It was Thursday evening and the at the fall winter the weather is getting bad to worse. Still, there is plenty of work left unfinished and I am not wishing to left so many pending work for the next day and the next two days is going to be the weekend and holidays but it is supposed to be but am not sure about it.

In the mean time, I am required to go for field work and see how the functionalities are going on and how these are working in the correct manner. The midday syndrome is back and feeling tired for continuous work and still making efforts to overcome this but continue to do it but still the manner all these go to just not make the sense of it.

In the meantime the every possibilities of feeling sleepy but still not able to justify that there is so much of work to be done and in the mean time in order to move from all sorts of boringness I decided to go to the field work so that while reaching there for some time I am going to feel refreshed and move from the synergies attached with midday.

I move out from the office and move towards the nearest café house and there have some coffee and my favorite mountain dew and feeling energized and then opens the vehicle and move towards it. In the mean time, I reached the vehicle and then move towards the field work which is ten kilometers from the head office.

In the mean time, while moving towards the field I found nice and good sunshine and feeling refreshing with it as well as some delightful breezes moving here and there making the entire atmosphere cooler. I chose to move towards another route where the route is slightly not ok but still moving into these ranges makes the movement completely natural.

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While still embedded into cement structures and dealing with machines I hardly forget the presence of nice and cool environment as well as presence of so much of fresh winds and lack of sound pollution and in between the twittering sounds of birds just makes entire atmosphere one of the most revered and wonderful one to stay for that longer times.

The meadows are filled with trees and the sides of roads are filled up with so many of the trees and most of these are long and some feels, that stands for so many centuries and this makes the place special.

I stopped the car and then move into the side ways and then move into the nearby tree and that tree is of guava trees and it seems that no one is there as there are guavas all over and in town if there is such then people is going to move and bring down those fruits but due to presence of these natural environment the guavas are still there.

There is no local construction and there is no civic construction and everywhere I do see and my glance goes on I found plenty of tress and the soils are filled with many shaded ad grey leaves and the trees are holding the sun shines so that the entire place remains cool and nice.

When I glanced upwards, I see most of this stress are like dancing with the wind and the entire atmosphere is filled with so much of encouragement that I hardly feel that movement is there at all. After staying there for some time and remembering the midday times at the office where there is sounds and other bit of pollutions and sometimes working with computer just make the sense of standing in front of computer and turning into machines makes the entire surrounding and environment difficult.

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Human mind has limitations but due to the advent of civilization and in the bid to go overboard with development we much time underscore the presence of peace and finding that solace and move towards makes it great.

Talking with winds make me feel at home and then the sense and the taste of natural environment makes the mind feel cool and almost natural just like the play ground of a kid and just carry on playing it undermining each and every obstructions as the concentration is only towards making it the most and succeed the greatness of life without any difficulties.

All these unique environment of moving towards nature makes me feel more towards comfort zones and this makes the entire surroundings to feel towards, complete amalgamation of ideas where every possible ideas move towards complete sense of gratitude of reaction I completely controlled and well judged manner.

While moving towards nature all sorts of comfort zones left unanswered and most possibly returning to the so called hinterlands does not mean anything but the ideas that makes it fall towards nature and the prudent of achieving it makes it exceptional in real time.

While moving towards that zone and again returning I am finding it for the best of ideas but still moving from those zones but the movement of ideas that makes entire form of ideas comes into reality is the most preferred and dynamic mechanisms that I always try hard to find something most special but still one need to move on to work place due to the nature of living in this earth and slowly moving towards, some better places.

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In the mean time the presence of and hill roads just smelling my child hood days where the presence of hill stations makes me feel something special and the movement of clouds touching you and makes you feel special and that is ultimate idea one needs to make and that creates the entire artistic ideas comes into absolute realities.

The presence of that natural environment impacted me so much of that I decided to write about it and convey my readers to understand how the natural environments are about impact on our lives in positive tone and manners.

They believe towards nature and making it the most wonderful destination sometimes feels to me that I could have stayed in this natural world for ever and eating the natural foods and living just like the nature wants us to do and living here for everything is the single most dynamic aspect that I always prefer to have but still all of these makes the sense but movement towards nature makes it the ultimate relief.

It is the source of nature and the environment created by nature that we always wished to be and when I return back to nature and finds everything wonderful here makes it feel and enjoy the nature as it is always have been and that moves the entire thinking processes and reasoning towards something better for the future.

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