Why hypertension is dangerous

Hypertension increases atherosclerosis which is a stage of arteriosclerosis involving fatty deposits (atheromas) inside the arterial walls, thus narrowing the arteries. The fatty deposits accumulated in the inner walls of arteries which is a blood vessel that carries blood from the heart to the body. It obstructs the blood to flow without resistance inside the body. It is important to treat hypertension as it may reduce yours life by twenty to thirty years if not treated and detected early. There is huge chance of heart diseases and heart strokes if it is not been taken care duly and properly. Corrective treatment can reduce these possibilities to very higher rates. Due to non treatment of high blood pressure and that can stop the blood flow inside the heart and those results in severe pain and heart attack. Due to the solidification of arte3ries and the heart unable to pump in and out the blood inflow and out flow, and the lungs and other connected body tissues may get affected and congested. The arteries leading to brain is stopped and clogged then the heart attack might happen. Due to poor blood circulation the arteries of the legs becomes stiffs , if you have blood sugar then this cause more infections and soreness to yours feet and ultimately it will become more and more difficult to attain to and this can be hazardous in the longer run.

Control yours high blood pressure:

It is important one should be awake and educate oneself to the vagaries of high blood pressure so that in this process one will prevent damage to one’s vital organs and body parts. The most vital organ of life are kidneys, heart, brain, eyes. It is important for diabetic to treat the high blood pressure as the combines effort can cause havoc to the vital parts of the body and it is better to be awaken and be strict smart to take it as challenge and treat it in such a manner so that you will always feel it been checked. Weight loss is vital as it can reduce the stress on yours body, reduce the salt intake in yours daily foods, limit the cholesterol (an animal sterol that is normally synthesized by the liver; the most abundant steroid in animal tissues) in yours body, and regular exercise is vital aspects for yours body and mind and do it regularly so that it will gain you more and more sound life and health. If you smoke then it is suggested to stop it immediately , if all these manual doings are not stopping yours blood pressure control then the next best part included with the above life style will be a great intake of medication through good physicians.

Why hypertension is dangerous


If you have both the diabetes and high blood pressure then consult yours physician and convey that you have both the disease and the drug therapy will be that of a combined drugs related to both the scenarios which can be antihypertensive medications. Medication, good diet and exercise and good sleep are all the vital parameters for a good health and to sustain and remain active through out yours life. Some medicines reduces the potassium that can severely affect the insulin stage and on the other hand some medications increase the levels of cholesterol and that can severely affect the high blood pressure levels and in such scenarios you may be advise to take the diet which can be rich in such and such vegetables that can supplement the loss or the gain of some level of potassium or cholesterol. If you have diabetes and high blood pressure yours physician will monitor yours health activities closely. It is advisable to check yours blood sugar levels and high blood pressure counting in every month at good reputed institutions so much so that you will be conscious of the way of life you are endearing so that you will be active and manage it good. With a comprehensive approach yours healthcare team will be able to control both of the diseases. You are master of yours activities and food so it is better to keep the balance that will help you to keep the diseases under control.

Peripheral vascular disease:

It causes to hardening the arteries in the lower part of the body and limbs it is called as the peripheral vascular disease. Due to less flow of blood to the lower part of the body causes legs and feet to stiff and prevent infection and sores from healing. This is why the proper hygiene of legs and feet and attention more and more to yours legs and feet is the absolute necessity. The diabetes can impact and affect the nerve pathways in the extremities of the body. This can be called as the diabetes neuropathy. Control and reduce yours glucose levels to make it more and roe smooth and this problems will reduce with the reduction of blood sugar levels. Eye care with diabetes is most significant as it can affect the retinas. In severe case the visions can be obstructed, the retinas can bleed, and it can cause for permanent blindness. These complications can be avoided through careful control of diabetes and hypertension. That is why one should resort to frequent check an control of one’s eyes so much so that you should consider it a routines top check this out in ach year or in every six months.

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