Past the point of no return

The new site and the new venue the weather wise spectrum of that place is so cooler and most of time the cool and winter come to the forefront always and throughout the year there is hardly any presence of the sun. The clouds meandering here and there and at times touching your shoulder and that makes the entire movement throughout the place a something new to experience.

Being born and brought up in lands where there is good amount of sun throughout the year and transferred to the place where we do find there is hardly the presence of sun at times and this makes entire movement something that sort of a completely new set up of environment where everything we found presents something new every time.

The surrounding hills of this environment are full of plenty of trees and the entire atmosphere is full of wonderful trees and from the distance it looks like the complete presence of jungles out there. I chose to come back to these jungles during the weekends to look at near to see how such an enormous point of jungles comes about and how such life and even the presence of cooling environment comes about.

During the summer and rainy seasons on plain lands we have been accustomed and acquainted with the presence of hide and seek of sun and rain as well as the presence of rainbows and the sounds of rain and smells of soils that provides adequate possible remembrance of how we live in this world as the most precious and wonderful sites and reminds me here also how beautiful the nature is and how it is changing while we move ahead some distance and how such the change of climate possibly makes us and feels us happy about it.

Slowly with the advent of weekends there is two days of holidays coming up and I decided to roam around here and there in this hilly town to have complete glimpse of environment and how it is illuminating the lives and how to find the form and factor of salvation with it. The more we move forward and think about it the more and possibly the extreme factor that comes with it that everything that we see and experience comes to the forefront of everything that makes the most memorable aspect to understand the life in its complete astonishment.

The way finds the presence of complete peace within the space of these jungles where there are plenty of trees here and there and the entire atmosphere is surrounded with peace and the slow movement of air here and there makes the entire environment to cope with complete astonishment.  The way I move forward towards drenches of jungles I found more and more complete astonishment of life as somewhere and eat something there would be sound and audios coming at once and makes you surprise with fear and happiness’s.

Even if you have been returning to the place time and again but still you would find that in these entire environment yours mind comes to a standstill and remains in good sense and then it slowly move towards complete synchronization of environment where the presence of earth reminds at each and every time.

The twittering of sounds all over out there, where sense comes to the stand still and where during the process of realization of environment we come forward to see how there is complete, passage of life comes forward during the entire process and I come forward to realize that, while I move slowly from one side to the other I found the presence of life and presence of reality all over out here.

In between I see the presence of small rivers which run across the entire stretch of land and then provide, the real relief in which the movement of passages comes forward. The waters are like crystal clear and the presence of water sounds comes forward and makes the movement on the shores of these rivers extremely comfortable to walk with.

Entire atmosphere presence of peacefulness and provide the real peace to the mind where during the course of every moments we come forward finds the real meaning to life  as while walking we come forward and find out the sounds of small river that makes entire movement throughout the reason extremely pleasant and wonderful.

In the limelight of life we come forward and find out more and more wonderful creations of nature where we do find plenty of attachments as well as different dynamics of life within the course of movement we do find some bigger reasoning to stay there but could we stay in these environments without evening thinking about what comes to the forefront without evening move towards extreme conclusions.

When we do define life in terms of many facets we come forward and find out the real meaning where most of these have been vanished and disillusioned with due course of time and while staying in these peaceful environment we do find the real meaning attached with life which always makes it the most fascinating aspect to live the life forever without even thinking about its predicaments.

While moving here and there at the threshold of this jungle, where we do find that when I do see the backwards, we do find plenty of ideas as well as the fears that comes to the forefront of realization when we do find plenty of differential aspect that makes the movement of ideas that makes the entire process and the movement of ideas that makes difficult to remember.

When I see the trespass created through the steps towards the jungle and see it then comes the sense of fear of how come I enter into such long distance of the jungle while enjoying the beauty of nature at its perfect best. This goes on to present the beauty and the fear of nature, where I could see the flow of ideas that come forward and then move backwards but still the presence of nature at its completely difficult situations comes forward and this makes the entire atmosphere somewhat difficult to sustain.

It provides both the sides of nature where the presence of beauty of nature as well as that of the most difficult times where I come forward and move into the nature, where after reaching half of the space, when I move and look backwards still find the most amazing as well as difficult proposition to return to the real life where the decision to come towards it should come with more and more difficult antagonisms to achieve it or leave it on the half way.

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