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Preparation of fund flow statement

However, the technique of cash flow statement when used in conjunction with ratio analysis serves as barometer in measuring the profitability and financial position of the business.   Preparation of fund flow statement The preparation of fund flow statement has the following steps- A) Schedule of changes in working capital- B) FUND flow Statement A) […]

Ancient therapies

Ayruveda: Ayruveda is an important discipline of Indian medicine. It has a 5000-year-old history. It is fully recognized by the World Health Organization. Ayur is in Sanskrit means life, it is known as “science of life”. It is a mixture of physical, social, moral, mental welfare. Ayruveda proceeds with individualistic approach. Ayurvedic theory diagnonises patient […]

Weird problems

Domestic help is important for every house hold those who can afford to pay for it. They clean the house, wash the clothes, and do the daily cleansing and previous pending works. Most of the house holds depends upon them for their daily work. In Puri in most of the houses domestic help used to

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