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With the advent of computer and its peripherals there is always the talk about the so called office automation or paperless office , and for this Office suit needs to be installed and in true sense it is costly and for enterprise level it is more of the cost that matters as in the age of recession and soaring high prices , cost factor is always significant and that is why many online companies read the mind of entrepreneur and they have evolved one mechanism of services or in a sense we can call it as online office suit and with it , in order to raise the productivity level and in the age where we tend to find everywhere , in most of the places , then services can be very well managed. This is the reason why the companies are offering services for a nominal fee and that is why many of popular offline office suits has been transferred to online services. This gives the proper way to work at home, then at office and then on the go and on the while you could work on your documents at home and it and then you will start the pending work at office and then at the waiting room or during your flight journey you could work for this. In a way you can
make correction anywhere and in this way, your own productivity index goes on the rise. In this way by using cloud services for this office suit, you can work at any where and save them and then also these are more convenient as for offline work you will have to go to office to finish your work. In this way, while you are at home, office or with mobile, you can do this yours office work which is only one app or URL away. Now I will be writing about .

Google Docs is very fast to load up and start, as it is from Google, the integration with Google services is wonderful and seamless and it is from Google so it construction and working parameters. Upload is very nice; it has options for multi uploads a nice feature. You can upload many files all at once. It supported many formats; however files need to be converted to Google format before uploading, you can save documents to almost any types of files, as it supports multi formats. The interface is clean and uncluttered and each parameter can be clearly seen and understood. In a way, it is everywhere and you can find it everywhere and can work with it offline, but in that case some elements missing. It is the oldest online app suits and with due course of time it has become minimal in design, I prefer to use this service as an add on for my blogs writing or when I was in the public computer or on the journey and also with this service you can republish your documents in the web and also download it on several formats to your computer for offline reading. You will be surprised with host of options Google Docs gives you while you are on internet, as with it you can rework on your documents as the copy will be updated every time you did it , the format of Microsoft is supported of the type is word 2010 and above , and if you have Microsoft Word 2003 then you had to download  the compatibility pack in order to open the saved documents. You can insert image, link, equation, drawing, footnotes, special characters and many more. If you have a decent internet speed then loading of all the functions will be smoother and also running of will be fine.

On fine print of Google Docs is that you will never ever have to save your work as it auto save yours work, online other word processors some times you would like to save the work, and if not and your computer goes out of power then it could be the real loss of work and that is why the importance of auto saving is immense. It quietly saves your work, in the back ground and you do not have to be worried about saving after few seconds. The continuous saving feature first started by Google and then by Apple and also Microsoft as it is the most worrisome feature. It has beautiful revision history programme and if you are updating one aspect of your files time and again for six months and at one point of time if you want to observe what it had been at the first place, then it has the revision feature the most common and can observe the revision feature with ease.  If you make this public then you can also view how many people have observed your article and how many of then have read this. The continuous saving feature will tell you from time to time that all changes are saved in the Google Drive. The updated work will be visible online after every five minutes but the saving will be done immediately. The beauty of Google Docs is its drag and drop features which works best with Chrome and Firefox and in no time you can bring in and bring out the drag and drop feature and that also save plenty of time for you. It is true that there are much smaller feature with Google Docs than with Microsoft Word offline but, Google Docs has each and every feature that was associated with it works best for you and all these features had been in association for the best, as it is one of the best cloud based application that had been in the internet and the profit part was that, it was always been updated.

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If you were to work on certain subject and had to routinely involved with three or four persons for collaboration and other inputs  You can book mark your newly created documents by going through the star mark nearer to the heading and then , there you will see a folder and by clicking on that folder , you will be reaching to Google Drive , as with arrival of Google Drive , all the Google Docs , were now saved with Google Drive a integration that was very well bring you towards the cloud system. In the right side bar of the tool bar you will find the visitor information and the last edited time and the exact minute and seconds and there the name of your account will be shown and it was basically the first name of your email addresses, that was going to be visible there, if your document was set to the visible mode then next to it you will find viewers information and there was a arrow by clicking that arrow you could find the list of visitors to the document. Above it there will be the comment section. and if any one had left the comment then it will be shown there and next to it there will be the share ,  by clicking on it  a pop up will arrive and from there you can share to email,. Facebook, Twitter and Google plus and below to it, it will be seen to you who has access rights to this document and then if you are the administrator, then you can add and remove people and by putting their G mail and then those G mail recipients will receive mail in their inbox and then they will click that mail to reach to this document, and in this way the whole process of collaboration is very simple and wonderful with these cloud services. If you are that type of person, who did believe in keyboard short cuts then you will not be disappointed with it at all as in the tool bar, go to Help and then key board shortcuts and then you will find all the relevant short cuts with a black back ground and if you want it to open in a new bar, then open it and there was the option for it, open in a new window with blue color, and beside it close button.

If you want real time help, then form the help menu go for Google + user and you will find a rich and very helpful community there, ready to help you all the time. For it you must have enabled your Google + or not then Google will ask you to do it.  Apart from all these there are Help Center and User Forum and report an issue if you face any bug with Google Docs and that will help Google to amend it surely as it is always in development and if you are reading some other’s document and felt that something badly written there, then you can report abuse from help menu and thus it seemed to me that Google Docs is very helpful and user friendly. If you want to insert any statistics and other related information, then to the left side of Help menu at the tool bar there exists the Table and there you can do whatever can and it is fast and steady. With Google Docs, from simple research to complex research can be initiated with Tools and then Research you would go to the side bar and then you can search anything related to what ever manner without going out from that tab, from here you will get the relevant information, there addresses, and some significant data which you ca use it manually to further strengthen the research part. From Tools and then Define, which is the Google way to reach a good dictionary and absolute necessity while writing any thesis, even some blog post drafts? On slow connection this would take some time to load, but after it had been seen, it will perform better with times. What is more surprise in store for you is that, this dictionary has twelve languages and also each and every aspect of words which you will be searching here, will be presented with huge description and that is the wonderful ay to write all these articles or any other research papers so that it would give you the most prominent attributes while writing any sort of article for any research and other related works. You can translate any documents from Tools and then Translate Documents, then a pop up window will appear and then click Translate into and choose the relevant languages from there itself, after choosing the relevant languages from there, below Translate icon will liven and click on it , a new tab will open and based on your internet connection speed , the translation part will begin to show , a seamless enterprise of actions and all these has been done , and if you want to save the translated part then you can save it and then share it as you wish  to  , as  written above.

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You can go for Tools and then Preferences and then there were some artificial intelligence options and there you can select as all the columns are self explanatory. Then to the left Tools there is the Format option at the tool bar and there you will find the common and most used and essential formatting options of letters and sentence structures.  Here also you have the clear formatting options, and from there you can undo any paste which might have format and that can really disturb the sentence structure, so by vouch for clear formatting you can clear all those clutters. Then, from the left of Format option is the Insert option and from here there are host of opportunities for you, from here you can add Images, Links, Equations and Drawings. By clicking on the drawings you will get a pop up window and then after few seconds as I am writing according to the speed of my internet connection and there you could draw some thing relevant to the topic that was inside the document and then insert it into it. Some times after few seconds or opening one attributes and then closing it before hand , Google Docs will go offline and then nearer to your name of the document you will find one sigma sign within a black sphere indicating that you are offline , even though your connection is active, this may be due to the fact that  Google may be ending the sessions if it was far above the time to secure your account , this is my thought which is at random not sure it may be or may not be the case as it seems to be and this is the opportunity for the tech-writers to find out and write one article . It is now sort of breaking news, I have found the solutions to this and just refresh the link and then you will get Google Docs, online, for my case currently with Firefox it is working and later I shall try this Chrome and other browsers to let you know about this more.

If you want to have the compact view then you can go to the tool bar then View and then compact controls and then you will see the tool bar will go and it is replaced by icons and the viewing space will be more wider and if you are not comfortable with this, then you can go to the right side of it and click on the drop arrows there to get it back to its original positions of viewing. If you want to have full screen so that your concentrations will be fine enough so that any other  explorer will not detract in the writing then go to View and then Full screen and you will find the full screen , the full screen will be within the browser tab and all the icons and tool bar and the name of the document will be hidden there , and if you do not feel at home with it then press escape or dismiss  on the top of the document to  return to its normal default positions. Personally, am preferred normal writing mode as compared to the full screen mode but the choices differs form persons to person. If you want to have clip board of the earlier sessions then there is the way you have with Google Docs ,  go to Edit and then Web Clipboard to find out yours previous clip boards , if you have not done it earlier then it will show empty. From Edit section you have the Find and Replace to help you to get back to the word you had been searching for and here is why this function is so important. As I had already written over twenty seven   reviews of various companies from all the sphere, while writing for a specific document management company, and submitted for approval, then the company contacted me and said to me that one specific words to b deleted from that article, and that article was over four thousand words and this is the most difficult to find  and then I copy paste the entire article into  Google Docs and use this search and replace feature by putting that specific words and then replacing them with the most convenient words with it. To say the least, Google Docs, is the most versatile document management writer with hosts of options and also if you make the draft post before being copy paste into your Blogger New post section as with the new version of Google Docs, there is no support for post to Blogger feature, but still you can write the post here and then make the relevant research as it has the continuous saving feature and then yours document stays saved here and then after completing the entire document then you can go for cloud writing and then copy paste that finished document and then paste it on Blogger writing section and then post from there.

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Writely was purchased by Google and then convert it into Google Docs and spread shits with multiple advancements and continuous support. Google always believes in making it simple and that is why like its Chrome browser as well as with Google Docs the entire process and the document had been kept simple to use with great features. With Writely the interface was greener, but when Google bought it , it made it according to their Google products and it is continuosly changing and now it is according to the latest design of Google brands. Google Docs is now a more efficient collaboration tool and with its constant save feature it did guarantees you that you will never miss any action, with plenty of improvements over its editing and formatting options ,  Google Docs is the web version of office and it did feel that you will have to work with cloud , this means access everywhere. When you first log in to your Google Docs, it will always stays with older version of Office, here is the trick from where you will reach to the latest version of Google Docs, click on the settings link at the upper right portion of the corner and then select document setting s and then click on the editing links then select “Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor.”  After enabling the newer version, from now on every time you log in to your Google Doc, you will find the latest version and if you want to have classic version then you should revere the process, written above.  In these version there is some new improvements introduced, now when at the collaboration feature, some one is typing in remote and you have also opened the document, then a cursor will move on with a color and if more than one person is typing in the collaboration then the each person will receive one color and that will be seen on each person’s document and this is known as real time collaboration and it happened wonderfully with success at Google Docs.  One more significant aspect of collaboration is that, you can now employ chat, as you have opened the Doc and can see that chat is ready and for this you can now chat within your team for the collaboration purposes. When all the persons are working on the same document, then you will see the names of theirs at the top right of the screen and thus makes it more and more interesting. Then, click the down arrow nearer to the name and by clicking on the names the chat will open and then you can chat and make the entire collaboration process a real joy to do and it is all in real time. These major collaboration changes individually does not seem to be a great deal but when taken together , it can be a great bonding and with it the success manta of team work and its related success does  go far away.

The main mantra of Google Docs, it is available at no cost! It is a great free programme with plenty of features. You need internet connection and a Google ID to start the Google Docs word processing software.  Google ID is free, if you have G mail and then you can use it as Google ID.  The programme has user friendliness and the first and important thing is that it helps users to find and assist.  Google Docs is a solid word processor.  It is essential to do the day to day activities.

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