A brief overview of the MeeGo architecture

Intel, the world’s largest chip manufacturer announced the collaboration between Moblin and Maemo to create a new project called as MeeGo. It is hosted at Linux Foundation. It was developed because Microsoft did not offer the full support for Windows 7 support for Atom processor. This is Intel’s OS for portable systems. It is the open source OS. It is for the next generation computing environment. It is for notebooks, entry level desktops, tablets, vehicle infotainment systems and other embedded systems. It has several graphical user interfaces. It is first released on the net books. It has capacity of rich graphics, multimedia systems, multi tasking and optimized for powerful performances. It is written using the clutter based Mx toolkit and employs the Mutter window manager. It runs the several applications in the back ground. Evolution for email and calendar, Empathy for instant messaging , Gwibber for micro blogging ,Chromium for web browser and Banshee for multi media player as various application that can run in the back ground as various available applications.

The net book UX is optimized for portable computers. It provides compatibility for Moblin applications. Applications will be distributed through Nokia OVi digital software distribution centre or from Intel AppUp depending on the device you are using. The tablet UX borrows a lot from the Handset UX in terms GUI with the iconic white icon on black task bar which is now the common in each plat form and also it is contributing the development of Linux platform immensely with these smart moves. In vehicle infotainment system is meant for navigation, entertainment, and networking systems of computing devices in cars, buses, trains and aero planes. This platform is meant for rich internet applications with seamless navigations with internet and automated connectivity.

A brief overview of MeeGo architecture

The core operating system in which the entire coding structure stands is basically is a Linux distribution. Then it is compiled on Nokia’s Debian based OS and Intel’s Fedora based OS. It uses the Btrfs files system as default and uses RPM repositories. Its GUI is based on three principles. Layered view gives the separation of three different layers based on similar technology and functionality. In the domain view there is the grouping of similar sub systems into architecture domains based on technology and functionality. In the API view the grouping of MeeGo API into functional area. MeeGo has distinct UXs for individual product categories and supporting API and kernel. Qt provides the opportunity for the developer tom build the application based on MeeGo platforms. It is the object oriented programming interface with the option of composite programming. With the availability or Qt mobile that is the convenience for APIs that give the developer the ease to use features inside the frame work and that can be easily applicable to phones, net books and personal computers.

There can be plenty of benefits from MeeGo software platform as a developer. It is true open source project and hosted by Linux foundation and governed by best practices. As technical as well as non technical aspects you can be benefitted from it immensely and with due course or time the real rich benefits are purring into it.  It is perhasps the only software development opportunity for the developers that is expandable to many platforms and as a developer your opportunity got wider acceptance and larger recognition and with it you will be getting the constant recognition and wider acceptance that can be in the long run can produce the richer and smarter benefits for you as a developer. MeeGo is offering Qt and Web run time for application development and also providing the proper opportunity for the application developer to test it on different settings and platforms that enables the application developer to write their applications once and can test these at several platforms simultaneously and deploy on different platforms and then make the proper test of these. They can also available their application at different application stores so they will not be blinded by one application store. They have the opportunity to show case their application in Nokia OVi digital store or Intel AppUp Centre.

If you can create the specified software stack meant for particular vendor then MeeGo can recognize your potential and then can market that on your behalf so it is always the win situation for you as developer. In this way the device manufacturer will have less pain in solving the complexities involving the hardware compatibility. It is truly an open source project and with it , attracts the device manufacturer to be active in development of software  and the evolution of patterns makes it perfect case for one of the real community development. For operators MeeGo also offers differentiation in its user interface, and different operators can have different user interfaces and that marks the differentiation which is one of the newest parts in the stiff competitive market in this arena. In this way it minimizes the efforts that is needed on the part of the operators and that is why most of the operators prefer this platform. Intel team also give the require training to the operators to be accustomed and acclimatized with the newer platform and thus reducing the friction part of learning it in so many ways.

MeeGo is a spilt OS and it combines and improves the Linux platform in so many ways and it addresses all the difficult issues like that of cross platform , cross architecture and cross device centric problems and goes over it and that is why it is the darling of many developers. MeeGo has no contributor agreement to sign instead signed off by language and process as Linux Kernel. It conglomerates the entire interested player in the industry to start the real software evolution and development. It is also offering the compatible program to make it fit for API and ABI compatibility to run the software stacks and application portability. It supports multiple hardware architecture and multiple app stores. It also reduces the complexity involving this compatibility and also creates the appropriate stream to satisfy and attain to these upstream projects for acceptance. It offers differentiation according to operators and also it offers the convenience to use these services. It has many committed developers and also many open source developers who are constantly working towards development of this plat form and also relapses the patches and updates of it through many updates. It is available in many languages and with this it is spreading far and wide and that is giving the real attributes of this platform and the developers are contributing to this through many faceted ways and directions.

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