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With the abundance of internet connectivity and data usages availability , sometime even the full time professional think of utilizing the internet to its fullest optimum capacity. Le us try to earn money from internet is the main proposition of many but to find the real and workable sites is hard to get in and with due experience you can perfect it. Some would say the mere

Google search will stay you some vital websites but the conditions and the way the payment is getting into yours pocket and how much time you will have to devote here and how to earn handsomely some are great questions you will have to resolve first before joining any site.

Joining any site and being a good time write is always like starting a small scale business and how we manage them is solely depends upon the research and the value proposition on that site by investigating and searching studying the write ups of previous owners who solely manages to write some of the most vital aspect of these site.

There are some reason to join these sites and prominent among these are you get back-links to yours blog or website, earn handsome money to use wittingly, get social with good interaction to know more about some of newer sites which you can access later on and develop yours writing skill and ability. The value of income on these sites can be traffic driven or through revenue sharing of Adsense, Chitka or so on.

Triond: Here the source of income is dual one from the number of visitors to yours write up and the second through revenue sharing program through Adsense or Chitka. There are many pros and cons of this website but the positive is large community and enthusiast writer and if you search for articles you can find every news that are covered around the world through articles and some of the original written articles also has been given some importance here. Writing is fun here with good dashboard and editing option but no HTML allowed here.

You can add friend here and build yours follower arena , despite many criticisms for last several months by some Triond writers and also others , Triond is still alive and hope to go many more steps in the years ahead.

One of the payment option is Paypal , subject to your country’s availability. You can earn money through reference build up. There is also an option of adding Google Adsense to your articles. Otherwise you can have the automatic Chitka option.

By implementing the Google Adsense you can have fifty percentages of shared revenue and the trend shows, the blogs which have Adsense enabled get more traffic than the Chitka. As I have experienced, Google Adsense is bringing more views than Chitka .

There are regular special months where you can increase your earnings up to 20% by writing more articles. Sometimes, flagging articles you can increase yours income. By mere flagging the articles you will not be paid but it is to be approved by the Triond Administration after that you will be paid.

I have been here at Triond for about six months and have some positive experiences from here.

Bukisa: I joined one and half a year back but not very active there. It is similar to Triond revenue sharing program and also it counts number of visitors to yours profile to pay you. Still to date have not been a single payment from this platform but hope to get one soon.

Flixya: This was a good platform a year back with built in integration of Google Adsense revenue sharing platform only. It has one defense for the user that the adsense ads will not show while you are logged in thus remove the possibility of any accidental clicking of ads by the user.

Here you can market yours own You Tube videos by putting the embedded links in the video section and also you can put blogs and pictures to get money. Sadly of late after Google panda update this site has been ban from using the Adsense and that removes its popularity.

Flixya is still trying to get back adsense to get back to its earlier position. Flixya is quick and easy and it is a good site to share Triond articles and then post to various social networking sites t get more and more clicks. Flixya says “Due to unforeseen circumstances, Google has terminated Flixya from the Google Adsense API.”

Xomba: It is Google Adsense revenue site. Posts are called Xombytes. You can post anything starting from links, news, suggestions. Here you can easily share yours ideas, suggestions, discuss among the authors on any topic and get featured to earn more.

By hooking up yours account to Facebook and Twitter, you get viral with this. You can create content form here by a news or opinion “article” on any topic through blog, Write about and link to a cool article, video or photo through bookmark , Create a Top 5, Top 10, Top 15 or (gulp!) Top 20 list on any topic through Lists, post any recipe, becomes everyone’s critic by review. The significant gain is here you can write brief posts and share with yours community.

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