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Is money bigger than education?

At this weekends daddy has a lot of time and in the evening we all family have a seat at the balcony at a very brilliant cool weather and with some sort of breakfast we chat together. The climate is brilliant and with it we together began to talk on one subject after the other and then at one point of time and on one subject I could not recall immediately, the source of the conversation starts with and it is being first taken by mummy and then daddy get into discussion about is money bigger than education?

It seems to be a tricky one but it is a good subject and mummy stresses always about that education has always greater significance than that of money but daddy supported mummy’s suggestion but also said that it is now a concept which is thing of the past and in modern times it is the money that matters and education comes into back burner. It seems a bit of tricky situation and the matter and the crux of discussion goes on. It is for sure if you have money then you can share some of those as many said ill got ill spent but many people are spending in terms of benefits to others and so that they think God will always be with them if they had done any sort of wrong way in getting the money back.

There are also many examples can be taken into consideration , as with the real estate boom in housing sector where we can find lots of significance elements where the person without any sort of education and formal knowledge are getting richer day in day out and even they cannot speak but they are travelling all around with the main cause of money and this is surprising and on the other hand , there are also some cases when the person with gifted education qualities but it trying very hard but not earning any sort of money in the farthest of imagination. They are not getting any money with their education and they have been at the stringent end to meet their ends and these are very surprising and also painful but all have been true.

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All has been of great significance where the old adage is simply fading into oblivion that money is the greatest wealth now wealth can get you education and certificates and this is the most damaging and bad side of any sort of money earnings. What these should be done and how these are happenings. There are many countries where the politicians with no knowledge and there are instances that they cannot even write their names but they are now more richer than even a highly educated person can aspire to be and these are all some sort of the way the world is heading into and all these aspects has been significantly very sort of most distressful anticipated.

The more you think on this subject the more you get entangled into all these and it is always better to have a good perspective and always on attitude but all have to be reached and concluded with the same sort of tag line that starts and ends with money. It is the money matter and if you have money and education then it does stick to you and with this you can rise higher but not higher than the person with money and no education. This is surprising but it is true , if you can venture to glance upon the real estate boom in some of the Asian counties you will soon realize and found that most of the major success of these are with illiterate who have ventured into all these and have successfully and sufficiently gained from all these.

It is true and if you follow the world headlines you can know from it and all these has been surprising and it is the most underrated and not so elegant part but it is true. The din and the bustle of real estate and the power that is inherent within all these has been the similar dream stories where not so educated persons has been getting the money and they are the real winner and mostly they are the champions of all cause in the society as they are simply distributing the money . These thoughts are like that of leaving from all sources but all has been some sort of greater significance that has been carried into where the educated person is always being harassed though they are not getting their due with due course of time and situations.

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All these thoughts can be negated but when I realized that the taxi driver is highly educated person and then daddy on the way to airport surprisingly asked him why you have chosen this method, the response was he want to get to the top from the down side of the ladder though it is very technical but the education is being wasted here with full swing and part. This is not the only line that has been in the prominence there are several lines and the attitudes that meets and in this way the whole concept of education is diluting and these all making the mockery of education and if I am correct with some period of time people will question education and they will drive out and move beyond from these concepts and this can have some sort of humongous catastrophic effect and all these has been bad and going worse.

Take one example , there was the florist family , as they are very poor and even they do not have sufficient money for two daily foods and they have been living very miserably , they think that at some point of time education is important and that is why , they have been placing hard but after twenty and thirty years they are now one of the richest family as they are now importing and exporting flowers and these are very cash rich and they have been doing all these simultaneously and these proves the point that education does not matter to them to earn money it is the sheer mind that is getting them reach and now they are entering into real estate market as they have been richer and stronger and they can now have more and more power to exercise so much so that they will earn more money.

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So, where is the role of education in all these aspects then? Is education is diminishing day by day as with this sort of education and writing can you earn more and all these has been getting into some sort of very dangerous trend where the education is slowly fading into oblivion and we are getting into that age of the history where once it has been called as the dark age is that sort of panel of thoughts I being rehearsed now a days things to ponder upon.

Slowly in money making and earning education has been limited and the role of education is not making you rich and known to all societies is not happening instead persons far more poorer than you is getting the limelight and money , a very serious trend and slowly can the education is getting out of hand . All these had obstacles to education can it jump all these hurdles to get back its number one position the time will tell for sure.

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