The seasonal ambiguity: my city

Last updated on December 25th, 2019 at 09:27 am

The fathom had never arrived and the antecedent has always been at the rear side of imaginative understandings that has been in grow for some time and it is reaching towards somewhat not so measurable phenomenon and that is the real peek time which I will be talking about in detail with this article. The constant flow of ideas and the related observations is just been getting better with time and the real anesthetic of thought process is marching ahead with its most diminishing returns that can has some somewhat speedy progress that is been in question always.

The most prolific ideas and the related constant that is always been on the rise with the constant motion and its ability to adjust in what so ever manner that is making the whole process more and speedier and lot to think about. That was the day when it seems everything is perfect and nice, and the really articulate vision just becoming more and clearer and it is now nearer to dream and it is slowly getting over it to become more and more perfection to its reality.

The understanding and the perfect attention and the mind is over the head and it is slowly becoming right in its correct path and there is no such here and there thinking within, as it can go for many a times the perfect solution but it should not guarantee to be the real time situations as they are calling it with scheduled attentions.

That day was something in it as Sun is still amidst cloud and also there are winds that has been flowing here and there but not so hard enough for any sort of apparel problems and also the real mind is still in my heart as I have to drive a long distance to reach there it should not be the night before I reached there ultimately.

The moment that starts can never have been the vampire problem as it can have some somewhat more and more day time as I wish during that time any evil guidelines does not come here and for this the mind will not be distracted at all and the attention has to be on the road as I had to drive the long distance all by myself and had to reach there before dusk.

I do not want to drive in the night on that express high way and also am alone inside the vehicle and for it that road is notorious for evil zones and definitely some important work and assignment and for this I had to reach at the other side of express highway and due to this only I only had to go tothen I shall be staying there m with my grand father the whole night and in the morning I had to drive and alongside with me my grand father in the journey so that part of return journey will not be any stressful as my grand father was a former national base ball player of repute and it is definitely not going to be a scary journey on that dread full express way.

First and the foremost is how to reach safely at the other side of expressway well before dawn so that I will not be facing any such evils on the road as that road is notorious for evils and also it is also being said that the evils does come nearer to the girls and teens on that road when they think that some girls in their teens are driving through it that road all by themselves. It is a bit scary though on the positive side one fact is that I had never seen such matters and I heard about it from my friends and relatives so it is bit scary.

I woke up and ready at six in the morning and then my elder brother checked the four wheeler in detail and also the fuel tank and also my parents give me a sweet hug and also then plenty of foods from my mother and also father bought some of my favorite foods and beverages from super market yesterday and then I checked all my identity cards and then the driving licenses and also the cell phones and my elder brother also gave his cell phone which is costly and I took both ones if one cell phones drained out so that we can be attached with one another through the other phones.

There will be eight miles in among that express way when the cell phones will not be showing any such towers and it is happening though as most of cell phone companies have built their mobile towers but surprisingly that tower would not work in these eight mile area vicinity and there is something there which is not able to be in the guidelines of humans. I start the four wheelers and then began my journey to reach to the home of grand father.

Our city is not so big but it does have some somewhat better population and for the last four to five years it had seen the better of some super markets and for this there is growing competitions between the vendors and small shop keepers. I was driving and passing through one of the biggest shopping mall and also I have seen at the other side of it one of ours old and my parents and elder brother used to shop their for foods, beverages and other daily necessities from there from time to time since I recall, that shop is not effected by the presence of new super market which is only four years old but due to that super market many small shops has been vanishing and those shop keepers are now returning to their country yards for some other business of for farming or for cow boys and also many also migrating to bigger cities so that they can opt for some driving work privately or publicly such as taxi driving and so on.

In this one part of my city is that in the last decades it has become more and more crowded and driving within the town is itself was very difficult but not it is fast becoming more and more less populated as with due coarse of time with the migration of working class to and from towards big cities or towards the smaller native country yards, my small city is now fast becoming likes that of older locations where I can find and smell what it was become when it was in my child hood.

What is then, surprise me more is that the ours family favorite shop is also still there and it is giving smart competition to super market which is still at the opposite side of the road and it is now three storied with many concessions and discounts .

What it has done with is , it has become more friendly with clients and take their email addressees and also from time to time we tend to send the messages and also each day that shops will send multiple email about which ingredient is more cheaper than the other , and which ingredient has the best price deal and in that email there is also the option to have the shop and when we order the ingredient and the shop hawker will reach home and give the receipt and after delivery the money will be given and it is a smarter choicest of ideas and with it , as I was driving through that shop I thought how the modern marketing gimmicks can be better for a small shop owner than the giant super market which is standing at the other side of the road , it is all about getting the niche and also people who spend money to buy product they also want it to have the excellent customer management and also personnel contact management so that whenever they will feel any somewhat bad about commodities purchase then they will be surely see that small shop owner either through email or through SMS or through cell phone.

I realized that my cell phone has just finished one whole ring and I saw the missed call and it was from my father and then I prepare to call , by shifting the four wheeler to the side so that I could talk but then the call came and this time my mother and my whole thought process of market boom and also some rare instances in the times of struggle has just been broken and then I came to reality again.

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