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Last updated on December 28th, 2019 at 10:08 am

Free is the word where seems to belong with it as it is the synonym of happiness, joy and expectations. As we used our time in day to day computing, we have realized to highest degree of potential that , it is not just the free but absolutely free software with no strings attached with it that is what it needs to be applied and to be understood as free.

It is human nature and that is why it is impossible for him to stop loving the free software and that is why the word free is synonym with various marketing terminologies and it does work miles away in restoring the basic tenets of free stuff for your PC. It is also true that we have been paying or still paying for various maintenance work for PC and it does costs and that is why the cost of PC in not the introductory price that has been there when you purchase it but it is the price that has been going on after you have been paying for annual maintenance fee for time and again and that is the real matter with discussion in this scheme of things.

Here , is one example, one laptop costs a certain amount and then you have to make annual maintenance contact , each year as that will be less costly to you , considering that , if at all any given circumstances your computer does go out of order then the total cost will be lesser for you. Considering this you will have to make annual maintenance contact a similar idea that has been undergoing with banks and corporate.

This scheme has been now in use in similar manner with private individuals considering the anticipation of the fact that , may be at any given point of time your computer is anticipated to be out of order and that is why you should spend some more money to secure it but in this circumstances the question arises is why not manufacturers are giving the five years or ten years of warranty , as they should have the belief that their product will go long that way , then all these unnecessary expenditure will not be there at all.

One other aspect of good illustration of annual maintenance contact is Aqua Guard the water purifier. It is based on direct marketing, this means that you will not be getting this is shops, instead these are available through its show rooms and exclusive trained persons and this is why this is very useful and popular. It has annual maintenance contact against its motor and in each year it will replace its entire water purifier cylinder, so this annual maintenance contact actually gives you a whole sum money as against laptop AMC where you will find absolute essential if your laptop does go out of order then most of the cost will not be there for you so it then is beneficial for you on the other hand, if your computer goes well in right then it is a sad state of affairs for you.

Similarly subsidy does not mean that government will bear loss to give subsidy and that is why it is imperative that, subsidy should be given when it is the profit time as these should be treated as some sort of gift of the holidays , not a regular feature. Similarly , in a world where we have been staying here to know it better that Natural oil and other benefits does come with a tag that it is not forever to achieve and for this it is to checked whether LPG connection to each house hold is unique or not.

There are instances when the house hold does have more than five connections and it does feel god to see that the proper checking is done and each household must have one connection and nothing more than that. There was a time, not just the long age, only four to three months back there are instances when small shops tend to use LPG and that has been surprising. Even they use domestic LPG exclusively in earlier times and now the wholes situation has undergone a sea change.

They are now using the stoves, kerosene and other related utilities like cow dung, woods and now they are in the correct path as according to rules they cannot use LPG at the public and also similarly they can not use domestic cylinder in the business they are doing in what so ever form. There is a website called www[dot]freewebsite[dot]com where you can build your website for free but it is not that what it says, while registering you will find out, in each step there is the way to free stuffs but not that clear as you will be asked to use pro versions which is of three types so there are many situations when you will have to compare your free versions with that of pro versions and many a times it does feel the sense of looseness as this is the true humane feelings and I think the web masters does feel that way and it is highly advisable not to include with free basic plan and it is also good to make free website with no strings attached with it.

Now, if you are an avid blogger then it is perfect time for you, you can join various networks and from time to time you will find that product sampling review can be done with your blog and a good product sampling will be sent to you, like for a gardening good soil packet, or for a dress then inner or for a beauty product their product sample will be for you so, you can use it and then write one review on it. You will be paid for your review once your review approved and then you will also be getting the sampling and this is what knows as the real free stuff.

Now-a-days there have been many talks about retail marketing and their related attendances and their pros and cons and how they will be going to affect the smaller shops and how the consumers will be ultimately influenced may be positive or negative with it. Due to rise in rates of electricity as well as corresponding limitations of low cost LPG it is inevitable now to use smart induction heaters that will save the electricity as well as LPG due to limitations and this is the smartest formula. As to but a good company induction heater and you need some specialized bowels and that too cost much and of course at Metros there is some smart pricing and people at Metros able to buy by both the bowels and induction heaters with that smart price , but in smaller town this is not the case.

What it is the reality is that, with smaller indigenous retails here, and they are selling these induction just as the same profiling of pricing as can be found at metro, on the other hand at some other place of that particular brand where the induction heater is being on sell by their agencies, what keeps me surprise is that, even at company’s show room you could find induction heaters at much higher rates that is with special price at shopping malls in smaller towns. At shopping mall it is the same induction heaters with the offers of all these bowels and cheaper price and this can be tagger as free stuff.

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