A Review of Need for Speed hot pursuit

The beautiful surroundings with stiff roads and passing by the heavy load of trucks going on in between, you have to be careful, you must be within the real performance guide to sustain these cut throat driving, drive carefully avoid the incoming trucks which is coming like a tiger, thinking you as the prey, the icy surroundings and the orangey atmosphere, the orchid and the stiff narrow landscape, be careful of the road and the stiff bottle neck curve, with the nitrous add on and searching for the shot cuts to reach the destinations fast al these are speciality of the game called need for speed hot pursuit.

The fusion and the sand are deep within feeling the awe in the heart with deep sliding tyres. Here is the real performances time out with the fusion surroundings and the real game play is at its best. The real cars are converted and making it for you to play inside yours monitor to enjoy the virtual real feeling of the game playing. The keyboard inputs and the responses of it are tremendous. Then sceneries and the environments are un-parallel and unmatchable and the real fact is deep within and showing some wonderful signs of ultra imagery.

This time the add on functionality of rear view mirror has been fantastic with stiff rated vehicles moving here and there with some passing lights can be observable from behind to be alerted form time to time. Here the curve motion can be controlled with more ease and fantastic for the newbie, with the higher speed of more than two hundred kilometres per hour and more, you can push the nitrous the constant speed mechanism too early and can control it this function has been fantastic, you will not be burn out here for sure, here no wheel spin and out of the track reach a complete sense of achievements you can garner through.

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The movement is fantastic and the joy deep ride from it is overwhelming. You will fell inside the brevity after few moments of game play the sheer matrix of fearlessness will creep yours heart and the way you advance inside the games has been fantastic. You will be feeling the virtual physics at its best with some optimum utilisation of available resources. This time it is open for you to use all yours available tricks, tips and the use of nitrous is free to use and all the controls are in yours hand. The graphics has been fantastic and the motion blur is fine and works wonderfully with high end computer with some magic and the entire experience has been never seen and for gettable.

The place of where the game story is related seems to be a fearful country but an adventurous one definitely. Each and every site of the earth is been related here with the likes of mountains, sea, beaches, roads, jungles, forests all been situated here with each and every fantastic location advantages. There are plenty of car alternatives which you can use it of and also there is no such botheration of garage features to its maxim so you can use it with you good sense and brilliant iterations. The new addition is that you can choose and practice any car for a limited speed of one hundred miles for the country and feel the control of the car with these fantastic features.

Need for speed autolog is a new concept where one can experience the social networking features of need for speed. Here you can share yours victories, photos and achievements and get the laurels from yours friends. Here you can watch yours friend’s timings and achievements and you will try to beat them or vice versa. This means that you can enjoy this game in online as well as offline and if you are a type of social gamer then go to the auto log feature of need for speed and enjoy the every beat of it. The graphics and the interface have been fantastic with some glorious cars in use and a great multiplayer game setting. I personally very excited to play as in the case of need for speed series.

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The only back is the controls are simplistic but this is great for gamers like me as am not a too serious gamer so I can manage with and succeed with this ultimate gaming experience. The game has very decent graphics enhancements features which are very soothing to the eyes, the textures are very realistic and very soothing to look and the environment of the gaming is very fantastic to deal it with. I introduce this game is very moderately powered PC and to my utter surprise it surpassed all the limits of it and it has gone beyond my expectations. The voice embedded within the game is of higher quality and it is very instantiates and it seems the sound is moving thus giving some unending smoother experience.

Overall it is a game must have for yours list so that you will enjoy and relax to its maximum so that the ultimate gaming experience will be designated to experience with yours viewing parameters. May be sometimes you just get bored with the presence but it is really a game to play and relax with it as it is the ultimate viewing experience and in my personal capacity my younger sibling also enjoys this game while I was playing through shoulder surfing. The gripping and the never before ultimate enticing experience always remains to be seen and the way it is performing at the PC level is always deserves the much acclaimed to attain with.

The graphics and the art feel of this game is nothing sort of exceptions and in this write up somewhere I may be influenced by it as this series is always my best since my graduate days but the real parameters is still at its optimum peak to get it on with. The tweaks with the engine and also the leap from the overall game play experience has been phenomenal and the words are speaking of the actions as and when we goes with the story line the extreme environments always calls the shots with. There are plenty of mission in the storyline is to engrossed and the speed and the control of the vehicle this time is phenomenal and it seems it is true to driving and control which is fantastic to start on with.

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