How to get started with facebook

Facebook is the most popular social networking platform in the internet. To sign up you will need to fill in the detail and then give yours authenticate email id and also sometimes if you are on the go then yours mobile number for second label authentication. Then you will be asked to upload yours profile picture, then yours educational information, Complete the sign up by activating yours account through your email. The search for yours friends who are already into it is through yours Gmail, hotmail or yahoo email accounts.

The profile throws the basic feature of the account for Facebook users. Log in to yours account then go to the edit section of the right hand side bar and then there you can edit the profile section. Facebook is giving you the ultimate control to manage yours friend�s list. GO to the edit zone and fill up the entire profile section. It consists of basic information, profile picture then you can manage the thumbnail and adjust how the picture to be shown to the public. At the friend and family section you can manage yours relationships; here you can manage the relationships status and also the featured friend status. You can also add a group to yours friends list and sort them as the labels or tags. Yours face book profile can be the representative of yours basic information with the advent of timeline it can be yours store house of information of yours life time and with the better archived options attained to it. Under the education and work add yours all the relevant information , interests, favourites, under the arts and entertainment ,sports and activities and interests ad the relevant topic of interest as you are deeming to be sorted in to it. Now you have created yours account with Facebook , then the profile and upload yours picture and then fill the relevant information to it and now it is time to search for relevant information

Here, also with the increase of yours profiles views you should be alert for the privacy concerns and security is paramount here too. Click on the friends list and here you can see the pending friends list like at the left hand corner of the Facebook and there by clicking on the top three tabs you can, here you can find the pending friends list and also allow or disallow friends here. Here some times face book will guide you to arrive at some of the friends list so that you can add some known persons there at the appropriate friends list. If you have lots of friends then it is better to manage and sort them s the face book home page will show some of the friends so in due course of time it will be a chance that you may forget some of yours friends in the longer time so it is better to sort and manage the lists in the Facebook friend page. You can filter yours friends list so that the messages will reach at you filtered and you will not be missing any of the relevant topics which yours friends have liked. You can create new friends list, add friends and delete friends, cancelling the friends request, ignore and hide the friends. You can remove a friend from the friend�s list by clicking the �X� in front of their names on the �manage friend�s list� page.

You can access the mobile numbers and the contracts of yours friends by accessing the �contracts� button ion the left side bar then click on it to access the relevant information. You can access the friendship page by assimilating all the friends� activities with their shared history and Facebook profiles updates. Facebook wall is an interesting concept where you can share yours views and make them visible to yours controlled lists and get the likes and dislikes and some relevant suggestions from them. It is automatically turned into the relevant news feed and flows through yours Liked news channels. Yours friends will see the updates from yours and make the suggestions and can reshape them to theirs friends which can be called as the �friends of friend�. At the top[ of the home page there exists the share menu and try to jot down what is on yours mind , here you can post text, video, photos what ever you want with yours locations designations and yours friends will se all these. To implement the privacy options ,s elect the lock icon drop down menu below the post , then press the share button in then below corner to add the post to yours wall. To create an album , click on the create album icon then browse to yours drive to locate all the desired photos to be shared to the world , if you have the flash player installed on yours computer then you have the option to select multiple photos. Then face book will show you the dialog as the photos is being shared and then it will ask you to save the album , name it , add the relevant location to it and then you can go for the privacy setting of the album to manage who ca see it . In this way you can share album for the public glance or else share it to yours friends or to any particular individuals. Facebook has the tagging feature, and once yours album originated it will tag people through photos by grouping them into various tag formats. You can edit album in the later stages once it is created. The particular link for the album is also created, so that you an share them to public by giving out the links if the album is set for the privacy options public in the album view.

You can write on a friends wall only if you are find with them and the referred friend have not stopped you from writing on its wall. Similar is the situation of the writing on the face book friends and other services and in this way you can join the discussion by adhering to the group�s basic rules and regulations. Tagging or linking friends is very easy and intuitive and if you want to enable this application then you should be aware of the privacy related issues attached with it. To mention it and use this feature, just add @ symbol in yours comment and then choose from the drop down list yours friend, then they will see it as the story in their wall, and if yours friend want it to subscribe hence now on yours post will be automatically visible on yours friends wall. News feed in the Facebook is the constantly updated news and it can be seen on the face book home page. If you want to hide something from the news feed, there are some options available. Simply hover over the post, you want it to be deleted, then go to �x� icon and hide it in this way. Like is the most innovative concept and very popular feature of Facebook, It is like a thumb impression so for this you will not have to read anything , the post can be any other languages you do not know it but you can easily like the post in what so ever manner. You can like yours friend�s post, news feed, photos, video or any other stuff with the click of a mouse. It will be noted beneath content that you liked it. Then it will be posted on yours wall. Yours friend will get the notification in the upper left hand side of Facebook dashboard .

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