Traffic jams in Puri

Puri is the coastal town of eastern Indian state of India. It is a sacred place. One side of Puri has been covered with the Bay of Bengal. There has been many visitors here. With the course of time, the communication mediums to Puri has been on the rise due to progress of infrastructure mediums. There has been tremendous amount of improvement of railway station of Puri within the last two years, as well as running of state run DTS busses which have air conditioned busses from capital city of Bhubaneswar to Puri gone on to show the interests of visitors in large number to this coastal town of Odisha.

Most Hindus come here to witness Lord Jagannath and two deities at the temple and then enjoy the nice windy feelings on the sea beaches. There has been innumerable number of hotels in and around these sea beaches. Within the span of such small years so many hotels are there and most of these are very nearer to see which seems to provide the justification of illegalities but still it seems the local administration has not been active in these regards.
The entire stretch of roads along the lines of sea beach has been treated with large number of hotels and moving within these lands seems extremely difficult.

Due to the advent of large number of floating population we have seen the presence of such difficult times that almost it becomes one of the most dangerous places to walk around in those areas. You would never know at any point in time there could be a bus, a roaring truck or unstoppable tractor or the auto rickshaws that could go extremely nearer to you and you should have been extremely cautious while moving within these ranges.

In and around these areas, you could see agents of these hotels would be there at some places with motor cycles, would be following the majority of visitors that would be reaching there with vehicles and worrying them by following them at different intervals. In addition to these very narrower roads out there and on the side of it these agents of hotel would park these motor cycles and that would make the road virtually not approachable.

There has been very narrower footpaths in these marine drive roads and most of these foot path roads are in dilapidated conditions and most of these footpaths is being stopped by many shop owners who used to sell tea and snacks to visitors out there. As the result of this walking in these roads has become extremely difficult to begin with. Then we could move towards further back side where the road from Subhash Bose’s square we could find that the road is extremely narrower and most of these important offices are there and it should be advisable for opening of some alternative roads so that the pressure on these roads could be reduced substantially.

Then we reach towards the straight road from ‘Dari Pokhari’ square towards ‘Subhash Bose’square as the road is completely straight but what it more worrying factor is that the presence of large number of small shops in between which mainly focuses on selling of betel leaves and break fast and most of these are nearer to roads that makes, moving of pedestrians through these paths extremely difficultly.

This route is mainly the main one, and there has been much inter state vehicles and larger and heavier vehicles are there and most of these goes with super speed on the main road and that makes moving into these lands extremely difficult. At some point of road nearer to ‘Subhash Bose’ square we could see the presence of a newly constructed building where there is the services center of one of the automobile and in front of it one iron slope which is bigger one would be there all the time and that would hurt the moving passenger as they have to move towards the main road where there would be the presence of large number of vehicles and crossing these roads unapproachable.
By encroaching upon the public roads these sorts of related big business houses in this town does make the movement within these roads extremely difficult.

This not only for pedestrians but also for the vehicles at the shape movement of these roads has become narrower and as the result of this there could be increase chances of colliding of one vehicle with that of the other.
At the just opposite to this, there is one part of the road has been circulated with some benches and renames it as the for senior citizens only. During evening some senior citizens used to seat there but we have seen that most of these places are of public, roads and the sides of the roads and that space is filled with and crossing the roads within these spaces has becomes extremely difficult to walk within these spaces.

These are some of the spaces within the special routes which are known as ‘VIP Road’ and the entire space is filled with many obstacles. Just crossing the ‘Subhash Bose ’ square, and just before the advent of main branch of State Bank of India we would see that there is one water source which has been constructed during the ‘Nabakallebar’ times and is still there and now most of taxis used to stay there and wash these vehicles in open and making entire stretches of roads water and it becomes extremely difficult to cross over these roads as most of these vehicles used to move with great neck speed due to the presence of downward slopes from the sea-side.

Most of these incoming vehicles would be at their high speed as they are mostly from the other states, they do not have any iota of ideas about such road conditions, and for this they would move the vehicles at greater speed and for this it becomes extremely difficult for pedestrians to move there and for this the side ward movement towards sides of roads, would be difficult as mostly filled with such unnamed shops and the encroachment of such that even one had to move towards the middle of the road, and that expose us to directly towards the face of the vehicles and that becomes extremely difficult to walk and cross over to there.

While moving towards the grand roads from ‘VIP road’ towards the road to Bhubaneswar, nearer to the area known as ‘Darji Pokhari’ square, where most of these roads are being, covered with many shops and most of these, are the front end of houses just nearer to the roads and most of these shops are encroached upon the main road and it becomes extremely difficult to roam around these routes as the road would be filled with many inter state vehicles as well as many in town vehicles and it becomes extremely difficult to roam around these places and even walking or riding cycles also becomes extremely difficult ones.

Then reach to the main land road towards the grand roads nearer to the hospital square could lead us to the most intricate phases of roads where most of these are occupied by temporary shops, auto and manual rickshaws so as to cover most of these roads. Despite such worrisome the local administration does not clear these and even if they simply these shops come again and from whose night this is the question which has been revolving in the minds of every person who reaches here and stay here.

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