What is mouse trapping

Mouse trapping is a practical method through Skillfulness in the command of fundamentals deriving from practice and familiarity that influences the user to remain on the particular website by not possible for the user to leave that site. This gives the user the minor irritations. Whenever the user tries to close the browser or try to open a new tab or window or any other website the mouse trapping website will not allow the user to leave that site for a specific duration of time. There are specific mouse trapping website where the user are only allowed to open some specific windows so that users will feel less annoyed. This is done by the specific webmaster of this concerned website to stay afloat the user for a while so that they will gain from advertisements which they are floating with the websites. It is a kind of socially incorrect behavior and similar to a situation when you locked one person and gate is closed but the window is ajar so that he can see the area which you only specified.

Through some specific code implementation the back button of yours web browser is not active and sometimes the tab is also not active for sometime and you get weird what is the problem may have been. This is one of the many nose driven way where some webmasters trying to get control of yours browsing behavior so that you will stay afloat with their site for more time and with this they will gain some brownie points in terms of income. These tricks have been more prone to some of main websites so that then user wills stay with the site, this is fast becoming a very dangerous trick, and the user should be aware of this. It is kind a lock in situation and people with their own computer and internet connectivity do not want to be locked in with such drastic styles from the website. This can be hazardous for the site which is practicing such immoral activities as in then longer term there are many chances that there will be heavy loss of returning visitors and thus you will definitely loss the plot that is the number of visitors to yours site and slowly yours site popularly will be going down to earth.

Some experts grant it to the status of offence as they seen it no longer as the immoral act as without the user’s consent you are simply dragging them and staying them by using their own valuable bandwidths. It is giving more status to the page jacking where the webmasters are trying to seen at the front of web indexing by employing the not genuine copies of websites , destroying consumer confidence. Sometimes the novice users can get offended by redirection to not so good site, that site stays there, and shoulder surfing situations can drops down his confidence and mental attitude. The java scripts and flash manipulation by the webmaster can make it way for the mouse trapping. Sometimes on some flash sites when a user tries to go back to another website after some annoyance moments of alter in loading for flash , the site’s java script and the flash are written in such a way that it is been disabled so that the whole flash will load first and then the user reaction button activated.

What is mouse trapping

Sometimes the fraudulent webmasters will continue to steal the codes of high traffic sites and then put these codes inside their own website so that the sties they own will get more exposure and link ups to various sites and grow with search engine rankings so that higher page rank and thus higher growth of popularity of website. The codes will disable the back and refresh button and sometimes if they are pressed then it can create a looping, and returned the visitors to some other sties and thus gazing more web visitors in such manner. All these can be disabled by user just by disabling the java script functionality of web browser; modern web browser does have much security functionality with some additional protection like phishing and site protection to warn the user in advance about some specific sites. Some say it is not muse trapping but it is a mouse hindering. Mouse trapping has the scope for much wider phenomena. Once the visitor reach at the site the java script embedded within these sites will redirect the visitor to some specific websites containing the advertising so that the income from earning will increase. With this the webmaster earnings can increase from advertisers. It seem the crime as the consumer have to pay for it at last due to these phenomenon of websites but with the cost of user’s internet and data and user’s personal annoyance and time. Consumers cannot go to other websites even if they so desire and this hinders the fact that the growth of internet nd its open nature is violated through applying these methods and in the long term of internet practice these should be avoided and stopped so that these will not stop any such misdemeanor and annoyance to the user.

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