A different internet era

The evolution of web and its continuity and its constant growth and evolve through various phases and layers . Then initial phase the dot com the age of bubble then came the Web 2.0 the cloud stage , social networking and lots more user made content lurks around the web. Now we are entering into the Web 3.0 era where ours live more involved with the web than never before we have had.Web 3.0 will ultimately removes the massive digital divide among us and will make the world of web a happier and more useful places to live it on. Web is based on many layers of standards and protocols. If you have five computer and want it to connect each other then wiring option is hailed in this case. Then after some time you want to connect yours five computers but at different cities , Easier method would be
make one computer a host computer say a hub and then make the other computers spoke like name the other computers with different numbers for identity and then connect those computers with their unique identity numbers.

”This is known as protocol and the foundation of internet  in the internet term is called TCP/IP. Most TCP/IP networks use subnets in order to effectively manage routed IP addresses. The closest matching subnet is calculated for the range that you specified in From and To. The range of addresses in the closest matching subnet may exceed the range that you specified. Unless the addresses specified in From and To are subnet boundaries, the range based on the calculated subnet will be larger than the range that you specified. To avoid this, specify a range that falls on subnet boundaries. For example, if you are using the private network ID for your intranet, a range that falls on subnet boundaries is to Or, if you are using the private network ID for your intranet, a range that falls on subnet boundaries is to “ (Microsoft)

Also Microsoft adds “Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) is the most popular network protocol, and the basis for the Internet. Its routing capabilities provide maximum flexibility in an enterprise-wide network. In Windows XP TCP/IP is automatically installed. On a TCP/IP network, you must provide IP addresses to clients. Clients may also require a naming service or a method for name resolution. This section explains IP addressing and name resolution for Network Connections on TCP/IP networks. It also describes the FTP and Telnet tools that are provided by TCP/IP.

So the situation now is you have hundreds of computer connected to each other with unique identifiable numbers making the network which we called the internet. First and foremost task is to identify each data generated through these connected computers with a simple tools but unfortunately this has not been done even today and for data reading we have to use a multiple of formats and this seems not a viable option. The next option is to identify the data in one common language format and display on the screen . Through this the HTML languages evolved and then the web browsers which identify these languages and make it readable for the end users.  Through HTML even the users can create contents and deliver to the internet and makes his appearance through it. Still there are challenges.

Internet is not spreading though continents as it was anticipated few years ago and there are still a lot of populations in this world who do not know about computers and its functionality so for them internet is a distant dream or may be not a dream at all. This is known as digital divide. During my management studies I have the opportunities to work on this subject namely the digital divide and I was astonished to observe how a lot of people still do not have access to basic computing in the developing nations. Then came the internet though phone lines the slow dial up connectivity which gives the user’s at least functionality and windows of opportunity to enter to the era of internet. Then came the web browser wars.

Most of the web browser tries hard to render web pages with high speed at slow connections show that they will be popular and in  this process they gave away lots of additional features.   So, internet explorer 9 and talking about its next version , Firefox 4 , opera 11 and safari browsers which consistently tries hard to enhance the user’s experience. The most important example of it can be said about opera , which consistently inn all its versions not allowed the add on but then considering its popularity among Firefox users it has launched it on its version 11.

The next most important fact is that users want all the data available in the internet  in a quick time and thus the origin of  Google the giant search engines which constantly enrolls all the websites and their updates in its  crawler and sort them according  popularity. Then Google invented and give access to user generated search engines which users have crawled and added the websites manually and thus Google in this process make the web crawling more cooperative and more precise. Search engines can discover the websites even with some key words.

Let us take one example , suppose you have forgot yours best bookmark website www.ittech.cz.cc then in the earlier era you cannot log into  this website but now it is easy. Just go to Google and then search for key word “ittech” voila it is done, Google will show yours favorite website in the first line of the first page. That is why Google is relevant to day and will be as human basic instinct is to forget or in similar terms cannot remember all these  long words but for Google and with Google you can rediscover all it.

So, a wide and complex world  of internet now been resolved and it is been constantly crawled and indexed. The problem now is web is now more advanced and it now not a mere box of information. Now more and more user generated content , social features and twitter which updates like never before and gives tons of information through its never ending updates of limited words and then the face book which gave the users opportunity to share anything they want and then the YouTube enables users to show video and embed it on any page with some simple coding and make it online. So, how these can be indexed a difficult question but still these information flows needs to be indexed then came the concept of real time search , video search and so on.

Now users can share any event or any important concepts through various likes, or tweets or through buzz and these information spreads like never before you can imagine upon. For the search engines this is a great difficulty to track and update in their crawler engines. They constantly update their engine to do so and also grab some innovative ideas in order to cope with this constantly evolved changing world arena.

Google’s new cooperative movement like custom search engines and Google web master have been a hit among the users and also it is directly giving benefits to Google as first and the foremost is user stay with Google for the longer periods and thus benefitting Google as their primary goal is to control the internet though various acceptable means and the second part is this helps Google to crawl and index website more faster and with the above tools which basically deals with the users and must be considered acceptable search limits and goggle is benefitting with it as its search for relevant searches now becoming a reality.

Now the coming of ad sense and ad words have some interesting effects on the user generated content now the user is accepting the fact that you can earn money from internet though it can be a small amount but you can do so it . The prime factor is the content generation and then crawl it though Google so that more visitors will come to yours website through Google and other search engines. The more good writing the more chances of ad sense revenue and also for this the user try to add meta tag and then header information and also registering with Google webmaster and then visiting some more content rich sharing website and then the back links and then the back linking through Disqus and intense debate and so on.

 Then came the ad sense revenue sharing options and with it many websites evolved and some through Google active encouragement which user who have registered ad sense account  can generate additional revenue with these revenue sharing website and with this yours content get the second opportunity for earning . These website gives back linking to yours main website if you somewhat write yours website name in their article and thus Google will search yours both the contents of these website and making yours website appear more and more on web pages.

Yours web site or blog is now more and more content rich and now you try to make it more interactive and more light and thus the HTML 5 , ajax and dynamic web concepts came . J query can be a java script format which utilizes very few lines of code to make more interactive and dynamic web contents.

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