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There are some lessons learnt a hard way. For every organization criticism and feed back are the part and parcel of life. It is important for the organization to catch the organization’s mistakes and correct it early so that it will not haunt you forever. Organization should not run away from the criticisms and mistakes.

Always, remember that failure is the stepping stone to success and if you are not awake to the organizational problems then in the long run it may hunt you. Do not vacillate as you will be left in between doing something, having something and being nothing. Always remember that the race between hare and tortoise, when the winner is tortoise as the hare slept in between ignoring the main goal, achieved its goal because it persisted.

At yours cubicle yours works and also the pressure of pending jobs can drive you crazy and make you buried. How to suppress all these negative connotations and win the situation? Life is so unfair, so you thing you feel left out? It is time to call for desperate measures. Something not right as the problem lies deep within. There is so much to do and so much to remember. There ought to be a way out from this mess. Identify yours strengths first so that you will bank upon them for courage. Stop all the IMs, social networking and nay other source of time pass so that you will be completely free while doing all yours pending works. Look at yours time management, efficiency, communication, just in time factors, and analyze them thoroughly.

Go for first things first the quadrant theory by Dr. Stephen Covey as with it you can segment all yours works into four quarters. Go for important, urgent and the second step should be important and not urgent and then the third step is for not important but urgent and the fourth step or quadrant should be not important and not urgent. According to Covey the highly effective and successful people live in the quadrant two that is important but not urgent and planning with it does not take time with no pressure and stress whatsoever.

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You can analyze the pattern of yours daily work schedule by going and following this quadrant theory and then make an assessment of yours job schedule and organization of works. One of the most common tools is calendar. Go for iCalender Lite , download it and execute it . Add events, task, and organize all yours works with it. In this way you can find the entire important task and will live in at second quadrant. Export calendar files from Outlook and Gmail to use with iCalender Lite. IN this way you can track your time for. Also recommended the latest Outlook version from Microsoft to organize all yours work and time.

If you are on the go always then vouch for PDAs, laptops and manage yours time with the cloud. Use Google services to log in to calendar from various computers and smart phones, set reminder of yours task through SMS and email. This service is free from Google. You are not charged with SMS reminders. Use some note taking software like that of Evernote , You can make note and employ it as a post it software.

Use important documents as dr4aft inside yours Gmail and use it whenever necessary. Business networking can tremendously increase your reach, improving yours results. But overdoing it can reduce your productivity for the day. Ensure you never miss out on technologies to improve yours productivity. The primary goal of complying with standards such as ISO, Six Sigma and TL is to ensure minimum quality level and increase efficiency and productivity.

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Attempting to rework the important tasks during the wee hours and meticulous planning and organizing of tasks can lift yourself in times of urgency, As the end of the day approaches the rush hour work increases ,as all the pending works needs to be cleared and the tomorrow work needs to be marginalized and streamlined. Now-a-days with GPRS connected mobile phone, you can access Google calendar on access as always. In this way you can overcome yours organizing weaknesses, and overcoming yours performance dampeners.

Drive out the distractions, harness yours skills and learn the better ways of completing work. Depending on yours profession, yours tasks and tools could vary but the never say die attitude will always keep you going. You will never fail until you keep trying. Use the Gmail star feature and Outlook flagging feature to wipe out the unwarranted emails and organize all yours works and mails. Materialism is the root cause of all ills. It is inadequate form of human sustenance. Human beings are not machines. Science is the only a tool, not master.

The renaissance had started the march of science. Science has reached in the twentieth century, makes giant, and irreversible strides. Einstein’s theory of relativity showed unprecedented growth, followed by moon walk and dancing in space. Man’s amazing leap changed the whole world. The unprecedented and momentous change culminated in the fields of human endeavour in industry, transportation agriculture, medicine, space, sports and war. Nuclear power ships and jet aircraft defy distances. Seven star hotels encourage uniformity in all places. Luminous lamps and air conditioning falsify the seasons. The towering structures alienate the man from the earth. Artificial plants falsify the nature and the seasons. The mad race to progress, the personal and interpersonal in learning, research and advancement mechanizes life. Increase in strenuous sports, people work to get education, a career on entertainment. All walks of life have now become so mechanical.

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Life has become stressful and neurotic. This leads to stress related diseases. People are bored easily nowadays. People want quick results. They are disillusioned and frustrated. Everywhere there is an apathy and lack of faith. In the west this has resulted in social problems like broken marriages and homes, premarital and extra marital relationships, unwed parents, single mother, single father, alcoholisms, drug abuse and juvenile delinquency.

The societal problems of west are influencing the east. Bharat and other eastern countries are the centre of spiritual revival and solace for the centuries. Over emphasis on scientific progress, faster materialism and purposefulness is fast decaying the human society. Automation and computerization are unnatural and inimical unless it is properly controlled. Maturation of human mind depends upon his spiritual development, for this he needs constant discourse with man and the lord, not with machine and science.

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