Hoary past of odisha

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The ancient name of Odisha are Kalinga, Utkal, Anga and thoughout history the power of Odia people is well known. Britishers captured last to Odisha. Due to courageous nature of Odia people they appoint the favourable chiefs for Odisha. Among them and well known is Ravenshaw and he established the popular university known as Ravenshaw College.

Many scholars since emerged from this college and they established a stronger rules and also establish the Odia culture in its territory. During the language problem where some Bengalis authorities try to say that Odia comes from there language but in reality it is the opposite and during those times many English administrators by virtue of writings and other experts shows the realities to the world.

Odisha is famous for cult of Lord Jagannath culture and the emergence of Budhist cultures. Still to this date the old scripture of emperor Kharbella who conquered most of land currently stands at the Pakistan and Afghanistan and beyond its limits. The might of Odia people is such that the first actual war on independence is ‘Paika Bidroha’ which was recently recognised by Central Government led by Prime Minister Modi.

The might of servitor Brahmin of Lord Jagannath People was such that despite attacks by Mughals time and again to destroy the cult of Lord Jagannath and its temple still they defend these forces and they cannot take the gold and ornaments of Lord Jagannath. The power of servitor Brahmin cast of Lord Jagannath Temple enable to protect the Lord from outside invasions.

In the modern times we see how many athelets ar performing at their best from Odisha and specially in the time of worst days of Indian hockey people from Odisha and players emerged and enable the entire nation to reach to the peak of their performances. Odia people are very religious and they love foods. Odia have their own style of writing which is complete separate from Bengali and Asamese scripts.

The use of some consonants prove the time of ancientness of Odisha and it provides some of the hoary past of Odisha which we always as Odia people think of it and take the proud of it. The sadhabas or the business people of Odisha goes with Boita or man-made boat and travel across the sea to reach to far distance Java, Sumatra or modern Indonesia and then they perform business functions out there. In order to celebrate their sea-journey still-to-this date in every day of Kartika Purnima Odia people perform the manual selling of boats to celebrate this great journey of Sadhabas.

All of these goes on to show the power and traditions of Odia people and their rich heritage in developing the series of proud moments for them. Odisha is famous for rich heritage of Bushist and Jainism and there are many instances old manuscript can be found anywhere at any point of time and those shows the religious supremacy of Odisha. Khandagiri, Udaygiri and Lalitgiri are the testimonies of the religious supremacy that started from Odisha and spread across the globe.

Bhubaneswar is the second planned city of India after Chandigarh. Now, it is becoming the educational hub and educational capital of India Students from far and wide reach here to study for their further development. Now, AIIMS at Bhubaneswar Odisha, people from all around eastern side of India reach here from the far distances for cheaper treatment. It is the second oldest after Delhi AIIMS and here the cost of treatment is less and people throng from far and wide for treatment.

The Sun Temple of Konark is one the rare sun temple across India. Generally Sun Temple are rare and Konark temple is one of it and even at the stage of broken temple pilgrims reach from far and wide here. The Chilka Lake which is famous for its back water and it is one of the longest lake of India.

Due to its back water nature many migratory birds reach here from far and wide and they have been reaching here since the time immemorial from the far side of Europe, Brazil, Odisha is one of the most colourful state and here the culture of tribals and Odia people get mixed up due to Lord Jagannath cult. As Lord Jagannath was worshipped by the tribals and then he came to Puri in order to allow all people from all casts and creed to worship Lord.

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