What leadership is not?

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English: Some APEX teen leaders were invited to a breakfast (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the previous article I talked about immensely about “What is leadership?” It is being appreciated by many and there are plenty of talks of it and there are many suggestions flooded to my inbox to write more about this topic but I think some other type as to at first write about “What leadership is not? ” and then at some other time I will be in detail provide some of other attributes of leadership as it is a vast subject and can have various vast scan of topic to be written.  Leadership is a concept which is inside the rational human being to allow their permissive understanding to be taken for granted in respect to some other specific good qualities and with it the better the way it goes on to attain and manage the smoother it will perform at the stage to be attracted by many and in these write up we will look upon what not to do and how to manage the entire understanding and the set up the excellent parameter that is being based upon and it is better known as leadership. The permanent solutions cannot be reached it is true but it is also true that whatever we can decide and manage is not the sole judge to perform and exhibit at all circumstances as the case may be leadership must be equipped with dynamism and better known with each and every aspect of its parameters can be undertaken and better managed. The most fascinating part is that leadership is such an tool that can be equally viewed and understand by all facets of life and with each and every age group. The millions dollar question as it can be understood from the point of view of some of the better managed and wonderfully crafted gift man ship that can have both the equal and pacific understanding that will go with the long way managing and attracting each and every facets of life. The popularity of leadership can be envisioned and seen and it can be better managed with each and every aspect of leadership gathering as these can have some sort of enticing present with the audiences and with it the audiences will come in the long way to listen and being inspired by the greatness of the leadership. That inspiration should be backed with authenticity of thoughts and the demands that has been justified and with each and every aspect of understanding and also the real manner it can be performed with each and every facets and it should not be just for the show piece that has been being carried into and it should be always the real brinkmanship that can have the possibilities of all the important parameters that is going to be accepted by all the societies. It should  not  be considered at all in the way it is going to treat the manner it should be as with due course of time its leadership talent will be tested with each and every aspect of life and also the real media parameters with the positivity and also with some sort of negativity and it is also better to face the media than to run away form it as it can have some sort of not so good relationship with its casting and in the long run the passion and the good luck that has been with each and every aspect of leadership , as it can be considered as the two edged sword as it can be  good from one direction and policy point of view and in some other facets of policy it can have very sort of decadence that can not go beyond some sort of the like that of the oxygen mask that can have the sole motive survive and get back to life.

With each of the passing phase of life the direction and looking towards the leadership does changes a bit and with it the every facets of life and the attraction is like that of breaking of the glass for the common man as all the dreams and the reality has been damaged with the ambitions from the leadership as all came with the hands that has been readily managed and inscribed and the pain and the suffering of the common man can have much bearing on the each and every aspect of the common man that has always been seen to the leadership to change and manage all the aspect of  the life livings. The ordinary person is being felt left alone at the site of the leadership and they thought that all the managed aspirations has been gone to the dust bin and the wishes and the ambitions has been into some sort of real time imagination that will never been fulfilled and it seems that those has been will not be full filled at all as it seems the real gap between the dream and the reality is being wider and it is the duty ,  it is the sole duty of leadership to manage and to get back to life with each and every aspect of leadership as it is true that at some point of time leadership may be going downwards and it is also sole duty of the leader to manage and amend the situation through some of the various situational analysis and make it more and more and it is the sheer brilliance that the imagination and the dream of the common man must be fulfilled as these can have various unlimited possibilities and the dream must come true by the leaders and these will make like that of come to the reality and these should not be like that of snake that will stop all the dreams it should be the real hell and the assistance that has been going to make it the reality. The path to the success must be accompanied the reality check and also the aspirations re always at many a times can have some sort of dream unlimited passion but  the leadership must  guide them and show the way for the road ahead and let them understand the real dean of life as the dream and imaginations cannot with each and every aspect never be managed and attached with and it is for the sheer magnitude of the showmanship that the leader always takes for the challenge and with it the all the management actions should go with it.

The leadership must come with the change of mind and should be thinking in the same way as that of others and also should be going towards the real time passive attitudes towards its management people and with it the whole aspect of leadership and it managing ideas goes with the big set of common aspirations and in this way most of the parameters of the common man is fulfilled. Leader ship is all about making happy and it does come with some sort of happiness syndrome as with the happiness all the happiest songs and life time experience comes with it and it does make it more and more understanding and move towards the better managed life that can be always remembered as the some sort of life under greatest leaderships. It is about the live and the distribution of love towards the leadership and  it should be garnered and collect all those to make it more and more managed and so that it can have more than the sufficient and attached life under the leadership. SO, in brief it is ho to better managed all the aspects of living of the individuals that has been under you as the leader as the leader is the light that has been the source of energy for all the followers and they want to make for better progress so much so that it can have some sort of better imagination and wonderful understanding of the subject that will make it more and more wonderful land that has been going under some sort of better pacified living standards. Life is all about happiness and if the soreness and the bad phase of life attend to the people under some sort of leadership then it is bound to be shown as some sort of bad side of it and with it the whole concept of “What leadership is not?” , with great leader ship attending the situation and carrying forward the whole atmosphere with the expectations and ambit of relationships stands with it and the response can have more and more positivity and more stimulus and wonderful understanding of the subject and that makes the way for the better and good managed leadership parameters.

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