Virtual machines are not the solutions to everything

It is true, the virtual machines are not the solutions to everything, it can perform a high number of tasks and uphill tasks but these are not one hundred percentages efficient. There are limitations to these and there are places where the virtualization cannot be of any sort of help to the user and there are situations when these can go wrong and create the problems. There are some situations where the concept and the running of virtualization go wrong and the user should be careful about it and should act accordingly.

In simpler terms virtualization is running of multiple Operating Systems. If you have low amount of RAM that is the insufficient memory then you should forget about it as for virtualization sufficient amount of necessary memory is the need of the hour. Take an example , if you have one GB of RAM and running Winodows7 then the easiest virtualization software like that of Virtual Box will not run smoothly as you could only allocate two hundred fifty six of RAM and nothing more than that to virtualization. You cannot run Windows XP as the administrative account but can run the guest account within it, but you cannot run the Vista operating system with it.

The virtualization concept starts with the concept of RAM and it is essential to have the plenty of RAM to run the virtualization smoothly and efficiently. With fewer of RAM and trying to run the virtualization makes your original OS hangs and the virtualization OS crashes and these can bring forth the problem of plenty for you. Virtualization is not for the computers with short memory; it is for the computer which has plenty of memory. With shot memory you cannot expect it to perform to its fullest efficient categories. You can expect your whole system to hang.


Mac OS X runs smoothly on a virtual hardware. In reality it is not great site to run the Apple computer with that of any sort of virtualization software. In case of running of the games it is not that simple as you would think to run it as the ability to process the graphics for gaming is an intense task and it requires high intensity from the hardware configuration. Virtualization is based on the concept of effort to equal or surpass one another and this process is itself is slower. With virtualization and the running of the games your graphics will not be same as that of the original use of OS and also in some other considerations , there will be hardly any sort of three dimensional rendering and also its graphic emulator percentages is far lower than that of consideration. The two dimensional updates rendering and emulation are fines but in case of three dimensional games it is not up to the mark and the graphics are far from realization with the virtual OS.

So, tow see the real effect of powerful virtualization you will need a really powerful hardware and OS. Windows has Aero and Linux has compiz visual astounding effect. With the virtualization software and inside the guest account some of the effects can be seen and felt but the use should not expect for greater effect to be on side of original system. With the virtualization there can be no such effort to use it as compatibility of usages as these are not really feasible at all. Virtualization is mainly based upon the supported OS and also its related memory and other considerations those are neatly called as hardware so compatibility matter could arise out here. It is also nice to consider this suggestion that you should never think about considering testing any sort of hardware compatibility as well as any sort of system graphics testing with that of the virtualization software is straight no as with this no real experiment can be done and with the proper use of virtualization techniques and with due courts of time.

It is also advisable that if you are not efficient and self sufficient with virtualization techniques then you should not be using it at all. There are many chances that in the long run if you have not enough skill and understanding to use virtualization software then it can completely mess your original operating system and making it corrupt or even the boot sector files can be deleted and your important data can vanish. With the advent of modern technologies, the latest built of some of the popular virtualization software can make some of your whole drive virtualized and it is there fore in these circumstances the software should be used with caution. On Linux by typing the wrong device file name can make the partition corrupt and then you cannot access the real contents of that partions and this can prove to be really annoying for the user. The most vital part is that these mistakes cannot be undoing and for this you will have to go with care and caution. That is why it is the experience that matters the most in the case of using it as these use may not be always as compatible with that of any sort of graphical user interface compatibility but it the real mind many a times with the expecting of something wrong in advance that can prove to be real boon for the virtualization users.


Virtual machines are the way of emulating the hardware in software. With the active use of virtualization you can run one operating system above the other and more to it if you are using Windows 7 then you can run Windows XP within it by employing virtualization and both the files and the interconnectivity can be very well defined and described. How does it work and what is the basis of running one operating system above the other, it is very simple to read but can it be difficult to achieve? Virtualization software is a program which can make idiot to the main operating system and make it fool that it is utilizing the computer hardware which is not the case at all. The amount you allocate to the hard disc is allocated inside of the file and that file is put into the real operating system and that is why you are limited with the space as it is employing the limited partition of the principal operating system. If virtualization software space is limited then either the software will not run or in some other case it will corrupt the files so that even the principal operating system sometimes goes weird. Your real system where the virtualization file is installed is beginning to crawl and make it weird. While going for complete virtualization process you should ensure that enough RAM for sufficient memory and also enough hard disc and partitions allotment so that it will never run short out of memory and hard disc place partition.

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