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To day mobile phones are used for anything and every thing except for the flushing of the toilet. There are many choices thrown upon you on the choice of buying behavior of yourself about mobile phones and you have to decide which one you to buy through the plethora of choices. If you are the person who snaps here and there, the odd design and other related parts and want to show to the world the tenacity of yours photography then this is best for you and you can go for some of the coolest photograph phones which are not only good for you but can have the supplement for some of the best desired digital cameras. Then you should look for the minimum five pixels and above camera phone with in built flash on and that can be set it to the automatic so that you should not be worried about when to switch it on or off. Why the flash should be automatic there is some concern about it. If you make it on at the sufficient lighting then there may be the chances that the red eye syndrome of the picture will caught upon this and this can ruin your photograph or you will have to use the Photoshop element to reuse it and to attain it. It is better to have a phone that can have the ability to use image settings in its automatic mode and that will give better image preview and understanding of the subject.

While buying any smart phone the primary concern is its RAM as  if it is lower than expected then the launching of any application will take time and with it the following of any programmer and if you launch it. Multi tasking will take time or will not perform in approximately as it will time and again announce that the memory is full and please stop some applications in order to run the phone. This will completely annoy you. Let take some applications will be run by you permanently at the boot time run settings and for this some part of the memory is already preoccupied and in order to drive that phenomena you will have to clear that and it is not supposed to do. Take for example if your phone has the limited number of RAM functionalities then you will find it difficult to run any anti virus applications inside your phone and also this can give you quite a difficult time in running other applications. Sometimes some weird and unwanted calls tend to make you not attentive and with this you can feel some sort of annoyances and that can make you laugh or not laugh at these missed calls.

There are some good applications which can stop these annoying calls in appearing your phone and that too this application will stop the call in its way so that you will not feel the burnt of it. These application run from the boot start menu , and it runs in the back ground and this means that these applications is always on and that will take some part of your RAM and this is not so good if you have not so sufficient RAM. These will slowdown your smart phone considerably and with due course time running at a time many applications inside the single core system will become difficult. That is why the memory of the application bears the significant factor in running the smart phone and it is better to have a good amount of RAM so much so that it can carry your phone to a greater degree of extent to its whole manageable way.

The very next part that is significant to your phone is to see is the second camera option available to you or not. The primary camera is the back facing camera which is the major customization and the secondary camera is the front facing camera which can be used for taking your photos and also many a times it is good and alternative for mirror as with it you can see your face straight inside your pone dash board and that can be very much in secret and no one will know that you are watching yourself and many a times these are the habits and this can be useful for them for this. That is why when you look for a smart phone it is better to go for a five and above pixel back side camera and at least five pixel front facing camera so that you can utilize for yourself whenever you need it  the most. Many a times in some phones the back facing camera has the good pixel quality but the front facing camera does not have it so for this. That is why it is the way to know about what the front facing camera vitality is and with it you can utilize it the most. These days the camera manufacturer also many a time do no notify about the essential information on the secondary cameras and it is the duty of the consumer who are intended to buy the smart phone should also be interested with the pixel quality of their future smart phone and that should be nearer to anything that of five pixels and this should be the permanent mark that can be used and diagnosed.

In some phone I have seen that when you buy that phone, Nokia is providing the thirty day gift for some of the applications that are in normal time you have to pay to buy it. So, you can download some of the better applications and the one that blocks the unwanted calls and this should be downloaded and you should download it with your Nokia Ovi username and password. Why you should be using this, as in the later times it will record the download notifications and if after one month you want to download again at that time even if the free time offer ends but still you can use it as it will saved within you’re my download and then you can download again into your specific phone. By employing all these possibilities you can make your phone a better and smarter place to work on with and with due course of time and in the later days I shall be writing about more and more in this segment about my practical and little experience on the smart phone.

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