Why smoking is injurious to health

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According to an old adage a sound mind goes with the sound body. Now days we are living in a society where the complexities and the paradoxes are becoming upper hand in ours day to day livings. Everybody is under continuous pressure, continual environments to reach at then stage of perform or perish, and these are vitals which each every person is undergoing now days. With the increase of stress in ours day to day life may consciously or sub consciously affect ours health ion ours day to day livings and for this a steady life and continual of good habits is the order of the day.

Tobacco smoking is a universal phenomenon and environment potent ant. It gives rise to increase number of health-related issues. It is the main cause of premature death , permanent disability and preventable disease. BY using regular tobacco you can be prone to chronic bronchitis , heart attack, high blood pressure or permanent disabilities like that of paralysis. Over four hundred substances has identified as the tobacco related substances and some of the prominent ones are the real cause of cancer and other hazardous and life threatening diseases.

The composition of cigarette smoke comprises several factors such as combustion temperature, porosity of paper, additives and filters. Because of adding of intense heat inside the tobacco the inherent compositions of tobacco goes under thermal decomposition and producing more and more hazardous effects to the mind and the body. This the volatile substances disperse directly into the smoke. Even substances remain undisclosed causing greater risk to the smoker. The smoke contains 0.3 to 3.3 billion particles per milliliter and the Nitrogen, Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide account for eighty five percentages of the smoker’s weight. The respiratory range of human is merely 0.3 to 0.5, and to see this vast difference one can only infer that such a difficult should be avoid.

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The some of the cancer producing substances inside the cigarette are tar, polynuclear aromatic hydrocarbons, naphthylamine, nitrosonornicotine, benzo pyrene, trace metals, indole, carbazole, catechol in terms of substance inside cigarette. The cancer promoters, irritant and ganglion stimulator and depressor particulate inside the cigarette smoking substances are nicotine, phenol, cresol, indole, carbazole and catechol. In the gas phase of cigarette the impairs oxygen transport and utilization, toxin irritant, cancer producing and chloride cancer producing substances are carbon monoxide, hydrocyanic, acetaldehyde ,acrolein, ammonia, formaldehyde , oxides of nitrogen , nitrosamines ,hydrazine , vinyl.

With the regular use of cigarettes the membranes of the mouth, nose and the trachea are easily prone to destr4uction because of the gas part of the cigarette goes inside it. Some made up inside the membranes and other dissolved inside the blood to make it more dangerous to the life of the persons whom are taking cigarettes. Other hazardous solvents dissolved inside the saliva and swallowed.

The disease caused by smoking, tobacco chewing and smoking are related to cardiovascular disease are of the followings.

  1. Thrombo angitis obliterans , gangrene of limbs
  2. Smoking also interferes the efficiency and the efficacies of the process of treatment of high blood pressure.
  3. Ischemic heart disease, simply the heart attack, or the sudden death with the choking of hearts.

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