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Beautification is no less important today than what it was centuries ago.  However, the only difference that although the basic concept is the same; the methods have undergone a sea of change. Making vintage relevant is “No nonsense” collection of colorful pair of tights or leggings, inspiration for many, in industrial graphic design, and fashion. Check out the women’s range of No nonsense tights and leggings is one of the most recognizable apparel brands in America today that makes for perfect work or weekend wear. For more than thirty years, No nonsense has been principal supplier of women’s women’s legwear to food, drug, mass and club outlets. 

With school uniforms you can be forced into some kind of situations but there are various comfortable and relatively cheap fashions to make feel your wardrobe more socially convenient. Leggings can be used to perfectly match with T-shirt, skirt, dress and so on.  Finding out a suitable leggings could make school uniform spellbind.  You can use leggings as the staple of wardrobe and be more comfortable and can be as part of smart casual wearing.   Leggings have been traditionally seen as women’s clothing item. Leggings give a feeling of softness; it constricts the abnormal protuberance of the body. The soft fabric can reduce the visibility of lumps outside. There are some researches which found that by using leggings constantly the cellulite concentrated on thighs can be reduced. It is the quality of materials of No nonsense that makes you feel convinced electro positive

Leggings worn tightly fitted to cover the whole leg or from the knee to the hip. Leggings can substitute pants in case if you have informal jersey.  Young and fashionable teens of you want to make a statement in terms of fashions right pair of leggings for your bottom half is just the right answer. By deciding your leggings in conformance with your body shape and colors in conformance with your age is the perfect choice for your fashion.  Pair that perfectly party dress with leggings or tights from exciting range of No nonsense , give you whatever you need – just the right amount of lift or the teeniest bit of curve just where you need it. Remember with leggings or tights you are not enduring clothes, they are wearing you. Just you have to keep your mind fresh and try to see which wearing will be best suited for you.

I received and experienced seamed patches on inner knees riding leggings with detailed to lean leggings cut from dense stretchy textiles by knitting. It has pull-on style with wide elastic waist band. It can go for cotton spandex machine wash. It is like inside a small package a very big wardrobe. It is one of the great styles and it is essential. With low rise tight and the fabric is extra soft and it does feel that the texture is wearing me. I received the black and cream and silver tights and leggings.  The textures of leggings and tights are cotton, denim and chino. It brings beauty of nature to my wardrobe thanks to No nonsense latest collections and their samples, with the range offers a wide variety of exotic pieces such as “Denim Capri ” , “Cotton Capri ” “Chino Leggings ” to name a few. I find of “Denim Capri ” leggings and it is my favorite from No nonsense .

No nonsense® offers high-quality No nonsense Leggings, sleepwear, panties, athletic socks, novelty socks and foot comfort products, as well as socks for men and children. No nonsense® is possessed by the Kayser-Roth Corporation. The Kayser-Roth Corporation is a flourishing leg wear and intimate wearing apparel producer and manufacturer in the United States.   Kayser-Roth is headquartered in Greensboro, North Carolina and functions four plants in North Carolina and Tennessee.  Among the retail marketing manufacture industry, Kayser-Roth is on a regular basis rewarded for its service, origination, innovation and excellent customer satisfaction.

Kayser-Roth sells and trades No nonsense® panties, Leggings, Tights, pantyhose, socks, sleepwear and foot relax products to major food, drug, mass and club outlets. No nonsense® panties, Leggings, Tights, pantyhose, socks, sleepwear and foot relax products can be easily found at food & drug stores as well as mass retail stores.

Kayser-Roth is a subsidiary associate of Golden Lady, a privately possessed legwear institution created to conduct business headquartered in Mantova, Italy. Established in 1967, Golden Lady’s modern, caliber products are sold to all classes of business deal. Developed in the most proficiently advanced manufacturing facilities in the industry, broadly speaking Golden Lady’s products are distinguished   to be the most hunky-dory in the world.
No nonsense tights and leggings is more than just the absence of nonsense. It’s expressive style – smart fashion. It’s about the treat of trait of appreciating (and being able to express) the humorous. It’s clever, intentness and skillful. It’s honest, reliable dependable and real and genuine.

In 1973, No nonsense is inaugurated by the Kayser-Roth Corporation. 1978 The Kayser-Roth Corporation brings in for the first time control top pantyhose-a woman’s tights consisting of underpants and stockings. No nonsense rapidly turns into one of the most affectionate brands of pantyhose in America.

1986 No nonsense merchandise are created utilizing a production operation specified 16-point graduation, a proficient technological productive insight  in pantyhose needlework from Kayser-Roth that allows for bettered  fit and comfort.

1993 No nonsense brings in Great Shapes, the commencement of “shaping pantyhose” that blends conventional woman’s tights consisting of underpants and stockings with the figure- heightening essences of body shapers.

1996 No nonsense introduces Sheer Endurance, a better-looking thoroughgoing, attractively substantial socks and stockings and tights and underwear collection.

1997 No nonsense brings Control Top one step farther by bringing in Transparent Control. Kayser-Roth’s Calvin Klein Hosiery inaugurates likewise un-seeable control top woman’s tights consisting of underpants and stockings.

1998 Kayser-Roth brings in its first age- daring hosiery merchandises for No nonsense and HUE legwear. Both brands start employing technology that drives home therapeutic remedy to women’s legs.

1999 No nonsense familiarizes Almost Bare, pantyhose so aphrodisiac, so comfy and so sheer descent; it is like dressed in no pantyhose in the least.

2000 No nonsense is the first to put before the world the polish toe seam in the fair-priced, multi-pack sock class.

2002 No nonsense introduces round the clock, a long-lasting, comfy line of socks and stockings and tights and underwear that fulfils the demanding situations of women’s fully-engaged lives.

2004 No nonsense furnishes its first line of women’s undergarment worn next to the skin and under the outer garments. Also in 2004, No nonsense was named as the 17th most place able apparel garment brand in America (between Ralph Lauren and Lee) by Women’s Wear Daily magazine publisher.

2005 The fresh No nonsense unveilings, accomplished with modern promotional material packaging , a fresh website, playfulness marketing platforms and good deal of fresh commodities offered for sale, including panties; sleepwear; super soft and fashionable gymnastic acrobatic socks; fun, seasonal and small inexpensive mass-produced socks; and foot comfort console products, as well as socks- cloth covering for the foot; worn inside the shoe; reaches to between the ankle and the knee for men and children.
2007 No nonsense climbs up to number eight in the 2007 WWD 100, a yearly appraise of consumer brand consciousness. The brand amplifies its product offering to include a choice of accredited T-Shirt and Ultimate Sport Bra’s. Ultimate Shapers are introduced to fit the arising requirement for the strong-growing Shaper category. Ultimate Shapers render delicate, smoothen, comfy textile with no-roll cinctures in 3 product selections, Waist to Mid-Thigh Shaper, Waist to Mid-Thigh Butt Lifting Shaper and Pant Lining Shaper.

2009 No nonsense adds up Naturally Comfortable socks, created with organic cotton simple and healthful and closes to nature to its product line of business.  Not only are Naturally Comfortable socks trendy and low-priced, they are environmental friendly also!  Soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state are grown without poisonous chemical substances.  

2011 No nonsense brings in Flex Fit socks.  Flex Fit Men’s crew sock are sport skylark socks with groundbreaking Flexform™ design, boasting unparalleled fit panels  that motility and twist with your foot.  Flex Fit socks taper moisture and have a stay put comfort solace top.  Obtainable, in black and white and are produced by manufacturing industrial plant in North Carolina.  

No nonsense partnership with Jill Martin:

Jill Martin is to be brand ambassador and style skillful technical proficient expert for launch of New Tights & Leggings of No nonsense. Jill Martin is the fresh new face of No nonsense. She is fashionable still pragmatic, has her finger on the impulse of the newest trends, and is perceived by very large definite size of women as being to change state of a pattern in the circumstances  of a fashion crisis.  

Her identity is Jill Martin and she will be helping No nonsense this autumn season when the leaves fall from the trees with preparing women on how to put on  the brand’s fresh colorful  having striking color and strong effect tights and leggings through various interesting enterprisingness.  

As the fresh brand ambassador, Jill will be featured in a connexion of online exposures that demonstrates women how to put on the advance trends that include colored tights and all important leggings. She will likewise be active on social media, rendering style angles by way of Twitter and will be sported in a Facebook competition where the individual and her person will assemble with Jill in NYC for self-indulgence and lots of expectant expressive style advice for appropriate course of action.

Photobucket No nonsense tights and leggings made successful the simplified resoluteness to ask Jill to assists because she represents the No nonsense female. She is swanky, fashionable and remembers however to make the nigh out of attire in her wardrobe without spending a penny. No nonsense consumers will pertain to Jill and envisage her as somebody they can believe for fashion proposal like a trustworthy acquaintance.

Jill too an honor grants Emmy Award-winning TV famous person and joint author of the New York Times popular fashion escort “I Have Nothing to Wear!” She is also the New York newspaperwoman for Access Hollywood.

Jill Martin is always been an enthusiast of No nonsense as they are a brand that is useable to everyone, is comfortable to wear and easier to go through. She has actually enamored the unexampled new appearance of the brand and all the modern products. Its always thrilling when an recognized company produces itself and she is joyful to be a part with of it.  The fresh new tights and leggings are happening and very elation caliber.  They’re vindictive of her identity.

About No nonsense® step stoward a greener planet:

No nonsense tights and leggings is a leading legwear brand in the United States offering a wide variety of tights, leggings, socks and hosiery, with 90 percent of its products made here in the USA. Ninety-four percent of consumers are familiar with the No nonsense brand, and more than thirty million wear the brand regularly. Headquartered in Greensboro, NC, No nonsense is a division of Kayser-Roth Corporation, a leading marketer and manufacturer of branded, licensed, and private label legwear.  More information about No nonsense can be found at and
For a better planet No nonsense goes green and implements environmental friendly measures through following process implications.

Photobucket •    Package hangtags are made with 100% recycled content.
•        Adhesive bands are made of 60% recycled content.
•        Clear pouches are biodegradable and made with 10% recycled content.
•        printed bags are made with 51% recycled content
•        Using recycled materials in our bags and sock packaging:
•            Keeps 86 tons of paper out of landfills
•            Saves 2,000 mature trees
•            Saves 14,000 gallons of water!

Habituated woman’s tights consisting of underpants and stockings can be converted into such that park benches, playground instrumentation floor covering consisting of a piece of thick heavy fabric, ropes and symmetric toys. It’s plain. First download a posting tag. Now get your pantyhose and box them up no matter of what brands it is. Take your predicament to the near commercial enterprise determination and institutionalize it on its way from nearest centers. No nonsense amasses all the pantyhose in one of their North Carolina places and transfers it all to a utilization artifact for  a recycling facility.

No nonsense is proud to support Friends For An Earlier Breast Cancer Test®:

By showing the fantabulous signs of collective corporate social responsibility No nonsense is proud to substantiate Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test®. Although most breast cancer organizations concentrate on exploring for a “cure” for cancer of the breast; one of the most common malignancies in women in the US, Friends is the only organization whose resole purpose is to get an unexampled new know-how for earliest pre-tumor find.

Naturally comfortable:

95% of No nonsense products are made here in the U.S .Almost all of No nonsense products are made in the U.S., they have pleased their workers to be as biological amiable as possible. With their leadership, they have under taken principal decisional footprints to be more competent and eco sociable in manufacturing establishments. With more apparatus and made use of biological position with panes and skylights for natural lightings. With the advent of soy-based in packaging promotional material, water supply- coverings on hangtags and eco-friendly gummy in package bands to make trustworthy they’re reusable. They have made socks employing organic cotton plant and reprocess materials. Their Green Teams are serious about picking viable steps toward a no nonsense world. Their Naturally Comfortable socks, made with organic cotton, are not only stylish and affordable, but they are earth-friendly too! Organic soft silky fibers from cotton plants in their raw state are fully developed without harmful chemical substance used to kill pests or chemical used to kill insects. Naturally Comfortable products are developed in ecological-conscious adept nesses right here in the United States it consumes fewer substance that can be consumed to produce energy to acquire these hosieries. Actively engaged with K.I.D.S. (Kids in Distressed Situations), No nonsense will present 1 million pairs of socks to people in need. No nonsense tights/leggings can be easily found at food & drug stores as well as mass retail stores. No nonsense tights and leggings are affordable low-priced. Like No nonsense on Facebook   and follow them on Twitter  . You can keep in touch with No nonsense via Facebook and Twitter.


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