locations by going through Google and then Bing and it is for sure I shall be getting the perfect information with this. Then I shall search for dos and do nots while purchasing OS from the vendors as sometimes I surprised that with the length of information that is there, how it can be easily searchable with it , this has been due to some smart configurations of computer and that is why I just have to tell or make the query and then wait for and within seconds the results will be out.

In this way, it is the probability that I could get the real results from within and these are the stuffs that is helping me a lot. Now think about another situation. I am alone and driving the four wheeler back to home from my graduate university, while driving at times I can send from smart phones twitter updates of where about or just checking in my location it can then reveal it to specific friends at twitter and if they have the smart phones then they can be updated jut like the sms. Then also I can enable the GPS navigation and make it in the car mode so that the direction I go will be recorded and also it will say and describe after reaching to my home, this is the modern computing as more and more OS has been with smart phones and there are instances when some one telling that these are very easy to use.

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Children now a days grow faster as I have seen in my child hood there are computers and parents has been extra care about it so that it may short circuit or fall before us and that is why we tend to stay away from computers till nine or ten years of age. Now a days with OS now with smart phones , the OS like that of Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile with these easy to handle phones children have now more easier access to these gadgets and now they are learning faster and easily operating all these functions. One mother proudly announces in a get together that her child is five years old but he has mastered the OS that is of her smart phones.

Though with the words it shows some false sense of proud but these thoughts what I have written here, in this paragraph does come into my mind. With the advent of good quality smart phones and installation of OS and now it has been a competition among Apple, Google and Microsoft and not to be forget Blackberries and other similar platforms and that is why it has been updated constantly, The collections of songs has been great with it and with advancement of more and more MicroSD size in action and more space does mean the more size for songs to be there and also good media player and meta tags and the quality of sound does make it feel more and more wonderful , Now songs can have album image which can be search through with media or you can make this with your personal computer and then synchronies with your media player and it is easy as mobiles can be connected with your computer through many ways .

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Then , you can search for tags and from internet and can auto fill all the tag results just like that of name of the singer, composer , name of the song , lyricist, album artist and then you can search for song lyrics and it can be added to the song easily. Why all these preparations only for song, it is essential as and when you are for long drive or for any journey then it can be your time pass, and while listening to the song you can see the lyrics and know the entire history of its and know its composer and other related persona so that with which you can do more what you sought for.

Now in the earlier times we have tape recorders and then two-in –ones but what it differentiates the most is that, then we can only listen the songs and that too one by one and that is why the importance of entire album is good comes into mind. Now you can with touch screen just make the changes of songs at will and then alternate it and also with above procedures that has been written above, You can even monetize smart phones with very easy to use mechanisms and it can be done by any body at any time. Many smart phones does have good quality camera so you do not need to have an extra digital camera to do the trick.

Take good scenery screen shot or videos of sea or the beauty full dawn or morning sun and then upload to You Tube for videos or to Staree for screenshots and then get adequate money from these. It can be done through Ad sense and other benefits. With YouTube you can add your Adsense to earn additional potential money from internet and in such manner that it is very easy to do it. It is easy as you take the picture and then save it and rename it in your smart phone and then upload to Staree and then with video after shooing , rename the video and then open You Tube gadget and then upload it from your mobile and then go to video explorer, and monetize your video by clicking on dollar mark and also you should rename the video , also you can add your website to it to get more steady views and in this way all of yours existing potential and photo taking ability will get to you to do this job better.

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This is more convenient than computer as with mobile the sense of mobility does comes into mind , and it is better than laptop, as mobile will be always on and when you happens to find anything then you can just open your phone shoot all these and then you can later watch it and upload it and in this way you can send these to Twitter and make all the important status updates to let others know what it has been and in this way all the tremendous possibilities can happen it is you who can make these a fun and also earn money with it.

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