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Domain name is “A series of alphanumeric strings separated by periods, serving as an address for a computer network connection and identifying the owner of the address. ” according to Google , the most clear and lucid description of domain name which says that it is the series of alpha numeric characters constituted to make up for the  to be known as the organization name or of person who are willing to present their web presence with some stipulated web space they hire or blog for. It can be some sort of web presence at the virtual world which are fast turning into real world with curriculum vitae attachments and other related indications we can find through here. According to Wikipedia , alphanumeric characters are “Alphanumeric (sometimes shortened to alphameric) is a combination of alphabetic and numeric characters, and is used to describe the collection of Latin letters and Arabic digits or a text constructed from this collection.

In the POSIX/C locale, there are either 36 (A-Z0-9, case insensitive) or 62 (A-Za-z0-9, case-sensitive) alphanumeric characters.In other locales[1], the term “alphanumeric” applies to a broader character set.” This shows that when you are going for a domain name all these characters can be used. It is always have the good sense to have the domain name that suggests your name or similar to that of your identity if you happens to be the individuals who does have the web presence but in case if you have the business organization, then it is always better  to have your organization name attached with your domain name and that can have the real moral boosting for you so that with this you can have more and more active presence in the virtual world and the ultimate path to success can become reality.
According to Wikipedia , ” A domain name is an identification label that defines a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet, based on the Domain Name System (DNS).” . So , in a sense domain name is the real identification of true value of your organization or individuality that can be defined in a true sense and it is based on domain name system and in the dense forest of internet it gives you the real identity and with it people can reach at your web page with good intent and also can bookmark your address for future use .It has string of alpha numeric characters and the most prominent part is that it has the unique identity and the name and it is also true to the sense that no two persons can have the same domain name they may have sub domains but not two persons have the same domain names so it is similar to that of humans where it is for sure and also has been backed by science and other related medical advancements that there is no way two persons can be so much identical , even in the case with identical twin s there must have been some sort of the differences  and that is also the same in the nature and character of domain name systems .

All domain names has been attached and related with domain name system and then they have been translated into the computers for numeric addresses that are required for web browsers in their address bar to recognition the website to connect and then download from the server. It is of a more complex situation but the basic configuration and the process matrices goes with it . Why this is necessary ? It is sheer due to the complete internet presence of companies and also the advancement electronic commerce as well as other online transactions that has been carried on for the convenient of time and money. There has been trend due to lesser hassle and other related advancements companies preferring for online transactions as it all be done with their  e-commerce accounts smoothly and they do no have to worry about it  as  with all the transaction done thorough paperless network set up. Actual websites are the series and cluster of numbers and that is very hard to remember and also it can be very difficult to type it out on web address bar of websites but domain names are easy to remember web addresses and with it consumer can remember the entire web addresses. It is simple the unique name is like the label as it can identify you  in the dense internet.

According to acsihost “A meaningful, easy-to-remember “handle” for addressing computers and information on the Internet. Domain names typically end with a suffix that denotes the type or location of a resource (for instance, “.com” for commercial resources or “.jp” for resources based in Japan).” This is for sure that every top level domain has suffix such as dot com , dot org and so on .

According to Wikipedia Go Daddy is “Go Daddy or Go Daddy Group Inc. is a privately held company that is primarily an internet domain registrar and web hosting company.” It was founded in nineteen hundred ninety seven . n April 2005, Go Daddy became the largest ICANN-accredited registrar on the Internet . It is true that you must have to have a web site for your online presence be it in the sense of individual or in the sense of business concerns , but it is also true that your new website starts with a domain and with Go Daddy you can have very enriching experience with it as you are with the largest provider of registrar and with it you can make your dream come true of making  a good website with high up time.With Go Daddy over 54 million domain names registered. It is a stupendous achievement for its continuous support and please read it on , as  in the coming part of the writings you will get the real live codes that will enable you  will spend less while buying domain names with Go Daddy with rebates and concessions . It is for sure Go Daddy offers you the convenience of everything that you will ever need and will not go anywhere to make a good website for sure and what you are thinking of is in right path as you are in the correct place.

It will give you the complete packages from the domain names to hosting solutions to complete e-commerce solutions and all these through some of very smart pricing that you will ever think of and to add to this in this write up I shall guide you about some of the live coupons that you can use with in purchasing your  web hosting solutions from Go Daddy. This proves that all these has been with very competitive pricing and also with  industry very best twenty four into seven online customer relations management and support desks.

It is proud to server its customers , from locations around the world, including Arizona, Iowa, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., India, Singapore, and The Netherlands. Some of the basic tenets of Go Daddy are as follows :

Go Daddy is the world’s largest domain name registrar and Web hosting provider     More than 54 million domain names under management
Go Daddy registers, renews or transfers more than one domain name every second of every day
Go Daddy is larger than the next 8 closest registrar competitors combined
Go Daddy is the largest hosting provider of secure websites in the world .More than 10.6 million customers
Go Daddy is the world’s largest provider of net-new SSL certificates
Go Daddy has more than 40 product offerings
Founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons as Jomax Technologies ,the Go Daddy group of companies includes three ICANN-accredited domain name registrars: flagship registrar, LLC, membership-based Blue Razor Domains, LLC, and reseller Wild West Domains, LLC
Private domain name registration services through Domains By Proxy, LLC
More than 3,220 employees and 600 in-house developers
24/7/365, round-the-clock Customer Care operations
9 facilities, including Arizona, Iowa, California, Colorado, Washington, D.C., and India

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