How Google search algorithm works

Google is everywhere and it is due to its presence at each website platform, in its search engines the web has now become simpler to use and attend. That is why to know the details of how this stuff works is really the most interesting aspect. It is the sheer curiosity that works ultimately. As many of us have been the huge fan of Google and finding the relevant information has just been more and more easy and suitable for us inside this vast arena of internet. Internet plat form is vast and there are many websites here, though all of these websites are not informative but there still millions of it which gives useful important information. Then the question arises, here is that how to get the relevant website for the queries that has been sought for. That is why Google is popular, having it inside the many complex mathematical instructions so that when we search for a query it goes on with it and finds the relevant information there and it is very popular and also the search is now synonym with Google. Why, Google is popular, it is so as its algorithm is excellent and giving us the much desired results that we have been sought for and this it why, in this article we try to learn about its algorithm and how these stuffs goes on with it in what so ever manner and why this is the most smartest way of communications.

Google gives the web page some ranks and with these page ranks these will appear higher up in the search results and that is why it is so popular in giving relevant search results to user. These page ranks does come up with many options and it is being updated from time to time and it depends upon many configurations and variety of manners and it does see the back links and it does not like too many advertisements. The most prominent part is its relevant contains and original content and it is best write some good article rather than go for some plagiarized articles. Web masters also like to be first at on the first page of Google as this will give rise in website traffic and also being active and popular and thus it will boost the much required traffic the web master always sought for as these will give the required traffic generation and monetization of your blog and website. Why Google is the most visited sites in web and with Android market boosting the search giant is getting more visitors and that is why the ranking and the appearances of your website increase, if your web page or the subject which you have written appears on the front side of Google. It is also the true that Google search spiders work in the similar fashion as that of other search giants and engines, but it is the sheer magical and the spiders and crawlers travels around the worked and get the links from website to webs site, then lists the website according to their page rank and other algorithms and with these they will work in the manner they desired and when the user search for anything. They have some additional functionality as they can detect which website is original and which is being redirected into and all these does happen quickly and from time to time so that these functionality will not deter  the exact search function. With that sort of redirection and direct landing of web pages Google search and find out the real exact search locations but am not sure how it finds out when the user uses the stops redirection add on from Firefox and how these works in such situations. That is why the real trivia is the key word placements and how it works according to some situations.

Now, the next talking point of action is key word placements. Google searches header words , meta tags , key words and the most used key words inside article and that is why it is recommended to use the header or the heading line inside paragraph or inside article and make them highlighted  like that of underlining or bold or italicized so that it will be highlighted. If you use blogger for your blog then it is highly optimized and is very easy to use while posting your articles you we can go to the side bar of posting article dashboard. Their , you can give tags and if you want automated tags then you can use Zemanta but only down side is that it will add some java script code if I am right and that may slow your web site for some time. Then, on that side bar you can get the permalink, which have been introduced for few months and if you do not like the default permalink setting, then manually you can reset it and then you can have search suggestions that will be good for search engine optimization. That means, if you happen to search for that article then Google will show that article and then below it minimum information of that article that will give to the web user a bright idea of the synopsis that has been given ands that can be the real search suggestions which you can believe or used to. It is also to be recommending that the web masters should not over use these key words as it can have adverse impact on your article search engine optimization and for this it is to be used with great care and attention.

Google’s own brilliant site meter, the absolute wonderful page rank system which has been up[graded and down graded from time to time according to specific mathematical functions has been the real help in making it more and more helpful in getting the search results. This also helps Google immensely in finding out the real search results as due to its page rank system and which is been constantly updated from time to time, the real parameters and other absolute attendance has been wonderfully sorted out . That is why as a Google search user you are definitely being familiar with the speed at which it gets the results to a difficult queries being put by the user form time to time and this is why the absolute parameter is being upgraded here and now. Then the much definite question arises into mind how can Google find and get the results at such a immediate speed to which one cannot think about it and that too is being the queries that has been time and again is being put forward from millions of users world wide around the world. For sure it is not the simplest form of technology not it can be in detail be written here but the aim of this write up to know about it and to get into it so that what we have been doing with these search results and we know that how much difficult algorithm all this been working into. The heart of Google technology is based on PigeonRank™, a system for ranking web pages developed by Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin at Stanford University. This has been the pivotal of search algorithm and that has been going on and it is been successful and the result is how Google reaches to the top with it. It is based on the low cost system and this system does believe that the low cost configuration works best than that of other costly humanized solutions and it does prove itself right as the time is itself the testimony of the fact that has been stressing it from time to time.

Google has dozen of engineers that has been constantly doing it from time to time and the main basis is PigeonRank™, a system for ranking web pages  and with this all the algorithms is working and that is why the most deep  search algorithm is working . It is based on the Pigeon work successes when the common grey pigeon able to distinguish between various objects easily as we have seen at various roads shows. There have been instances when the pigeon is selecting the fortunes of individuals by drawing different cards for different persons in terms of taro card selectivity and that is why with this pigeon rank system which is patented with Google , it does perform the searches in more convenient system with deeply formulated algorithm to give the search results easily. Google system formulates the cluster of pigeons the real data detector a then those pigeons work in determining the other data reliability though various mathematical calculations and other considerations. The most recognizable pigeons or the cluster of data is the real fundamental that has been there for you to search the true parameter of searches.

According to Google , “When a search query is submitted to Google, it is routed to a data coop where monitors flash result pages at blazing speeds. When a relevant result is observed by one of the pigeons in the cluster, it strikes a rubber-coated steel bar with its beak, which assigns the page a PigeonRank value of one. For each peck, the PigeonRank increases. Those pages receiving the most pecks are returned at the top of the user’s results page with the other results displayed in pecking order.”

There are instances when some unscrupulous web sites have time and again used some initializing methods to boost their traffic and also other utilities’ to get back high traffic but pigeon rank method of Google does not fear of it at all. Google pigeon rank technology is very strong and it can not be deceived by such methods and that is why all the relevant sites will come to attention and to proper setting while doing this.  That is why no one can tamper this method and it is also backed by constant screening of websites that has been given for higher ranks and it do favors the website that have good quality content with it and if at all any website with good content but little in size then it can also lessen the page rank system of that website. In simple when you search anything related to Google , it is for definite sure that you will be getting one simple , honest search result and when you reach at the search results it is for sure that you have the real results at your kitty.

Take one example, when I search for related posts in Blogger blog, as I am searching for this any good technology that will have less java script or Ajax so that I could get a good and familiar results and I expected to find some blogs that will give honest code so that I could implant that related posts code in this blog. I was expecting to get the results of some blog pages which will give the code without the back links t their site, but when the search completed I was surprised then when the first result of first search page at Google search related posts is the link to a Google site code where you just straight getting into the widget that has been the most wonderful and it has Ajax as well as j query and it has dynamic code and it is so surprising that from that day I love Google. To make it more simple in this write up I am intended to say that what I ma thinking about the search Google gives it back with more as with that widget I can make related posts with links, then another option the related posts with pictures all has been with higher degree and simple Blogger installation and also recent posts that has been constantly sharing with a slider effect and all these has been without back links and think about the word honest when you search with Google.

One more aspect of, why a Good site can have depreciation in times to come if you do not do the home work properly and that the case with one of my favorite website but with due course of time, as from that website in one of the article it has confessed that traffic has gone down considerably especially from Google. It is one of the great site to get all the hacks and other free full software information but what it worries now is about its traffic and why it has been in reduction as far as several Google Panda updates and there are some specific reasons behind it definitely. Its article are wonderful but short in size and also confesses and that is why it has started updating the older article with some additional up to date information and the testimony of the fact you could find it from its side bar when you see the first column is of updated articles of the past. In this website you also find a lot of advertisements and that is the real issue with Google Panda updates and sometimes you can be rest assured that if you say slight negative then that website will surely block your comments and there are specific instances of it and these can hamper your reputations.

That is why be honest and do not go to short cuts like that of many advertisements or other related workarounds to  become more and more popular as this will not help you at any case as these can have long term bad effects with it that has been attached all the way through out. Google has been in constant evolution as you have to be with it other wise your challenger in search engine will challenge at you and try to get past you , it is imperative to  go with continues momentum and scientific innovations.


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