Personal Evaluations of Search Engines

Mohan Manohar October 27, 2012
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Personal Evaluations of Search Engines
Personal Evaluations of Search Engines

It is been sheer one of the minimalistic efforts that the human reasoning has always been crave for and due to this such attitude and the mind to control the data flow there are some of the wildest of imaginations  that has been crippling from time  to time to internet scientists. With the advent of internet and so as the success of Windows XP as the most popular OS in the world and with this to access the internet has simply been more and more easier and the spread of internet in the twenty first century with the advent of pocket internet and mobile accessible internet has been fantastic to achieve it with. Then come the more and more social side of web and with it introduction of social networking and the success of Yahoo Messenger and then the success of Facebook as entity with the introduction of time line, entire personal perform is being at the side to the world .Then the vast flow of data and the problem is how to make it search friendly so much so that whenever you search any such topic then you can find it in relevance and that is why Google is so important. The most prominent is the relevance of search engines and in what so ever manner it is evident that search engine is the need of the hour but on the other hand how these can be more user friendly searches.

What is personalized satisfactory search for the user? Suppose I want to search a particular song from the internet as I want to know the film attached with it.  Why this requirement as I want to adjust the tag elements of the song and also feed the lyricist, music director, composer and name of the film and also the year of the film so much so that when that song will run into the Windows Media Player and then all the information related to the song will be displayed along with the running of the song and that will be the best ideal situation and also lyrics search and adding lyrics to WMP and then synchronies to it so that when the song will run and along with that part of lyrics and making it to know the song easily. This is particularly very much useful as with due course of time the songs has become more and more towards the music side and that has become so much of  difficult to catch the lyrics as with due course of time some body wants to know the lyrics as music is good but catching the lyrics must be excellent. That is why the significant of lyrics gets the most prominent position and with due course of time with the appearances of lyrics inside the main windows of WMP and the songs run it can be absolute a spectacle attached with it.

The second aspect of the emergence of smart phones where at smaller sizes you can have the comfortable position to listen the songs and for this also if you have added the relevant song information right from your personal computer and you can tag so as to say the relevant information inside the songs through yours WMP by searching with internet and that is why the real prominence aspects of search engine importance comes into mind. Then reaches the relevant of search engines in finding what I am trying to find. Suppose I want to search lyrics of a particular song from an album and so I write the name of the song and then lyrics and then press the search button and so as I expect to find the lyrics of the song but to my utter surprise in some cases with my favorite Google search I find the first link from You Tube and that is surprising as am searching for lyrics not for nay videos related to that lyrics , may be in that video some one will show the writings of lyrics but that will not solve my apathy of  getting the result simply because I want to copy paste that lyrics into WMP  and also into my smart phone if I am doing the mobile search. That is why the significance of search results is important and also it is also good that if I search for lyrics than I should be getting the results of the websites where the lyrics of that song are written. In that particular search parameter Bing is more smarter that Google, as I am talking about the search of lyrics as it is been realized that Bing is giving at least two to three prominent results in its first search pager as against Google as it some times unable to recognize the exact songs and if so then it is giving the You Tube results and then some other results.  So, Google should rectify that in the case of search results related to lyrics of any song, it can vouch for more and more results related to website that has been given the exact word sense of  any search results not the videos of any other links as I thinks this will make Google better than Bing . Google is my favorite search engines and also this writing is all about suggesting Google to make it better.

I installed WOT the web of trust in my browser as add on as this  is a good browser plug in as with it you will not be getting into any such bad behaved website that have any such malicious trespass intentions. Why this is important as while browsing everyone has some goal as some part of my browsing time invest with searching of tags and other related information so that my music collection will be better and also while listening to music I could enjoy all the aspects of it also the maximization of entertainment will be done and this is the best idea one could comprehend.  I would also like to recommend to Google to make their one add on similar to that of WOT and  make it for all popular browsers , it can be a good sense of corporate social responsibility and also with it the real  users also able to understand that these plug ins from Google or Bing as they specialized in their field and it is for sure they will  know better about these sites  , after all Google and also Bing are warning users if at all they get into such sites  and in addition to it they can make their own add on so that user from the search results will understand the basics of sites and they will not enter into that site from the results from search engines.

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