Drive without a driver a short story

The upcoming to the hills seems fantastic with the four wheeler steering in my hand and the driving passionately and after some time the ghat road will begin the most treacherous one with lots of curves and the lanes and how to reach the next part must be of a great challenge. In this lonely road the only friend seems to be the mirror namely the rear view and the road and in between there are plenty of grasses and then greenery and the road is beyond doubt the most difficult road I have ever experienced.

The vehicle is in good mood as it has been on the service line for the last two days and everything is fine. While driving the car in a lonely way it is always some sort of not so comfortable when you are alone and that too in some short of nearer to horrific road settings. I glanced at the back and seen everything is perfect and then drive the road which is like that of serpentine and it is like moving the steering from one side to the other and changing constantly the gear box. It is hard work though.

After almost two to three kilometres been to this ghat road for the first time I saw one vehicle that is the passenger bus which is striding to cross it and before it , it blows the all alarming and surprising sounds and I alerted and stay at the side so that the bus can pass my vehicle smoothly. While passing I glanced at the bus driver and he signalled that tow other heavy vehicle at the back of it and due to ghat road style they are not visible. I glanced at the passenger side of the bus and see there is all girls’ bus and may be some sort of picnic or study tour they have been at.

They are all chanting and smiling and dancing and enjoying the moment and some of them also wave in signal of appreciation and I also retune back them and after that one long striding truck and then one more bus which is half empty passed the scene and then I start to drive. The vehicle is in good mood and also I believe am feeling lonely and it is better for me to start some songs so that I should be feeling at home and for this I try FM stations and have the feel and enchanting with joy that four FM stations still getting the signals here and for this I tune them to one of mine.

The music is the rocking one and most of it are my favourites but the problem is that some of the songs are in remix mode and I prefer not to listen them as I do not like the remix songs as I believe these tend to break the song and also in this way the sheer magic of song is minimized. The tuning of the songs is been broken and the music side is so loud that sometimes you cannot believe that you are listening to this class of song and the more and more to it just been getting eroded. I am returning to my home in this weekends as for the last three following days my college will be closed and for this I decided to stay at my home with my family.

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I could take the alternate route but the fact of the matter is that I forget to make the advance booking so I decided to drive it to home and for this am also enjoying the climate which seems to be falling a bit as it is now cooler with each and every second it is running. I am lonely but as the brave girl and also I do not take any serious adventure but I believe mu vehicle will not run out of the stream and the road ahead seems to be fine , in the upper curving zone I have to change the gear box and then I heard one sound and believable of some of the passenger bus and it is and then it drove past to me and I saw no one in that bus and it may be returning or something and the driver just make some gesture to me which is some what I know it does to girls so I better not to heed that and make the driving.

We tend to believe that it is the men’s world but I do not think so but that driver think so and then I began to concentrate on my driving and listening to some cute songs and in this FM channel all the songs seems to be from original sound track and ma really enjoying all these. The climate is now lot more cooler being wearing one tee shirt I desperately need some of the warmer clothes , all are at the back side and I do not want to stop the car to bring that suit so still now I cannot want to stop the vehicle so I decide that whenever I will see some family in between then I could stop the vehicle and then wear the dress and for the time being I will have to run the car and it is now going in a good speed as I have reached almost in between the ghat road and this signifies the half of the distance I crossed as my home town.

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The scenery and the long horizon is being enticing and I know from now one there will be the road to downwards and also I have to drive more cautiously because the speed will be on higher side and also I have to cross the more dense forest range the most dense area of this continent to reach the hill down and for this I have to drive more cautiously and wonderfully. I checked on the tank capacity and drive slowly but steadily and slowly due to overcast conditions and also related heavy inclement weather the road side has become more and more darker and also one truck passes and that has the head light on and that signifies how the road can be.

I decide to put the headlight s on and started driving and also there are the ways which are more clearly symbolizes that one should be expecting this and that in the straight road ahead and driving in this present torrent is not that much so easy as playing any sort of driving simulated games and now I slowly reaching to the most dense forest arena where even on the day time there seems to be all the darks and some where in between there are the branches of big tress just been running down towards the road as the car driving situation I have to watch all these for it so that I will not be making any sense of not driving good. I heard the sound of some vehicle and try to observe and understand what vehicle should be as the sound is not so thick as earlier so it should not be the vehicle of big type like that of bus or the truck.

It should be the vehicle of four wheelers and most probably the sport utility vehicles type and let us now observe and try to understand the trend and so for this I began to drive more and more care fully and try to stay at the side of the road so that the up coming vehicle have the chance to drive and pass me through easily. The road is dark and bumpy and that vehicle is coming towards my vehicle at a very high speed and am surprised to find that in such road conditions and in the ghat roads amidst this jungle one is driving so speedily and that too that vehicle is at the receiving end of the road this is of great surprise to me.

The path is narrower and bumpy and the problem here is that form the back side you cannot watch which vehicle is at the front end but still that vehicle is running as if it is at the haven and knows what is at the next. The road that vehicle is narrower and from the side and it is reaching to the road which must not be visible and that road is also at slope mode and suddenly that vehicle appears and that seems to be on the high speed, I just worriedly have a glance at that vehicle, and luckily and with good mind of anticipations I stayed there otherwise there could have been a great collision and the damage side must have been in greater contract with mine as my vehicle is at the receiving end and it is smaller compared to that the other vehicle.

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The vehicle passes and it seems it goes beyond straight into my face as the speed is such that it feels that way and in fear I tend to close my eyes and then open and saw the vehicle passing and surprise to see the driver as there is no one in the hot seat. I then glanced and seen nothing and no one is driving the vehicle and the entire road and the architecture seems to suggest that how it come and how it is happening, I been surprised to see the trend and my hands just been freezing with fear that has been augmented with the sense of more and more fear that is been in create with that sort of surroundings and then I get back my confidence and drive the car.

While driving I am feeling as if am in no where and my heat is feeling the loose and the courage is slowly dissipating and I time and again looking at the back seat in fear and also looking at the passing cards and vehicles . It is feeling like letting lose all the wires and also the feeling of the sense of fear seems to be extricating with each and every bit of ideas and am still driving have to be more and more steady so that I can reach home.

I have to get my act together as I am feeling bit lose in courage as there is still some distance to go but with each and every moment I experience the awe and the fear that I had seen few seconds ago and that fear seems to surrounding me and stretching me beyond limits. Feeling of fear and in the tight situation needles to say should extract more and more glossy and bad feelings and being at road in the car driving alone and towards the home in the overcast conditions seems to be very difficult but I have to pass all these to reach home.

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