Stray sands from the shores of the sea

While we think of writing out anything the first and foremost part of creation of ideas deals with the presence of ideas and that moves through utmost picturisation where everything comes into its absolute reality and in comparison with present circumstances comes into the presence of writing. When we do think of anything positivity or writing any descriptive ideas the paramount importance is the presence of ideas and how these ideas move on.

While watching the sea from the nearby distance we do see how during alternate set up dates how the presence of sea and its wave comes to the front and then comes to the back side and there is absolute many reasons for this due to solar and lunar representations on earth surface. Still while seeing all these changes many such questions come back into light that always there is the presence of change everywhere.

While moving into different zones at the sides of sea-beach I could see presence of large chunk of dancing waves and the movement of waves comes at different zones, and sometimes at some shores it comes with faster force and at some time it comes up with another face and just attached with the shores in different ways. There are many sides of the presence of shores and writers see it in a different way.

In the classic movie of ‘Jaal’ acted by Mala Sinhna and Biswajit, where at the beginning of this movie we see how the tragedy come up with the presence of the sea and its waves and the tragic beginning of this movie is somewhat very interesting. No one is there to predict how the sea will behave and how these trends of sea are going to be present at any point of time. While defining many shades, of life we come forward to see how there is the song sung by Rajesh Khanna, and how the jolliest character of Rajesh Khanna is continuing, to be in shades of sadness always there.

Sea provides the different shades of life where we do find many ideas where we could find presence of large chunk of emotions coming in and out from different ideas that makes the ideas most difficult to intimate and finds out and as we see the presence of emotions and sea everywhere in life even if we are at the distant propositions.

While we find out the most efficient emotional presentations where we do find, the more and more efficient attractions where we could see that the most unpredictable part of the presence of sea where we do find tons of unpredictable attractions and distractions and where people come here to provide dedications where every sense of ideas comes to the soles and perhaps during the course of every events and sense of antagonism comes up with life.

When we do look up at the sea from its shore while standing at the sands the nearest part of the sand of the shore is stronger, and the distance you move from the sea-shore towards the concrete roads near by you do find the loose sands and running within these sands becomes difficult. The more you move towards the shores of the sand becomes so soft that moving with them becomes extremely difficult thereon.

It just makes the feeling that the difficulty in walking into these sand as the sea wants we do not move from its shores but the way we move towards the sea-beach we tend to find the walking between into these sand slowly becomes easier with it. When we reach just beside the sea the sand out there is just like the stone as walking into these sand becomes so easier that one could not feel any difficulty into it. Just be careful at any point of time in the presence of the sea and it’s cold wet your feet and that is going to make shoes wet and that could make walking into these paths extremely difficult.

It is one of most fascination puzzles of life where we do find plenty of confusions in our life when we stand nearby towards sea-shore and its sand pebbles as we find more and more inspiration as well as that of many such way of puzzling ideas that makes understanding of ours life most difficult. When we do go towards the sea we do see that the most difficult path of life come about.

Due to advent of modernity and modern civilization we do see plenty of commercialization and everything comes about but with it comes the prime focus of how the some part of sands are now covered by these businesses so that in order to enjoy the natural beauty of sea which are mostly lost forever.

In between sea and sands the presence of winds and sometimes the resurface of sun comes about and provide more and more dynamic, interactions where most of times we do find that when we do see the sea from the distance the core values of see provides more and more dynamic presentation of fear but the signs of respect comes about to which whatever the most fascination of life that comes about the most dynamic aspect of life in true senses.

In between the presence of soft sands far distance from shore but not nearer to concrete structures we do find that at some places there are small holes where we do find that crabs are that, which comes from there and comes out from there to resurfaces and it is one of most fascinating form of notice which we always tend to find it the most dynamic and perspective way to understand life in its smartest outlook.

The path and the destination all ends at the sea shore as from there is nothing efficient and eminent propositions where you find there and during the course of events where you find some abstract and concrete ideas and where at some point of times these ideas get lost where you simply lost with the force of winds where most of times these becomes the single most confusion and puzzle of life forever.

From the country side when you eager to nearer to sea shore and waiting to see its best and perfect location, where we do find that, even after reaching to the shores and looking at the wonderful presence of sea we do find that, the presence of sea at its alarming beauty tend to find more and more wonderful propositions of life where we do find that with the most puzzling aspect the movement and reaching towards the sea always goes on unabated.

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