Sony Xperia S review

Last updated on December 23rd, 2019 at 11:10 am

It is a premium phone which cost above thirty thousand bucks. Its build is premium with due quality and good structure. You will get the right cost of it and at no point of time you will feel that you have spent the more for it. It matches your price point and is very good at it. The transparent strip that is running down side the display shows some light inside the entire dark structure and that should have been avoided to make it feel more towards it, nevertheless it can be very attractive for some persons who can always feel the silver lining in it.

Here, you can find the three icons the return, home and the options. This can be really intriguing as the original keys are touch sensitive and they above the white running strip. To the surprise and aesthetic feel, they are being indicated by three tiny dots. The entire surface is beautifully designed and it feels the way for some sort of glassy watery feeling and as if you are tracking your phone above the bridge on to it, the remarkability of this phone is the user ability and the beautiful design part.

The dark polished display with rubberized polish and gloss under it makes it sharper and appropriate for the perfect finish all around the phone. It is fine with grip due to this rubberized finish and it does not catch the humidity and for this, the phone does not slip from the hands. It is the unibody designed superlative handset with the provision of backside opening of the sim slot. The battery is locked away for the user accesses probably to safeguard it from any of the prying eyes which can be a better solution.

Inside the transparent strip is if it is to be carefully observed then one diagonal line is running inside and across it. This is the part of the antenna system that is being installed here. Sony is more focused towards the functioning part of this and that is why it has brought into the perfect processor wave according to its calculation and administration. It comes with the dual core processor.


The performance of this phone is brilliant and some times it is stable and it has Android the older version and it can be updated through ICS and then it comes with the absolute powerful integration. As with the updates it opens up the flood of gates and the absolute design and put everything in place that you will believe to be inside each and every smarter phone. It has seven hundred and twenty p resolutions with four point three inch display.

The colours are lot more natural in this phone as they do not try to jump and force at you and that can make the phone more and smoother and attractive to use it. The blackish colour shows the dense of it but it not the better than that of the AMOLFED display. With image the gradation quality differs but not that much which you will expect of it. The sharpness part is brilliant and with it the text is clearly visible and readable and the quality of the display is superlative.

Wile zoom in there is no edge noise problem and that is quite significant as this can distort the good quality images and the brightness of the display is brilliant tough there is no setting to control brightness. The phone fit well into the hands and this is important as the safety of the phone depends solely on it as with it there is the lesser chance of the phone to be fall from the hands. The beautiful transparent strip gives the requisite illumination to the darkness a good phone have it feels like that of the age old radium attachment and it goes back to the classic touch of the phone which seems to be absolutely wonderful to begin with.

Sony believe with the usability and the workability factor and that is why even with the older OS and that can b upgradeable it gives some of the outstanding visual goodness and feeling of achievement. There is the absolute delight with the twelve mega pixel camera in built into it. There is the constant hardware key that will bring you straight to the camera. What is most interesting is that you can go directly to the camera function even if the phone is locked so you do not have to go for the manual functionality of opening the key guard and then go for the camera functionality.

Camera placement is good and it is unlike that of the Nokia C6 where it is touching your hands when you got hold of the phone as sometimes with the landscape view your finger can go across the camera so be ware of it and try to take picture after review. Image quality is very smart and wonderful at day time as well as that at the night time. The image crispness and the color depth are fantastic to begin with. Sometimes there are some of the problems with that of the clarity and the crispness of the images while it is zoomed in or noise is high.

With this phone you can take the three dimensional panoramic pictures which can be great boost for type of camera and for the picture enthusiasts and it is like the blessing in disguise for them. Video stabilization is good and can be implemented with greater facts. In the night the video shooting is good but in the day time shooting it is better to be believed. Whatever the lagging and other forms of deficiency can be removed through the latest ICS updates and this phone will work better and smoother with it.

This phone does seem to have everything in place and it is better suited and workable solution for all your mobile needs. It is trendy, fast and good at all things it is simply the brilliant parametric display and also it is built to work hard and it good at each and every bit of task which you can handle and imagine doing with it. It has thirty two GB on board storage 1750mAh battery and dual core with 1GB of RAM, it can perform faster and much better.

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