Visiting Karnataka

Bangalore is like second home as I used to reach there time and again. First for health reasons and then for travel destinations and then for tourists and then for health tourism purposes. I wrote articles about the presence of Majestic bus stand and its importance in another article in this space. I must say something about Mysore where people are really nice and their talking to travellers has been one of most outstanding, place ever had.

The upper Mysore is like a hill station. It has cool atmosphere, and it is like reaching Ooty and the roads are full of stones and the walking in these roads seems to be one of outstanding place ever had. The auto walls in the upper Mysore is one of outstanding humble talk and it is of sharp difference from that of what is like the serious difference of talking out there.

People of Bangalore are cooler. Here, I find one driver of auto rickshaw wrote his YouTube album as he used to make rap songs and rap songs on pot holes where one person’s died and also he sang some cool songs and uploaded into YouTube, and also ask us to browse his YouTube album, so that he would get one more likes for this.

That Bangalorean guy who drove auto rickshaw and took us to Bangalore central railway station has been one of most funniest person and he requested us to watch his YouTube channel o that he would get additional hits and also requested us to convey other people to watch his channels. I found how to make word of mouth so that ultimately  we could send and provide decision making of advertisements and how offline advertisements works and this is one of serious genuine advertising option for us.

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This is how genuine advertising and how the normal genuine people of Bangalore could have been. Then I also like to talk about people of Mysore especially the normal people of Mysore and let us talk about how hey behave. On that day parents, young sibling and myself reached at Mysore early in afternoon, at Mysore railway station from Bangalore. I love the train ride and the hill station ride towards Mysore and the quality of climate is exceptional.

After boarding at Mysore, we need to reach to Holiday Home which is nearer to paper Mysore and when we reached out of railway station we confronted with too many auto rickshaws and when daddy angers as we are unable to walk but almost all the rickshaw wallas tend to humbly said sorry to daddy and that brings about how the people and especially, auto rickshaw people behave and that implies the culture as the way they provide sorry to daddy provides one of outstanding form of analysis of understanding of how one could bhave and how the customers behave in these situations.

This provides how one should behave to customers as one must always think that custom is the king and how to provide one of better interaction with them so that we always have good impression implants on customers in times to come as these, provides the most spectacular provision for provide the impressions that provides one of most accomplished behaviour when we think that needs to provide how customers can be retained in the times to come.

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