Do People Really Want You to Be Honest?

The question to be asked as always is what do people really want to be honest? Or else what we have show the patterns of attributes which might not have been in the false sense but in the long rope we did not mean to be honest but we do as both have some patterns to think about it and the manner the reasoning factors moves in true sense it goes on to show that the honesty lies with situations and nothing ever else.

In the older Odia drama which is the audio drama namely ‘Bata Passenger’ does show this in real term. It was enacted by ever green Odia comedian Jayee and in this dream he returns from Cuttack medical his pregnant wife and he is trying to ride on the local bus which is going to Bhubaneswar from Cuttack. Most of these busses tend to take direct passengers who aim to stop directly from Cuttack to Bhubaneswar the two main cities of Odisha having the distance of less than 30 kilometers between them.

The conductor offers seats to passengers who aim to Bhubaneswar and for the people who want to get down from the bus in the midway tend to have standing position and even if seat is there they could not sit on these. If by mistake they sat on these seats the conductor used to go towards them and get them out from these seats and the place of where the passengers who tend to go directly to Bhubaneswar used to be seated there.

In the meantime Jayee in this Odia drama with his pregnant wife reaches the bus stand namely Badab Badi of Cuttack and most of these busses ask them first where they intended to go and in reply, hi told that Nakhara the place situated in the middle of Cuttack and Bhubaneswar mid route and in the door of the bust most of conductor used to deny them the entry.

In the meantime another person has been observing these trends and even if the Jayee had his pregnant wife still the bus conductor does not show empathetic view towards him and that makes another person in fume and he advised him not to be honest in this case but he wants Jayee to told the conductor that he wish to go to Bhubaneswar instead of Nakhara the place situated in the mid way between Cuttack and Bhubaneswar.

Jayee asked that person even if I got the seat by saying falsely of going to Bhubaneswar but still when the conductor will come near to me to make the tickets, then he will know and in the mid journey he will compel me to get down from the bus as well as that of in these situation where he could go with his pregnant wife? That person said you should not show that much of honesty in this case and you will not get up from the seat at any cost in those situations or we did not mean it to be honest.

In the meantime he told that he is a person of great honesty and he will not move away from these situation at any cost and for this it is important for him to observer this and even in such situations and at the stage of his age how he could move away from this as it is his self-goal to achieve this.

The person told him that you should not mean to be honest in each every font, but there are certain such situations where you should ignore this as this is not for you but for yours pregnant wife as well as expected offspring but still Jayee could not do this in the fear that when in the mid-way of journey the conductor know that he is the passenger who will get up from the bus in the midway how he could manage and reply to the conductor as he is not a powerful personality to do this, even if he will not be honest for some time but what if when the truth will be known while doing tickets and what if when he will be offended by the conductor in the front of everyone and that should be the most shameful moment as well as he will be driven out of the seat and compelled to stand up with his wife and his pregnant wife will not be so much of comfortable in these situations.

This is the main reason for Jayee not to go for honesty as he know when at the midpoint of journey while doing tickets the truth will definitely comes out and even if he shows the strength of honesty but still he will be driven out of seat in front of so many passengers out there and that is most shameful for him as he know he could not show the power of deny to conductor at that time. This is the reason he wants to stay honesty as in order to back it up or go to the sense of not so honesty the power to emphasize this aspect is really important and for this he continues to say that he wish to be in the lane of honesty but in real sense he does not want to do this.

We didn’t mean to, honest:

What it seems to suggest that what you are wishing to show at this point in terms of honesty and loyalty could not be carried out due to the presence of power and if you have power and influence to back it up then you can suo motto create this in order to make this happen and that could make the running of these management of ideas to empower and find it in the greatest of great senses. He knows his power and he could not match to those who are intended to show the honesty for some time and then move back from it again.

This is the real test of tenacity for him and he decided to stay as honest because he could not back it up with powers when he will give it back for tickets and then he could not recover it from there on and that is why it is important for him to stay in honesty though in the absolute sense of comprehension due to know that during the course of journey he will be facing with still opposition when he will do the tickets.

What is compelling the question here again that do people really want to be honest or they showed it up when they are compelled to do so and for this it is important to understand the sense of comprehensive situations where they wish to show as it is and that makes the situation difficult to comprehend that really people want to be honest or all of these are the sense of gratification of convenience in accordance with the situations that are being made to show as it is.

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