Incentives for Investment in Indian Biotechnology Industry

Last updated on July 21st, 2019 at 01:19 pm

Biotechnology relates to the industies  which deals with green form of environmental parameters. It deals with people who directly deal with environmental parameters. It comes from the environment and we do not need to search for these biotechnology  elements from other sources, it stands nearby to us as we do not need to go far any where else.

Cattle dungs dried with high sun shine and it becomes stronger an it can be utilised as fertiliserin plants. This is completely natural and do not cost anything. Most of farmers have many cattles and they can collect fertiliser from these dungs, and only collecting and then dried in sunshine, and this can be converted to high rich mineral fertilisers and this can reduce the price of chemical fertilisers, as well as the output of cultivations becomes one of, natural products.

These products are far more superior than chemical fertilisers borne cultivation of goods and these are not good for health for longer durations, and most people long for good amount of natural fertilisers such as these bio technology enabled natural fertilisers, which is good for health and it provides one of most natural amenities for maintaining good health.

Investment on these products can be very much help ful, as these can be a good commercial option, as using chemical fertiliser as investment option can be beneficial but on the other hand one ca see that using bio technology enabled fertilisers suchass from cow dung or from shaded trees can be a good viable healthier option to put forward, adnd provide excellent incentives to put forward good amount of increase of excellent business opportunities and thus the investment option becomes lesser.

No question of any chemical reactions, as it comes from natural ingredients as it comes from cow dungs andcan be collected and employed farmers as the elements of business copartners, and thus it enrich them with money from one sde and on the other side one can benefit from cow dung and not have to spend any money from outside.

In this age of technology and scientific advantages there are artificial fertilisers which enablefarmers to use it and that can have direct reactions, with chemical fertilisers, and from it is better to utilise natural fertiliser so that, the utilisation capacity of land stays all the time, but when you use chemical fertilisers it slowly removes utilisation capacity of lands and for this one need to investment in bio technology industries so that we do not have to create, chemical components of anything, but move toward biotechnology, such as written above could provide elementary task to return to natural elements that could provide one of better move towards health of farmers, people who eat vegetables and it is also good for earth the mother nature, and it does provide in saving arth and keeping enviornment good for everyone.

This provides excellent opportunities to save the earth, and soils of earth remains good and the cultivation capacity of lands remains as good as the first day and remains, and its impact on ozone layer remains good and in saving environment and remaining of atmosphere so that human beings stays secure and safe always.

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