Which iphone is best value for money?

The world’s most advanced and multipurpose operating system iOS compels its followers to go for some of the most vibrant aspect to understand how these set up moves on and how such a brilliant operating system enables the users to move through and support it through its updates. It has fluid interface and moving into interface is very easy. While you browse through interface you find from time to time brilliant suggestions which help you bring forward absolute decision making.

It is for sure when you first used to it then ultimately more and more confident of you use and slowly you find it the most vibrant operating system ever. It is all about getting used to it and find its best possible ways to move forward and find its best possible ways to use it and see through it one of the most excellently and intelligently built operating system ever.

It is all about getting used to and finds your own self while moving ahead and using and . iOS is always been use to provide the smoother graphical user interaction with multi touch and that is why it is so easy for you to use and straight forward in working mode. While moving through different photos you are going to see and experience thousands of photos within no time and finding each and every photos getting you near to see and experience in real term.

It is all about tap, swipe and scrolling through photos and finds more and more information about it. It makes each and every experience of yours while dealing with any app more personal and move towards complete iOS 11 experience. There is more and more new and advanced features are in use which mostly makes the experience with operating system more functional and systematic.

The new File app brings and synchronizes all of yours file together at a single location. With the provision for new dock the recently used app are clearly seen and this make launching of app easier. Due to smoother drag and drop functions moving of all of yours files while working with multi-tasking becomes extremely easier. The most wonderful aspect of great design is that both hardware and software are made and design together to bring forward some of the most vibrant and gigantic aspect of brilliant devices which integrates nicely with each other.

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It has powerful hardware and that enables its features to work on certain lines and the introduction of Touch ID and Face ID provides advance level of authentication. The presence of ProMotion technology makes the use of pencils on iPad easier and versatile. The control of these devices on the phone or tablet is wonderful.

As always its camera is brilliant and it works with so many other functions such as face detection, auto focus, exposure control though most of these are not new but presence of all of these makes it superlative camera functionalities. Flash is excellent it provides some of the most awesome moments to capture and provide some of the outstanding aggregation of objects that embedded to provide real features.

Apple Pencil works with new ProMotion technology with iPad Pro and provides awesome level of integration and performs without any latency and the screen drawing levels are awesome and it is almost imperceptible and one is not going to find the difference of latency while using this. Its apps are simple and mostly provide you with awesome level of compatibility of work and that enhances the movement time and exposure time to use this app.

Most of Apple apps come up with the presentation of augmented realties and that enticing use of these apps with full and awesome level of immersive and fluid experience makes it simple and vibrant. With the help of stunning retina display and powerful camera the motion presence of stunning augmented realties makes it the perfect set up ideas to find and detect one of the vibrant ideas to settle and move ahead within these limits.

The possibilities included with these are endless and the amount of aspect of creativity lies with brilliant amalgamation of ideas with creative visions to move beyond. Most of these native apps of Apple such as Photos, Maps, Messages, Health are elegant and works nicely with it and after this there are millions of app in App Store to choose it from and you can do more towards mapping of yours creativity vision at its fullest possible discover of visionary levels.

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Most of these apps included in App Store are chosen and move through security and other audits and make them secure for users to use it. With it you will find some of the most proactive suggestions about apps or any other tasks you are currently undergoing as well as predictive text suggestions helps you immensely while typing with Siri the presence of intelligent assistant makes your work easier to do and complete.

Like Android Assistant, Apple’s Siri provides faster and easier ways to getting things done and it works with voice commands. Just speak with yours natural voice and it will recognize this and act as per yours voice commands. With the help of advanced configuration in machine learning now you can do most of tasks easily. It is equipped with artificial intelligence to make it work nicer and faster. It can schedule yours posts, create the alarm and reminders and it works like a charm.

Challenges to Apple:

Apple is now being challenged by two companies and Amazon and behind the scene is ’s Android and this is been really a challenging phenomena. Apple is feeling the heat on and Apple is always famous for the innovative challenges and new and modern technologies and for that it is now completely trying to cover the entire interface in its laptop and also in the future the iPhone world. That is why the expected move of Apple to replace ’s map is particularly the dramatic sequence that has been leading this from the earlier rivalry.


This is natural and this why the friendly rivalry among the companies is being built upon and for this the good manipulation and the marketing strategy by employing all the real and this has been going on for ages. It is also true that over the years Google also invested huge traffic in its mapping technology and it is also true that half of its revenue is coming from iPhone and iPad users and in seeing this Apple has decided to develop its own mapping features.


Apple is deliberately doing this as this would reduce the revenue of Google maps and also on the other hand Apple will gain from the mapping technologies as this would be the inbuilt feature in its devices and as default the user will use it more often than not.


Then, what is Google response? In what is seen as the pre-emptive move against Apple’s upcoming move against Apple’s upcoming map service, Google showed up his own mapping capabilities, including soon to be launched three dimensional mapping features. Google is silent on the removal of geo service from iPhone users but it stresses that it uses the geocoder in its technology.


The mapping service that is being given by Google search engine which is all out presence and all device uses this service at any cost has the better mapping service and it is far more useful than that of geocoder service is currently being employed with Apple iPhone. Read More


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Most of Apple’s features are slowly been seen with Android and Samsung devices and performing in smarter and even good and cohesive manners. The apps of Google and Samsung are nice and performing excellence and providing serious challenges to Apple to perform with equal par and provide new and innovative solutions to the premise of people at large.

There are large segments of Apple products so as there are followers and that is why its brand value is staying as it is and it makes  one of the spontaneous decisions for followers to go for this and that not only makes it one of most enlightened product but also  it keeps it position and posture in simultaneous straight forward in keeping with the pros and cons of competitions from android ad Samsung devices.

Of late there is more and more Apple  fiascos and the latest is being about Mac books but still the users and the followers want to have more privileges and more satisfactions from their products and this not only shows the amount of amplifier wishes from the customers. Nevertheless there are many followers of this product and continue to back it from day to day and this makes Apple special.

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