Decriminalising puri town of odisha a case study

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With lots of confidence and ability and the healthy lifestyle can be an impetus for yours think and analytical abilities on some practical reasoning. Getting highly educated and after touring far and vast side of the world I observe some positive aspects and some negative aspects of environmental and some ultra-human attitudinal experiences.

About Puri Town:

  • I am today talking about Puri town of Odisha, the ancient town with Lord Jagannath temple and the beautiful sea across.
  • This town has lots of floating populations and having their count are innumerable most of the time due to some festive and other holy related activities.
  • With the security and safety of tourist is at the premium and how to preserve it and make a good name for it has been a long thought of it.
  • When I see the Aiina (mirror) the local news channel of Puri town distributed through cable television network, realized the potential crime and the disturbances occurring across the city and especially nearer to the seashore.
  • What could I think of changing this so that Puri will be safer, even the locals of Puri like me also have the feeling that sometimes it is getting out of hand?

Why this change of mindset?

  • Why this change of mindset and why it is revolving in such a way so much so that sometimes we see through the Puri news channel some horrible stories never ever explained and imagined.
  • It is right I cannot make it safer within some spans of time but with this writing, more people will know and it may induce more security and more feeling of safety in times to come.
  • As of what I observed there are lots of betel shops across the Puri town at various locations.
  • Betel is Asian pepper plant whose dried leaves are chewed with betel nut (seed of the betel palm).
  • Their lot of people gathered and mostly the unemployed youths and half old aged persons and they used to stay their longer durations and talking and making some harsh comments to tourist and to some extent to girls sometimes.
  • This is undesirable as this is against the Puri culture.
  • With the advent of time more and more unemployed youths have been to Puri town to earn some money and search for employment but hey are fast becoming some petty criminals.
  • They stand nearer to betel shop and try to intimidate the tourists and if the tourist happens to react then they will beat them and loot the money from them and this has been happening.
  • There are lots of talks about betel shops selling the unlawful products and they are selling without the knowledge of the administrator.
  • With the use of these unlawful substances, you so-called unemployed youths and half old persons become aggressive and trying to show their aggressiveness in various ways and this tends to become more and more volatile situations.
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An example of such a situation:

  1. Take one example, I happen to stand by the side when I saw suddenly one biker with two person seating came across one small lane and struck their bike to a four-wheel SUV vehicle and that vehicle is from the outside of Odisha as the number plate suggests.
  2. Then they try to argue with the SUV vehicle tourist and they dragged them out to open and try to misbehave with them and want ten thousand money because of this.
  3. In fact, the accident was done by the bikers, not by the SUV driver.
  4. The SUV driver protested, and suddenly both the bikers started behaving badly to tourist. They are eight in numbers and there are ladies among them.
  5. By seeing this, some good guys like go to the spot and stops the bikers from taking more advanced actions as the bikers knew what is anticipated by them can be the shaming situation so that is why in fear they ran away.
  6. This seems some familiar stories where the problems of tourists are mounting.
  7. I have analyzed this and found that the crust of the problem is all the small and larger betel shops.
  8. There are selling unlawful substances and with it, the so-called urban unemployed are getting aggressive by it.
  9. If I am at the helm of the affair of the state, my first mission is to check this unwanted grow of betel shops and make it organized and inspected so that unlawful substances should not be sold and the bad atmosphere of the city can be removed.
  10. There is no point to establish a betel shop nearer to the great architect of Odisha Biju Patnaik’s statue nearer to Puri hospital.
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Why is that shop open sometime, in fact, many times throughout night?

  • Why one betel and tea shop in front of the college square selling cigarettes, should not be observed some decently while allowing these shops.
  • Students are meant to study not take the cigarettes and that shop should be re4moved for the good of students.
  • Similarly, I have observed some half old persons in the late forties have been taking cigarettes in front of college square at that shop and making some weird comments to the girls and even to the boys.

This seems to be an unrealistic agony for them to desire such life but why they throw some savaged and unimaginable bad mouthed words to the prospective citizen of India?

  • Similarly, the betel shops nearer to Puri hospital which is the only ISO-approved hospital of the whole of Odisha, may be I am wrong.
  • But this discipline of not letting the pan and cigarettes shops brewing around this area should be banned or properly checked and attained by the administrator.
  • As these betel shops through some malicious selling of illegal substances are becoming richer day by day and they are being protected by some sort of goons of the area.
  • This is fast becoming some sort of weird situations here. I will like to change this and control this and to make the paradigm shift so that all will be safe.


  • This theory may sound loftiest to dear readers but this is true as most of the criminals and goons are being healthy by this sort of marketing of illegal substances through this suspicious betel net work.
  • Who will stop this, the Lord Jagannath will do this one day as per custom, the Lord always tend to act late but when he acts it is all over for the demons and I call all the so-called betel shops as the demons.
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