Build your own robot: Capacitor, Multimeter

Non Polar Capacitors:
No polarity, no fixed positive and negative terminals, in a circuit can be connected either ways. A relation between two opposite attributes or tendencies is known as polarity. Example of non polar capacitors can be mica and ceramic capacitor. In these capacitor, especially in the mica capacitors a three digit number is written and it is written in an encoded form the code to be converted.. Let the number is 434, then the first two numbers 43 and the last digit is considered to be power of 10. it is devised in the form of pico farads so 434 is equal to 43 into 104 pf. Polar capacitor:

It has fixed positive and negative terminals, so in the circuit the capacitor to be connected in a correct way, so proceed with caution. Electrolytic capacitor is most widely used capacitor in this category. The longer terminal is positive and the polarity of terminal can be identified as the negative sign as it is written in the body of the capacitor.
A device that measures amperage, resistance, voltage, etc. In robotics and the electronics you will involve in measuring three things always within short intervals. Those three are the continuity between three points, the resistance between three points and the voltage difference between two points. We will be discussing about these a bit by bit .

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