Apple’s war with Google fires up

Apple Inc shows up in its annual conference foe software developers with all vagaries of Apple Universe at hand with the driving of agenda that is against seemingly Google. The war path is with that of online search giant in smart phone searching and cloud computing and giving the clear message to the software developers. To challenge the Google map Apple is planning to built and announce its own mapping application in its own devices as it is been seen that Google map is the most valued and viewed application of iPhone and this compels Apple Inc to think such a way so that it will regain its own unique position in its own phone arena.

It feels awkward if you look at the perspective of Apple to realize that in its own phone the most prominent application is from its adversary the Android maker Google and that is why they have been planning to do some sort of own mapping system and that is why in the conference of the software developers it is been doing so. With that the new map application will have more and closer integration and attachment with that of iPhone and iCloud storages and it will be synchronized with all its devices.

Apart from the map application Apple Inc is also planning to promote its unique voice recognition system Siri and that can make it score higher than that of Android devices, Siri interface is famous and it is backed some sort of artificial intelligence and it is being developed for quite a time. In the future there will be some sort of high definition laptops from that of Macintosh with Intel’s Ivy Bridge cutting edge processors to back it up and with it Apple Inc is trying hard to get the differentiation part from that of Google and it is now to wait what Google will respond to these developments from its counterpart.

It is now countering Google the software giant with the complete over all of full line of hardware components in its battle with Google. As we know in business battles you have to battle at many fields and the battle components are different and these entire tactic needs to be employed correctly and in its right and appropriate manner. Apple’s vice like grip on its ecosystem with closely managed grip on its application store and seamless integration with the hardware seems the close projects but in the other hand if we consider Google then it is totally reverse.

In a sharp contrast Google’s free for all approach.  The open system approach which remembers Microsoft’s hugely popular standard hardware usage system Which is creating the standard setting software that can run into a varieties of software platforms has allowed Android to capture and retain the smart phone market with stream of ICS updates and the advent of newer features it is making the whole software and smartphone market a breath of fresh air with lots of possibilities and wonderful assistance in development.

This is similar to Microsoft hugely popular operating system marketing strategies that has defeated the rival Apple and Google is employing the similar strategies and it is also rapidly capturing the entire market and also this is the warning signs for Apple though there are many opposite views which can be enchanted in favour of Apple that it is a closely bound system. There are some of the suggestions that Apple is still in the hearts of millions of users due to its premium validity.

Why Apple is acting now as it is been seen due to Google Android there are many potent hardware is being built and these are now been popular with lots of continuous updates. Samsung Electronics’ Android-driven Galaxy SIII is drawing the most favourable attention and comparison with that of Apple iPhone and Amazon Kindle Fire is also challenging Apple’s tablets and for this Apple Inc is being on the war path and it is trying hard to develop newer and more and more potent hardware solutions.

Apple is now being challenged by two companies Samsung and Amazon and behind the scene is Google’s Android and this is been really a challenging phenomena. Apple is feeling the heat on and Apple is always famous for the innovative challenges and new and modern technologies and for that it is now completely trying to over the entire interface in its laptop and also in the future the iPhone world. That is why the expected move of Apple to replace Google’s map is particularly the dramatic sequence that has been leading this from the earlier rivalry.

This is natural and this why the friendly rivalry among the companies is being built upon and for this the good manipulation and the marketing strategy by employing all the real and this has been going on for ages. It is also true that over the years Google also invested huge traffic in its mapping technology and it is also true that half of its revenue is coming from iPhone and iPad users and in seeing this Apple has decided to develop its own mapping features.

Apple is deliberately doing this as this would reduce the revenue of Google maps and also on the other hand Apple will gain from the mapping technologies as this would be the inbuilt feature in its devices and as default the user will use it more often than not.

Then, what is Google response? In what is seen as the pre-emptive move against Apple’s upcoming move against Apple’s upcoming map service, Google showed up his own mapping capabilities, including soon to be launched three dimensional mapping features. Google is silent on the removal of geo service from iPhone users but it stresses that it uses the geocoder in its technology.

The mapping service that is being given by Google search engine which is all out presence and all device uses this service at any cost has the better mapping service and it is far more useful that that of geocoder service is currently being employed with Apple iPhone.

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