Eseentials ingredients implanted with Vitamin D

VD is essential for healthy bones and teeth.

Deficit of VD leads to food and environmental allergies in children.
Children need 400IU of VD daily.
It maintains normal calcium level in our bodies maintains retention and detention of calcium in the kidneys and increases bone mineralization.
What damage VD deficiency does?
  • May cause diabetes, cancer, memory loss and heart disease.
  • May cause anemia in children.
  • By diminishing supply of oxygen to the body, damages to vital organs are possible

  • Where to get it from?
  • Omega- 3 available in salmon fish in abundance.
  • Fish oil supplement rich in omega- 3.
  • Tuna (tiny sea fish) full of protein and omega- 3.
  • Cereals are VD rich.
  • A glass of milk taken daily supplies 100 IU of VD.
  • Cereals, such as rice, wheat, oatmeal, maize, millet, etc. are VD-rich.
  • Shrimps (prawn or thin & long fish) give us omega- 3, low fat, low calories and high protein. 185gms of shrimp contains 85gms IU of VC.
  • One egg yolk has 21 IU of VC and its white has protein.
  • Sun light is a natural source of VC and must be enjoyed.

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