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It is very simple to add styles to web documents. It is like interior decorator, it augments yours web presence. It is important to note that many CSS modules are still in the beta stages. Notable enhancements include new support for the background-clip , background-origin and background-size properties.

The border radius property is a combined property where values are given before and after slash, if there is no slash, the values set both equally. Radius is a floating-point number, followed by either an absolute unit designator.  Deep shadows are enabled by the box-shadow property. The order of values within the box shadow property self indicates the horizontal effect. Cascading style sheet 2D transforms module, which enables elements that are rendered by CSS to be transformed into two-dimensional space. The CSS3 color module includes several new color models including alpha (transparency) enabled models. The RGB model has been extended to include an alpha channel or transparency. For instance to set the background color in red with 50% transparency, you can include either of two CSS declarations in your style sheet.

In the hue saturation-lightness color model, “hue” is defined as the indicated color angle of the color wheel. Then opacity property enables you to control transparency at the element level.  Better typographic control has been consistent feature of each new version of CSS.  The font weight property calculates font weight.  Style sheet can reference specific font file for the browser to download and use.  The CSS Media Queries Module specifies method to enable web developers to correspond style sheets to precise device capabilities.  The declaration states that specified rules are only to be applied when the page on a screen with a specified width.

The CSS3 Selectors Module specifies several additions to CSS selector syntax. They include structural pseudo-classes, the target pseudo-class. The negation of pseudo class takes a simple selector as an argument to select elements that are not selected by that argument. CSS3 has many additions that along with HTML5 and JavaScript. In due course of time there has been many changes in web browser space and how and in which manner all these has been accomplished from time to time with due course of time there has been much talked of browser wars and the resultant is always in favor of common internet users where they have gained it immensely with due course of time. With it the traditional browsers have evolved and in the same time there has been more and improvement on third party browsers as they have been evolving in the process.

Plenty of major players have evolved and out of it Chrome from Google is most smarter among the many and it is now been famous more and more, it first introduced the no fuss mode, which believes more in work and function and satisfaction of the user is the most significant and most utterly wonderful work that is Chrome is currently doing as it is by far the most advanced and most popular browser in terms of user advances with time. There is always the same sense of satisfaction with it. The versatility of this browser is simply outstanding as it is from day to day introducing many more unbelievable functions so that it does equipped with most modern web browser and the latest is being auto update features so that yours favorite browser will be always updated with latest patches and security updates as well as it will have the latest functionality all at yours perusal. Its interface is all yours with thumbnails and favorites and the applications all at yours doorstep and you can use it as per yours wish.

The speed of Chrome from Google is like super highway as it does decode all the modern web sites functions to its smartest form and sometime it does feel like that of it uses some sort of artificial intelligence while loading some heavy websites in some slow connections. I have checked it personally, at a slower connection while opening Facebook, after logging into it , it does load it at greater speed but it does know that the user always feel to load the information inside of Facebook at more greater speed and then the picture and it does make it more and more smarter way so much so that with this the entire feeling of its speed in the making does make it felt and to be seen at its more and more , it does show that this browser is making some other functionality related to decoding of modern website technology and with it the more and more smarter and wonderful work is being seen so that it does make it web more and more smarter.

Now-a-days some websites does load with application type interface are those sites which relies more and more on smarter placing of web based application and these website relies on cross browser functionality like that of logging through some other popular social networking websites and it is always been some of the more and more good and well valued internet connectivity is the order of the day. These websites does seem a reality and it does go with some future web site electronic commerce mechanisms and with Chrome from Google it does load all these smarter application based website in more and more speed and many a time it does load like that of in the span of seconds .  This is most significant as these application based website has some sort of sticky issues where they tend to be delayed in loading and the user interaction with it is fast becoming more and more not surety but with due course of time and situations all these seems to be more and more on the easier and also smarter sides. The basis of rendering mechanism which the Chrome from Google employs is just been for the user and with the advance of hardware rendering and other related feature the working of this web browser is fast becoming more and more simpler and smarter and with Andorid users has been using this the user base of this web browser is on the rise.

Opera browser has been phenomenal and it does known for its versatility and innovative ways but it does make one fault as it may be am not sure , the gut feeling is that it does introduce add-ons the like of Firefox in the world of browser much later and that makes it less favorable . Nevertheless now this void is filled and Opera does now equipped with more and more goodies in this manner and the most favorite is its turbo feature. I am still to date surprised that Chrome from Google which is pioneer of many attributes of modem web browser and it can also implement some other functions like that of hardware acceleration after it is being implemented with internet explorer 9 but still to date it is not been with some sort of turbo like function of Opera and the reason I cannot find it.  With turbo you can browse faster with Opera and the cost of internet is also far lesser due to some of the modem technology is being implemented while loading of web pages and images. With due course of time the turbo feature of Opera has evolved and its compression technology has been on the rise due to some of the smarter functionality and the image compression now uses the modern technology where the images are not being blurred as in the earlier cases of turbo.

Users have one kind of experience with various web browsers installed on their personal computers. For a better web experience you need a browser that is built around HTML 5 and other modern web standards. Your favorite sites should be seamlessly integrated with Windows and look and behave just like a native application experience. Together, these elements promise to unlock what is next on the web. 

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