Four days leave from watching satellite news channels

Since the beginning of 1990s we have seen phenomenal growth of cable television where we do find advent of large number of channels where the presence og quality shows and international media reaching to mass audiences of India. Slowly, we have seen the growth of these audiences as well as people learn about various informations all around the world from the so called Idiot box. Slowly, we have seen phenomenal growth of audiences through with due course of time there have been the advent of pay t buy channels and then shifting to stereo and digitalizes contents and now to high definition content.

Then, comes the first and foremost part which describes about the presence of cable television where the presence of larger number of channels and equal number of options for users to define and provide the most enchanting number of ideas to find more and more informations about it. Should we have a life without cable television we have no iota of an idea about it but still we could find more information about it as whether we could live for four to five days without any ? This article is a matter of staying without cable for longer days and to find out the informations related to living the life without the .

With the advent of volte-fourth generation technology, we have seen continuous development of a large number of 4G equipped mobile devices which are well capable of carrying out more and more resources and provide users with stupendous level of entertainment all one go. Most of times we have seen more and more hardware manufacturers have been involving research and development in creating more and more tremendous and faster 4G phones so that users should get out the informations right on their pocket.

What the volte connectivity provides is the presence of continuous Internet technology which does provide extremely high quality streaming medias for users to enjoy and observe the positivity of enjoying the contents at your fingertips. Most of satellite television channels do have their own form of applications and this provides an extremely well-managed and well-designed application interfaces to see and enjoy streaming of such contents. Most of smart phones now have their own high definition viewing which makes even watching channels on mobiles and smart phones makes it the most enjoyable to watch it for.

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Apart from this user does have another form of significance of not missing out any program as any program can be seen just by shifting the time line of programs and you do not have to wait for longer or wait for the time of viewing just like what it should have been with cable television viewing. Now, we do have clear cut time management and even if you miss the time of Big Boss which is at four pm but still you could watch it with streaming contents on your stylish phones. It is easy to do and you could manage it nicely without any doubt of it.

What it makes the most viewing part with high definition mobile connectivity wit its high definition content management is the presence of watchable form of viewing and its related content management so as to provide users with stupendous feed management and just in time technological excellence for users to enjoy the entertainment angles. This provides power to users to see their favorite program at any times and more to it you do not have to wait for whether these channels are locked or encrypted and then request cable operators to decrypt it and watch it. One of my favorite program is “coffee with Karan” of “Star World” but my digital cable operator does not provide it and in order to watch it I prefer to watch it on Star application so that it could be seen and it could be downloaded off-line within that application specific so as to watch the program whenever I wish to and wish to see it and do not ave to wait for the timing as well as for the cable operator whether the channel is encrypted or not so.

It does provide the array off freedom to users as it had been said that when the cable televisions would be digitalized then it should provide more and more content freedom to users but in realities whether that is the case or not still to date it has not been cleared of and many such facilitates are still of very difficult to access. At the beginning my cable operator which becomes digitalization with the advent of set-top-box does provide predominantly the star group channels at the first instance and the second preferences are that of Sony group of channels but after few months it seemed that there was the paying out problems with Star group and then it becomes predominantly the Sony group first instance channels and with this some of my favorite channels such as Star World and the most importantly the Fox Life channels becomes encrypted.

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At first in order to ask for extra channels there was small amount of money that needs to be paid to cable operator but the contact to be made with the local office which is very convenient for us to open up these channels but further we could see that their decision making processes changes and now in order to ask for additional channels such as Fox Life in my case we need to contact to the cable office head office and that too not an the free number but we have to pay for it in order to ask for it in terms of telephone or mobile number. Then, even after repeated ask for open that channel they are now opening it and what should be the real reason behind this I could not figure out at the wildest possible imagination.

I am ready to pay for that individual channel but still despite my repeated interaction with them and that too with the paid telephonic option which they only have that in order to contact with them and continue to find more and more difficult part of understanding that continues to provide one of most outstanding form of not being able to feel the free to choose channels of the lot. Still there are rooms for improvement as compared to that of direct to home channels but the cost factor between DTH and digital cable alternatives are very vast and that is why people still prefer to use digital cable television in order to have much desired and specified form of identical viewing in terms of cable televisions.

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There is complete freedom of users when they deal with live streaming of applications and they watch live tv and it could be very useful if there is a power cut and you happen to miss the live television feed. This happens to me in the recently concluded India-England Test cricket series. In the last test match played at Chennai, Karun Nair was on the verge of reaching for his triple ton. Suddenly, there was power failure and the inverter stays for as long as it could and the batter was nearing to 290 and we are excited to witness the presence of another triple ton and only that should be the second Indian to do it and for this it is important to watch it on live though there are other options for listening to live running radio commentary but we connect the mobile to hot star application to watch the live cricket test match at its peak and use him completed his triple ton.

In this way, the mobile streaming application becomes one of most helping and rendering application so as to see and witness the live cricket match at times of power failure. It becomes extremely significant and coherently most precious point of action to understand the significance of reports of platforms at your den so that it could be used at the appropriate time without any slightest weaknesses of missing the events at any point in time. Thus with the advent of affordable cost of Internet we do see the presence of large umber of people continue to enjoy high value Internet content as well as live streaming of television feed in reader to have the most desired and specified viewing experiences of all time and that makes entire viewing performance absolute enchanting and enjoyable to say the least.

Updated on: 6th January 2017

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