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We are so engrossed drooling over the technology products in countless parameters along on a geek holiday through some popular destinations across Asia. Picking out places based on here say is easier task if you live in a metro ,by roaming around the computer and getting into digital stores through various PC peripherals.


It is the shopper’s paradise. Two major technological attractions in this city are Funan Digital Life Mall and Sim Lim Square.

Sim Lim Square:

Sim Lim Square is spread across an area of 390,000 square feet. In all these areas you have to walk a lot and you must be skilled with better bargaining quality. This place is vast and is prepared to spend al lot of days here as there is lot of tech shop here and it is sure you must have the time to attain to all the shops.

Most shops stack products from different companies and making them a one stop destination for all yours gadget needs. Each shop is here like a show room, you can find twenty to thirty alternatives of a single device, and choice is yours. Here you can find the Apple products cheaper and the Apple paraphernalia even cheaper. This place is accessible through local transit system of Singapore.

Funan Digital Life Mall:

Funan Digital Life Mall is a great destination to buy technological products in Singapore. It is the competitor of Sim Lim Square. The challenger Superstore is the biggest technology shop here at Funan Digital Life Mall. It is a twenty four hour shopping mall and is situated entire at the sixth floor of Funan Digital Life Mall. The second big store at Funan Digital Life Mall is Harvey Norman with lots of promotional offers and exhibitions of new product launching can be visualized here.

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Generally, Singapore is little cheaper in terms of MP3 players, so look out for these here. Bangkok: One of the most popular technology destinations of Asia is Bangkok because of tech crazy locals. The Pantip Plaza is dedicated to technology. Here huge shops from HP, Canon are filled with selling opportunities of high end consumers.

Laptops, scanners, printers are plenty at Data IT mini computer store superstore on the second floor. The third floor is basically meant for pirates junkies. Here you will find everything in terms of games and softwares. In the fifth floor, is the IT City, here entirely you can find the pre-built computers and plenty of exhibitions.

One mote IT hub of Singapore is Digital Gateway; it is a four storied IT hub. It is the hub of latest gadgets including that of Samsung, Sony. At the Fortune Tower IT mall you will be more familiar with than that of Pantip Plaza, if you are with family then you can head over to MBK Centre.

Hong Kong:

This place has been synonymous with cheap electronic shopping. Here, you can find many street markets and lot of gadgets can be found by the road side. The preferable place to go for tech purchases here is Temple Street market. One more place is the Golden computer arcade, here independent shops selling hardware. I am not a die hard gamer, but if you are, then this place is just for you.

One sad part is that bargaining techniques does not apply here and the price margins are very strict. Last but not he least, the Centralfield store but the pricing is not very suitable. Conclusion: Search for shops where Thai people are shopping and buying stuffs from, there you can get value for money and good bargain. Digital Gateway is the best place to buy the original gadgets, softwares and games. Look for international warrantee while making a purchase.

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Always carry a laptop with you to test phoney software and games before you purchase them. Remember, to claim your 7 percentage GST while you are at the air port by getting your bill receipt stamped by the customs department. If you are at Japan, then you can indulge yourself with some duty free shopping at one of the biggest electronics stores in Tokyo-LaOX. Make sure you do a through check of the packaging before payment.

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