How Google fought bad ads, sites and scammers

Google has historically been stronger advocates of a free and open source internet. Most of Google products even android operating system is free for most of original equipment manufacturers to create and modify android mobile system of different versions. It provides vital resources for businesses as well as for individuals to have greater look and compatible ideas related to informations we do share and informations that are available in internet completely free of cost. Even the concerned advertisements that are embedded inside websites do provide some of most vital information management in order to understand and let people move towards an option for their encouragement and enhancement of consumer buying behavior.

There are instances of bad advertisements propagating malicious informations or luring individuals to install such and such softwares or applications in order to lure them or create the fear of being their system is being completely hijacked. Due to these presence of dirty tricks by some of adverts which manages semi learners users to install such malicious softwares to completely hijack system and create the mine of malwares to completely stun the system that creates the most difficult part of understanding the vitality of such advertisements. Even if in such open source world the presence of bad advertisements poses the greatest amount of threats to internet, users, Google users and every users as most of times these poses obstructive enclosures to use the device and the web in completely free and satisfiable ways.

If these bad adverts and malicious advertisements are not curtailed and contained then these could pose a serious danger to the sustainability of web itself. Google is present most of the internet world and it is its initiative that should create the most impact on the web and its sustainable. This is one of best policy initiatives from Google to protect users from such malicious advertisements with inappropriate contents. It prohibits the sale of counterfeit products and it allows the sale of such products with expert trademark and excellent company backing and that makes customer more confident towards purchasing of such and such products. Most of well trademarked products do provide a higher degree of security for users and that makes entire web a safer place to browse and interact.

Google wants to be safer online. It prohibits advertisements that are related with unsafe products that could harm the devices and other informations from being advertised and it bans such ads and websites those carrying such ads. Google does not allow such websites which encourage dishonest behaviour which proves to be misappropriation as well as encourage users to use fraudulent software or some hacked methods. It does not allow such websites which prefer to use artificial increase of audiences instead of allowing real audiences and with it vital space of website remains open for real customers and it does not allow creations of fake documents as well as other means of cheating services. It not only keep safe the interest of the masses but also of advertisers and their revenues from going disarray.

Most inappropriate contents in advertisements tend to create the communal disharmony, racism and other discords and Google stops these advertisements from appearing on websites and continue to provide users with a safe place to watch and observe the processes of advertisements. Advertisements which relate to bullying or specially the specific groups are immediately banned by Google and the advertisements which uses profane languages have also been blocked or not being indexed by Google. Google wishes advertisements to be safer and relevant so as to provide rich dividends to users. Even webmasters who do go for illegal trade practices by increasing revenues from advertisement to multiple times are restricted and their sites no more being indexed by Google. By reaching to such sites such as

It is a matter of manipulating settings of advertisements and other related options do invite huge penalties from Google. Google wants such advertising partners that could respect the privacy of individuals and should provide stricter data security for individuals so that there should not be any breach of trust between customers and data handlers. Irresponsible data collections for example collecting of informations of credit card could lead to breach of trust and Google stops these advertisements from surfacing on its indexes. Those advertisements which provide misrepresentations of informations do attract huge penalties from Google. Such misrepresenting of informations could lead to phishing attacks and other forms of malicious behaviours from such advertising companies. All these are various tricks and formations to understand the difficulties attached to the safety of privacy of individuals which need to be well protected.

Google from its adsense advertisement took down many advertisements which are violating its fair use policies in order to provide users with the much desired and safer internet place to roam around without any signs of difficulties. Google’s technology is better built to take down those bad advertisements as if one should consider putting down these advertisements one by one then subsequently one could find that it should take almost 50 years to take down such humongous number of bad advertisements that had been roaming around internet. Google stopped all payday loans advertisements in order to stop luring to users about it and it continues to stop such ads for the interest of the common masses. There had been any advertisement which lured customers to trick to clix and Google continues to disable such advertisements and make the headway for a clearer and most vital advertisement management and produce the safer web place for users.

The most dangerous advertisements are those ads which try to trick the operating system by providing some misleading information and lure visitors to download bundled softwares which are mostly malwares in nature. Most of these could fill up spaces of tablets and devices or computers and then choke its functions in order to have the most difficult computer usages. These used to send image advertisements to computers and tablets, and it slowly fills up those spaces and covers the entire space of a tablet or computer mostly unusable. These sites, advertisements or applications are known as cloakers and Google continue to track such bad cloakers and put down them before they appear on websites. There have been many sites such as they are promoting information which could be malicious in nature and those advertisement sites are put down by google in order to save the interest of people. There had been many sites which promote. Shortcut to weight loss and so on and they continue to provide malicious informations which could attract individual and could influence them and Google suspended those sites from appearing into advertisements.

Some sites which encourages users to have fake degrees so that people could be deceived easily with it and Google stopped those sites from appearing on advertisements and continue to provide users with clean and better advertisements prospects so as to present them with a clear and truthful informations sharing. The battle for coalition for better advertisements, does not stop here as it continues as with due course of time the advertisers should carry on different ideas and different means so that they could find better perspective for understanding the processes of involvement within privacy of individuals and it is with these moves we could continuously find more and more avenue to topple these malicious campaigns and in remove such bad ads we should find the stronger coalition between people and Google and other advertising agencies so as to have stronger and mightier presence of Internet continues without any disruptions.

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