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There is no hard and fast rule as and when to proceed and what time to employ to write a good blog post. Still here you can find some pointers and some guidelines through which it can be very much understandable to make it how to write a good blog post. Also all these guidelines are suggestive in nature so you can understand and then make it on your own to implement it so here the disclaimer is all  these are for the suggestive intention only and nothing more than that.

First and the foremost suggestion is the title and the designing part of your blog and this reflects the first and the foremost impression and this can give the clear cut formulations how your blog is going to run it and how it can perform in the longer run. Take for example you should not have the hate or critical appreciative blog with some flowers and laughable similes inside the back ground as that will not sound good. You should not have the technology related blog that is of red and rose colour as normally the technology related blog must have white or slight blue and simple background. In this segment you can place your blog as Spartan with possibly one or utmost two related pictures inside your blog post suggestive your blog direction, aims and objectives. In many cases the web masters manage it all by their own and go it to show their real class in designing part and that can have various stimulating effect on some of the best of the web we have seen so far and also experience in this manner.

The colour of the back ground whether it is transparent or make it to the back ground situations and also the fonts chosen and the size of the fonts, then the specified side bar all these specific parameters should be decided by you in choosing the contents and the modalities of your blog, these are particularly helpful in determining the centrifugal force of the blog. After that what should be put inside your blog is the common sense and with the writing and searching through internet  you can find the hell lot of choices and then out of it think judiciously and out of the box and then add it to different gadgets to your blogger’s blog. With this and through the times yours identity will come through and with the better Google page rank people will know from your writings the subject you are slowly being expert in and that can prove prudent for you in the longer run, so think out of the way and something extra ordinary, that no one ever think anything and that could be the real boon for you.

About thinking of the title of your blog it is a better idea to search for a small and innovative name as we have seen the successful companies in the technology arena had always vouch for something extraordinary and short name like that of Yahoo, Google, Bing ,Face book and Twitter to name a few and think just like that and in this manner you could be making some rarest of rare moves in reaching you destination of making your blog successful. Choose a name that will reflect your blog content or you can choose really an innovative name search for it and am sure you could find it.

Blogger’s blog is like that of personal diary or your interest which you are deep within and want to share it to the world so that your knowledge can be shared and will benefit to the need. So, in this section you are free to choose your content and there is no need to define it as it is your thought and you have to build it with your thoughts and other ideas. It is better to write down a blog that will give it more to the readers so that they will return and comment on your blog post and that can be very much desirable for such observation. Then, there will be returning visitors and also in many cases people will come back and make it viral so that other persons will reach at your blog and these can have more and more stipulating and wonderful effect on the entire blog sphere and if this continues for some time then you can garner and starting to make names I the blog sphere. You can write on some of the personal blog but of writing about on topics that are related to some wider specifications can have some sort of stimulating effect in garnering better visibility and understanding.

This is not to say that each and every single post should be focused and needs to be better understanding of the subject but in some other way it can be stated that you should make some of the aspirations within your readers that when you post something that will give some charismatic effect on your readers and they should be very well be organized and benefitted with your knowledge and writings. You can write occasionally about your personal travel or tours that can be ok but much of the time you should be writing about something interesting to your readers and that can have enriching benefits to all.  In some other cases you could write about many subjects and that can give some of the richer skill and if you can handle that then it is ok otherwise you could restrict yourself from one or two subjects that could be best known to you and that will give wider audience to your blog.

So, now we have got the idea and the next part is to decide it and then stick to it and then integrate it with your blog and attain it to make it really the success you want to. Like this one if you are going with the technology blog then do not choose any philosophical mood or any inhibitions, instead go for some sort of plain ideas and also writing style, and develop yours own writing style, I this the semantics may be complex or easy and the sentence structure may be long or short, do not imitate try to go for your own unique style of writings. It can be better idea to set up private blog for some time and add some of your friends and get their opinions and suggestions and how to make it more and more concerning towards the audience and get their genuine suggestions and with due course of time make it public and then you will not feel the pressure and in this way all the writings and interactions with audiences will be easier and smoother.


As we know each person have the style so as you and it is imperative to stick with your style and go on with it, it is better to go with your own style as this can give you more freedom and more and more choice of words so that you can make good point of view with your own ideas and thought and freedoms. In writing the main part is the mood of the writer and this should be shown in the writing and that is paramount and good for the writers. One has to remember that style creates the identity and that identity needs to be protected and go with it.

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