A Web Server on Your Computer

Last updated on July 20th, 2019 at 12:07 pm

This topics relates to the time when Windows XP slowly moving out from computing arena after its wonderful journey of rectifying the process of creation of windows server, with the introduction of Windows Vista and Windows 7. During the year 2012 we had seen the presence of using of multiple computers at home. Some people also have their home to be used as self-office home office and for this they want to have more that one computer easily interlinked and networking.

Slowly, we moved towards the age of faster internet and then move towards the creation of easily making of networking through the process of wireless hotspot. Windows 7 during those times provides  the entire process of creation of wireless hotspot and that is measure process of understanding and creation of entire process of complete networking. During that times major telecommunications providers such as Vodaphone, Airtel does provide convenience of creation of wireless hotspot, and that can connect one computer with another so that file transfer in terms of wireless networking and does provide, wonderful amazement towards understanding in creation of complete networking environment.

First choose a desktop computer and should have Windows 7 so that creation of complete networking environment becomes an easier option. Then, create wireless hotspot with it and then use it as server computer and then use as client computer for laptops and other networking options. Then you can  create connections to yours wireless networks as well as purchase printers that can work wirelessly and should have compatibility with mobile version of printers so that what ever you download from there and if you want to print out those then can through mobiles you can print out those versions easily without any difficulties.

So, in this way with computer server or desktop standalone server computer, and then use it for connecting to laptops and then mobiles and can implement these in terms of providing well-managed server and can install home security systems and then can implement on it and probably the close circuit camera at home or at other places of your home, and when you are out of town you can examine all of these througha apps on yours phone so that you can watch it in mobile wht are the real-time situations of yours home and can watch yours home on close circuit camera and that can provide the real-time server on your computer.

If you have website you can run this at your home and run this at your home server computer, and if you have electricity and back up electricity plan then you can run home server computer and your website and run it with it and this makes, construction of yours website at lesser cost and annual server cost will not be there and yours website runs with faster time limits and yours website can hold for larger amount of visitors and this is one of most fastest  and easier option to host website on yours home computer.

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