The arguments over transgender contestant in miss universe beauty pageant

Last updated on December 19th, 2019 at 10:20 am

This controversy arises out of the Miss Universe Canada contestant’s participation in the Miss Universe beauty pageant. Name of the contestants Jenna Talackova , at first this contestant was disqualified by the arrangers of the competition and the row of controversies started. The Miss Universe Canada contestant is a transgender and she has been the bone of contention over the high pitched battle over her participation.

After much stand stake the organiser have agreed to allow her to compete with the rest of the world contestant but it is not been cleared this will be the isolated case or the rules mended to allow her to stop the controversy. Many analysts would suggests that for the first time the ultimate barriers in the gender in equality has been transgressed though many would oppose it and in this write up we will discuss about the for and against of this unique decision by the organisers.

Is it natural or at the reflection of the society we cannot decide as this definition is constantly changing in then favour of the term and then it is going towards the reverse trend in the similar manner. This pageant is not a born woman and due to the modern and advance developments of medical science determines the gender psychology. This transgender woman had won Canada beauty contest. Does beauty contest meant for judging the outside feminine beauty or is it to judge the natural beauty and discarding the artificial or surgical transformed and turned beauty.

These can be matter of speculation and more discussion. In Talackova’s case she performed the gender reassignment surgery when he was at the age of nineteen. She did not hide anything from then and the each and every form of identity is taking her towards as female in the page and papers of the office work. She has the legal identity as the female, so this means according to the state of Canada she is female and that is why she had able to contest their Miss Canada contest and became the winner.

She choose the gender which she thinks as the real one could have been and that is why she chooses that and thanks to medical advancements. There are many views who oppose these phenomena and their arguments are also very strong and to the point and let us discuss over about these. They call it as the rash and irresponsible celebration of false gender hood. They call the gender transformation as the bizarre biological masquerade.

According to them the proper identification of sex is done from the birth s it is embedded inside the genetics and these cannot be changed all these sexual reassignment surgeries are mere display of false feelings but the real system lies nothing inside it. Gender differentiation can not be identified according to the religion, castes, beliefs or advanced modern medical sciences these are based on practical biological pertinence.

Whenever humans tries to change the proper biological system then it is going no where and the person who has undergone this process will be subjected to various medical as well as severe psychological disturbances of mental aptitude. This will in the long run reduce the society to a huge chaotic and disorder which Locke once imagined! In order to be psychological stable why one would go for advanced complicated surgery on one??s body?

Can transgender women be in equal with all the traits of a natural born biological woman? Can the sex change operation convert fully a man into female?

Transsexuals cannot be changing the status of gender inequality as gender in equality lies somewhere else. According to the studies of University of Birmingham, there are severe traumatising inflicting serious conditions with many harmful effects among the post surgery patients of sex reassignment surgery.

This really poses many questions to the truthfulness of this surgery, so it is high time not to go against the nature but try to strengthen the existing good relationships among the two proper biological genders of male and female and to reduce the gender disparity among them.

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