Samsung RC510 quality with quantity

Last updated on December 25th, 2019 at 10:59 am

Specifications: NVDIA GT315M/Intel HD 3000 graphics, HDD: 500 GB, 5400rpm, Weight: 2.5kg , Core i3 380M (2.53GHz) RAM: 3GB 1066 MHz This laptop costs about 39,990 Indian Rupees at show room price. Price may vary. Indian website of Samsung is it is a manageable slim laptop with size of 15.6 inch note book, with fantastic style and brings a marvelous glossy finishing touch. The built in factor of note book is exceptional.

The palm position is raised slightly making it not comfortable while on the four wheeled vehicle but in reverse while at the lap and in a stable position it seems to augur well. The key pad seems to be well built and a personal favorite of mine as it is an isolated type and for the work and the job I am in it augurs well and it is a sort of mastermind piece to use it as it doe not feel to my fingers while typing.

The space in between the keys seems decent but the keys are small and may not be good for the elderly person as the small keys can be confusing at times. This area can be considered as the area of improvement. No multimedia key and a draw back for music junkies. Built in and dedicated number pad is available. The track pad is better but it is a recommendation to use a mouse namely the usb mouse for correct and precise navigation with this note book.

There are four USB ports with this note book and HDMI port for high definition viewing. Everything essentials are present here from the usual optical drive, LAN port etc. With a 1.3MP web camera the display is not so good but manageable to a considerable extent. This laptop is a power house with a strong Intel core engine with HT supportive feature.

It has high support for high definition video and also a dedicated GeForce 315M GPU. This does not prove that this note book is the gamers’ paradise but it can play decent games but not the power housed games which the gamers are renowned of. The playback of 1080p content is seam less and fantastic.

The LCD of this notebook does have the poor viewing angles but the straight display with front right is very good with a complete saturated display. To summaries in brief this note book is not a war horse but a decent luxury car and most of the mundane application can be easily sailed through it. It is a performance machine for some one who is a mild gamer as well as for mild office use. The pricing of the laptop is moderately good.

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