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There are a lot of talk about the complete elimination of hard drives and other newer technological drives taking their position. But, is it really true or is it a passing depression, let us find out in this small article. HDD s have very slow transfer speeds, as HDD which contains spinning disc to read and write data so the spin –up time of HDD might take several minutes and most of the time it is noisy and disturbing. Sometimes it is noisier than the air conditioner and thus some times breaks yours concentration while working.

HDD is very mechanical and its components depends upon it and so the whole mechanical process takes time and longer to align. HDDs have moving parts like the spinning discs to read/write so it takes time and sometimes makes sound. Then important factor in favoring HDD is it is cheap and affordable and easily and readily available. Now we can take look at SSDs. It has blatant transfer speeds , blazing transfer speeds ,uses the solid state memory to store its data, as they do not move to store data unlike its counterpart HDDs, it remains constant so it is called solid state drives.

SSDs use micros chips to store the data in non volatile memory chips. It is a newer invention and some dynamic effects. It does not run so it will not be making the sounds. The time takes to read the data from SSDs is very little as it is obvious as it reads data directly from the chips without moving of the discs or spinning of the discs. As it is quite and it has low access time so it is faster and blazing fast than its counterpart HDDs. It has blazing transfer speed and it is constant and makes no sound. The negative side of SSDs is the limited availability and the pricing issue. SSDs are available in limited editions and high price.

To conclude SSDs seems futuristic for now as the main issue for SSDs is pricing issues and if the price of these drives becomes cheaper and more and more available in the middle segment of the market then there will be a hard work for HDDs and if this phenomena does appear in the log run and no point is not to believe it then HDDs can be eliminated within some years. As we have discussed above HDDs are smartly and speedily becoming irrelevant and can be eliminated due to its time in discovering and accessing the information and the spinning speed and the sound it emerges.

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