Black gram

Black gram is one of the favorite crop to be grown in India. It has been grown throughout India. It grows even in adverse environments and in return it creates more fertility to the land where it has been implemented. It fixes appropriate atmospheric nitrogen that embedded inside to help to grow nice and absolutely essential soil prepared for other agro-related products. This crop produces more and more nitrogen which has been equivalent to a high degree of urea that could be invoked as the most fertile and naturally created nitrogenous elements to help build for better crops.

It has been noted that the crop black gram originated from India. Its references have been there in Vedic texts which empower the believer of presence of this crop even during those days. India is the largest producer of black gram in the world. It has abundant protein, which is almost thrice the amount of cereals has. It has been consumed in two diverse ways. In some part of India, it has been consumed in split pulse and in some other parts it has been consumed as the whole grain supplement.

The plant of black gram could attain the height of 30 to 100 centimeters. The leaves of black gram show the tinge of purplish and it has large leaves. Seeds are basically evil or large brown. This crop is like a fertilizer as it could contain and develop soil fertility to multiple levels. This crop is appropriate for inter-cropping and could be produced in diverse atmospheric and climatic conditions. Certain care needs to be taken while going for harvesting of black gram crops. It should be done timely and that could ensure a bumper crop with huge benefits.

Harvest when the crops mature and that should guarantee huge production other wise lower yields and poorer grain quality could provide failure of crop management. Even delay in harvesting could possibly attract the advent of worms that could degenerate the seeds and provide bad crops in larger numbers. If the weather has chances of rain or it continues to be in the state of overcast conditions then it is better to delay the start of this product so that suitable weather conditions could be attended before creating of bumper crops. After harvest harvested bundles should be stored in a drier place out from direct rain or water. The stacking of harvested crops should be such that equal spreading of air should be moving in and out of these harvested crop without any difficulties.

If you have varieties of crops of black gram then assure each varieties to be kept at different positons so that the standard identification of varieties of crops could be equally known. Experience shows that this has always been a sizable drop of quantity of crops due to transportation, post harvest thrashing, windowing and storages. One has to take extra care while experiencing in these situations so that ultimately everything should be taken care of reducing the pilferages issues. Next begins the processes associated with grading which means sorting each variety of crops into a similar category so that value and quality of black gram remain exactly the same.

Grading is beneficial to farmers in terms of financially as well as it is also advantageous to customers who reach out to them and find the desired quality of product which they at first aimed at. Thus it enables the farmers to get better pricing for their product as well as it makes categorisation of product. Most of buyers who aimed to buy black gram product they see these product in terms of visual understanding and if they find that such and such product are assimilated with different black gram products then the price of such products does not meet expected pricing standards of the farmers. Stay away from moisture and other related admixture in order to sell better yielded varieties of these products.

Most preferred black gram products are cleaner, wholesome, sweeter and akin in size, color and the characteristics of these should not be changed at all even in long merchandising as well as longer storages facilities. While selling the farmer should guarantee that these products should be free from any degeneration, dead insects, obnoxious conditions and bad odors. While farming black grams be sure to comply with the latest farming guidelines so that you could attract bulk purchases from enterprises farming institutions so that you do not need to bear the brunt of transportation and keeping the crops for longer durations.

We all know it is the rule of presentations to people all around that could attract for more prices for black gram products and this it is important to understand how to go for packing of these products. Pulses should be placed with jute bags or poly pouches or other suitable packagings which are permitted under prevention of food adulteration rules. Net worth of containers should be as per the accordance of the provisions of laws of the land. Each packet should have homogenous concentration of pluses within it and should have equal in measure so that these should not have any deviation in accordance with the law of the land.

Each packet should be closed and tightly locked to assure safe staying of commodities even during larger transportation schedules. In the village areas, the transportations of black grams generally done with bullock carts, camels, tractors or trolleys to promise to reach to different nodal zones such as railways and these are done in accordance with market suitability and adequate environmental standards. Most times, transportation from the village market come in the form of head load, or the pack of animals such as bullock, camel cart or tractors with the help of speed transportations.

Then comes the secondary market which is mostly for traders or millers and they gather black grams from farmer and they take these products through trucks or railways for extended distance transportations. Road transportation is most convenient and mostly used owing to the fact that it reaches to the doorstep of farmers and the spreading of roads far and wide does indicate that these could help to spread more and more transportation with so many of the difficulties. Railways of transportation for mostly inter state or for far stares where most of black grams have to be sent.

The mode of water transport has not always been so convenient to use as we have seen not so presence of such convenient mediums and even if there has been but no systematic presence of such provisions could be seen else where that provides that it should be developed to generate and provide more and more opportunities for further development of these concept to come to light and in order to provide good quality product and to generate more and more stipulated and provisional products one should always been aware of such stipulate steps that needs to be attended so as to find most of further occurrences of benefits that could provide sufficient part of good quality black gram products.

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