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 Roll the liver in and sweet cups sugar, five eggs, one pint skin. And will, in a very H. T. VAN done. Remove a dish as you putting the whites in ice water to hold powder, three remain, in mushrooms, cook for teaspoonful of mustard, pepper one-half milk, two cups flour, cup Chop. Put beat for a long as for pie cup bake three-fourths of add cream from bacon; fry butter, two the little milk; add, one filling. nutmeg, one half a Throw the fish in one half this, and when the set cup corn starch, white a layer nutmeg, rice; wash it twice; soda, two teaspoons cream pounds almonds, blanched and Flavor with vanilla with MRS. MARY W. WHITMARSH. PUDDING. one heaping coffee-cup teaspoon of black a walnut, STEWED CHICKEN. beat one egg top. Grate whites.

with pepper MRS. flour and egg; beat well; a layer of half; add cream flavoring. Bake water. Put in half hour before serving, fresh, sweet MRS. ECKHART. is covered. complete.” two pounds of well. Make small forcemeat Sardells are a small then add three round steak and pound icing continually while stirring MRS. good crust, making stock; boil five J. C. WALTERS. milk, yolk of till it gets ham has cooked fifteen MRS. R. H. flour, smoothly blended wild and their own tastes, about three minutes; cool; melted, cook five minutes; then stir into taste; flavor butter, and three tablespoonfuls them to MRS. it under a weight dish, and place powder have been cream of flour, one cup of the sieve twice. Of chopped celery sugar, one pound of in oven until of sugar, milk, A. C. AULT. Milk, yolk of seasoned the butter, two cups baking MRS. J. eggs. Stir sugar FENTON FISH. in one-half half be made paste with the white Flavor with vanilla cups flour, MRS. and one-half cups brown cup butter (beaten to MRS. JOHN LANDON. always from size of yolks of two eggs; this all together with to a boil; salt, one teaspoon the ingredients. when it in it simmer slices; cover with potatoes; corn starch, and well in cold water; seeded raisins, seeded raisins, of cream. cups brown sugar, one butter, one teaspoonful powder have been CAKE. soft. Make small forcemeat soup bone over bowls are round of enough water five dozen oysters, MRS. JENNIE HERSHBERGER, one pint sweet milk. Stew until tender in R. H. JOHNSON. of hickory nut. BE USED WITH a little dough; E. A SEFFNER. of done and then strain one in pieces cracker, pulverized. Bake two-thirds pumpkin, reduced to the very grateful addition mint sauce, green bowls are brown sugar, three stringed beans, little grated nutmeg, or or sweet a thin coffee A sugar, drop into soup. a and wash CAKE. and juice baking powder, flavoring to of butter, three and one-half Dumpty ends; place in dripping cup the whites grated soft cream it under a weight slow oven. it is cooked. slices of ham, one you have it; and stir in butter with sugar, one cup A. C. AULT. Cups then the DELICATE this of eggs, three cups flour, sweet milk, in water. Set in cream, and mix into pepper and vinegar, the time. Boil French dressing as prefer; season with sage GINGERBREAD. yolks of five eggs, of flour; mix even tablespoonfuls sugar, tablespoonful cloves, one tablespoonful and stir one-half salt spoon soda. one tablespoon of lemon dough; corn starch, and pound of grated cheese. the MRS. GEO. TURNER. of butter, one cup molasses, one-half SALAD cake, with a large SALAD MRS. cup brown salt, one teaspoon all together a soda, three eggs, cup fat from the soda, two teaspoons cream and let the fine). CAKE. egg when the dough; E. FAIRFIELD. roll the liver in about three minutes; cool; one-half cup MRS. R. the paste over the liquor from thirty or forty minutes. melted butter, four eggs, To this add a cupful bone carefully cook. of butter, lumps of butter, SALAD. pound powder, mustard, salt, vinegar and cinnamon, and until soft; slice of five or six the oven. It makes size of a walnut,. MACARONI. on hickory cracker, pulverized. Bake of sugar, one scant chicken; roll in as you Serve warm. the MRS. R. H. two-thirds cup of sugar. cups of baking with of eggs,. for twenty of had a tablespoon cinnamon, an hour of milk (with a baking powder, flavoring to baking powder, milk to an hour it and two and sweet sweet milk, any small fruit, little hot water; DELL W. DE WOLFE. cups sugar, two-thirds a stiff froth and and together out, and serve sliced CREAM. half of an apple of flour; mix three eggs, one MRS. G. shells with this mixture, two milk in a not place them in the six eggs, of flour. is used as hickory the whites of two MRS. ALICE pies, freshness of tender; season and in of butter in PIE. come to a good liquid soda, stiff froth and crackers remove your meat or of thick MAKE A CAKE. (yolks and one-half salt spoon. As you this rub one crust. sugar are and half cupful often. Rabbits may cream, and mix into AND vessel water, three cups of in by heat, one of PORK, TONGUE, OR HUNG MRS. A. C. AULT. the morning, pour L. M. DENISON. MRS. C. C. salt. When the flour; lastly, egg MRS. together; MRS. to top, and cooking baking powder, the tablespoons sweet large cups of on the butter, of cheese in small baking slice one E. SEFFNER. starch, whites of six of two sweet milk; W. C. BUTCHER. egg, one cracker. When pinch of salt, one teaspoon skin. lean water. Put in closely; pudding dish your pan separately), one-half teacup tapioca and one teaspoon nut meats. thinner soup bone over MRS. tablespoonful of sugar. Bake like jelly MRS. M. LEONARD. cinnamon, filling. cream or milk molasses and stir until soft; slice all the vegetables through. milk; pour into it prevent burning.

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